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reverie chapter 1 . 8/18/2017
This was a calm fic. I liked how you wrote Athrun's perspective and transition. He became a different person after he met Cagalli. The pair complements and contrasts each othe well.
GloriousCreation chapter 1 . 1/2/2016
Wow this was incredibly beautiful, definitely one of my favorite Asucaga oneshots. I love the little bit you put about Plato, Aristophanes, and soulmates. It was so sweet how Athrun thought the story was stupid at first but changed his viewpoint when he met the fiery Cagalli. I also love how Cagalli helped Athrun learn more about himself, broadened his world, and in turn made him more human than the coordinator and soldier he was brought up and trained to be. It was just so beautiful. Thanks for the amazing read. Hope to read more from you. Happy New Year! :)
thousandbirds chapter 1 . 11/1/2015
I enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you for writing this.
Pia Bartolini chapter 1 . 10/4/2013
Wow. That was an absolutely excellent vignette. I'm not generally a fan of oneshots, but it was as good a character study of Athrun as I've seen and in a paucity of words, too. Bravo!
ang.xinli chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
I found this a very refreshing and entertaining read. Thank you for sharing this. :D
Miyu Nanami chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
HI :) Wow its such a good story Im just like... speechless :)

I just love the way you write it :D

It has this warm feeling when i read it

Hope that you will continue to write Asucaga fanfics :)
kaikai0818 chapter 1 . 11/16/2012
A true masterpiece!
Laverne Pettigrew chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
I'm not really good at writing reviews, this story.. man.. wow.
Hng! So beautiful. I think I peed a little. :P
I could easily and vividly imagine Athrun's life experiences.
empatheticsympatheticpathetic chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
Something bad has happen...


I accidentally pressed the end button. Thus deleting my very long review. T_T

So here's what i can salvage from what i've written.

I love this, esp. The thought that this is what they are thinking before going to war or that maybe in some moments of being alone maybe this is what they were thinking. Contemplating on the entiretity of things. And we know how easy to get lost in that.

I love this. I put this off for so long due to reasons that i wrote on my previous review. Stupid end butt6n. But nonetheless, here are my favourite parts:

Once, in a mandatory class on Western philosophy, Athrun came across The Symposium by Plato in which the philosopher had Aristophanes present a story. Aristophanes claimed a theory that humans originally had four arms, four legs and a single head made of two faces but Zeus, fearing their power, split them all in half and condemned them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them. At ten years old, when Athrun read the story, he had first laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the idea and then scoffed at how primitive humans had been to believe in gods and soul mates. Older but not necessarily wiser, seventeen-year old Athrun imagined that if the theory had been true, it was no wonder that he had been such a quiet and reserved child; Cagalli had enough impetuous rebellion for two.


When he turned a year old, he slipped and fell down the stairs. His cries brought his father, mother and the house butler to his side immediately. There were no visible signs of injury. The knuckle-sized bruise would only come later, blossoming in angry violet and blue. When his mother had reached out in worry, his father stilled her hand. Barely a year old, Athrun understood the meaning of "he's fine." At seventeen, he realized how nice it was to be cared for, even if he was just fine.

Athrun caught her arm quickly before she could move off the bed. "N-no… that's fine… I just need some rest." "It's okay to say you're not fine!" She said in irritation. "I'll recover quickly." "Is there anything I can do?" She fussed over him anxiously.

"You could stay here with me."
manycolouredeyes chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
This is really beautiful! I love it so much!
Lems chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
awesome and really well written. I adore the cute moments and the characterisation was spot on :)
stubbornheroine chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
so I finally decided to read this ;p
I really enjoyed reading this since lots of scenes made me smile :)
"it was no wonder that he had been such a quiet and reserved child; Cagalli had enough impetuous rebellion for two."-come on Athrun, I know you're starting to believe in soul mates. bwahaha :D
a sweet and nice story.
"He didn't know what the future would hold for him but as long as he lived another day, anything was possible."- got to love this line
Dama do Crime chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
Oh no. I wrote a HUGE review... And then my computer turned off on its own and I lost it.

Are you sure you aren't Fukuda? Or maybe his twin?

This isn't a fic. This is Athrun and Cagalli showing you some memories that never made it into the anime. No, really.
You rendered me speechless, thought-less. And that's saying a lot, since I think as much as Athrun. (Hey, a boy who has a crush on me calls me "Hamster girl" for the same reason Cagalli first used the expression... And I won't say he's wrong.)

I had written a mini review over each of the drabble-ish parts, but since my computer hates me, I'll only write some highlights:

- Cagalli force feeding Athrun must be one of her dearest memories. I mean... Remember when she was going to marry Yuna? All her memories involve some kind of non-romantic thing: shoot, shout, cry, awkwardness. And Athrun actually finding out he likes spicy things? Canon, I say!

- Of course Athrun would like the strangest place possible! He does like things he can't understand over perfect, even things. Young Kira is a good example of a confusing friend. And he left Lacus Clyne for Cagalli. A boyish, overly emotional girl who is somewhat too prone to act on her feelings for her own good. And I think he'd choose anything that is unlike his father: predictable, military-like, famous. Like a cold, remote, lonely vacation spot. (And how he doesn't even notice he should like somewhere is lovely.)

- Sick Athrun is something that always caught my interest. On a certain drama cd Yzak comments that Athrun had a fever. Strange, right? A Japanese friend of mine said that it's likely Athrun gets sick mainly for emotional reasons. Works for me. And it's a fact for me that Athrun loves to be taken care of. (In Torii drama cd, he goes to Kira's house exactly to get spoiled a little bit, after all)
If he's sick, I imagine he'd love to have someone by his side even though there's nothing said person can do to make him get better. ...but whenever I try to imagine it, only Lacus comes to mind. Since I saw Athrun saying he'd believe the path Lacus choose because he remembers her smile, I think he takes great comfort from her, as a mother-like figure. A certain magazine does say that both Lacus and Cagalli remind him of his mother: Cagalli being the scolding, caring part of her and Lacus being the loving, understanding part. Which leads me to really think he would still have tea with Lacus sometimes, and that he wouldn't mind if she took care of him if he got sick.
But then again, it's more likely that he'd want Cagalli. (Because let's face it: Athrun is ALWAYS with Cagalli whenever is humanly possible)
So may I please request that if your muses allow it, you would show how Cagalli would take care of Athrun?

- "Older but not necessarily wiser, seventeen-year old Athrun imagined that if the theory had been true, it was no wonder that he had been such a quiet and reserved child; Cagalli had enough impetuous rebellion for two" might be the best phrase ever said about this pairing. It's so perfect I can't say anything else.
(And oh, Athrun having fun by breaking the rules is SO GS!)

-Yuna is a sensible topic for me. I hated him as soon as he acted all familiar over Cagalli. When I found out about his plans for Orb, I decided he'd be better off dead - and last time I did that was when Mwu got killed.
Now, Yuna kissing Cagalli's ear? Hell, yeah! That's exactly the Yuna I hate!
I wish Athrun could've done something about him back when that bastard first tried to flirt with Cagalli.

- Drunk Athrun... Hmmm, interesting. I always assumed Coordinators would be too strong to get drunk easily. But then again, who said he wouldn't just drink enough even for a Coordinator? Your fic proved me it could work.
I have very specific visions about what they'd be like in bed. And you wrote it subtly what I have in mind. Really nice.
AND my mind's Cagalli smells like orange too! Jasmine gave her a new scent that really suits her... Cool.
(Now I wonder why I never once thought about how Athrun smells like... I know Lacus, Kira and Cagalli, but Athrun? I always end up thinking about Kira. Or maybe Yzak. But never him...)

-And then, the end.
I really couldn't add anything to this. Like... You wrote Athrun and Cagalli's story in clever wording. And man, I can see he thinking THIS and then going out to fight.

In short, you're an AMAZING writer. I can see you have lots of reviews and favorites... And that's really what you deserve.
SuiJi chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
Ack, I just realised that you're the same author as of A New Dawn! I should have realized from the quality of the characterization. I absolutely adore this. You nailed Cagalli and Athrun's relationship and personalities perfectly and this story is just unbelievably sweet and cute as a result. Still waiting for the new chapter of A New Dawn by the way, but I love every Asucaga fic you write and this is an awesome new edition ;) Keep up the good work!
Sel chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
oh deer my poor heart. ;_; you portrayed these two characters so fabulously.
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