Reviews for Angel Series 4: Haunted Angel
Bakergrama chapter 31 . 10/4
I just love this series!
jadesabre75 chapter 40 . 8/6
Man...this is like the fourth time I've read this series and it gets me every time. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story! I can't wait to read it again in the future!
BnSA chapter 35 . 6/24
I 'm re-reading and damn, Deb. I do not like Tim at all. It was my misfortune to have known more people like him thannot. Maybe that is the reason I distrust most people. Too old and crotchety...not a word, well for one time use then. Love your writing. Keeps me entertained for
BnSA chapter 16 . 6/20
You reminded me of our history in spoken or sung word of 100 years. Nerdy or not it was great. Xo
Kristie20 chapter 41 . 5/24
I don't know whether you will read it or not but I really want to thank you for such a brilliant series. Broken angel was the first fanfic since I started reading these a couple of months back. As much as I loved the original plot, this one too hold a dear place in my heart. I loved your fics whether it is - a few tables away, Man behind the mask and others and I have become your huge fan. I wanted to PM you but I guess I am a bit shy for that and maybe that's why it took me two months to finally create a profile and submit my review. Now I think I have rambled enough and others may think I am fool considering you probably might even not see it but still I wanna pour my heart out. Thank you again and please never stop writing.
readicted chapter 41 . 5/23
Well here I am bringing up the rear. I'm quite sure that I must be the last of the group reading along with Rita (RobAttack.) Real life took a hard and crazy turn for me right in the middle of the read-a-long, but here I am. I have thoroughly enjoyed Angelward, and this book and the entire series.
readicted chapter 35 . 5/21
That was an emotional chapter. My heart ached with longing, worry and angst for Archie and Caroline. But as a parent, I completely understand the very legitimate and justifiable emotions that Tim is experiencing. I wonder if they have an accident on the way to the airport. It's the only thing that seems to make sense. Some unfortunate accident.
Zveka68 chapter 41 . 5/15
Thank you for sharing your words :) I know I will reread your stories again :)
readicted chapter 27 . 5/14
I kind of had an idea that Caroline was going to be special to Archy beyond their history. I just didn't know how that would come to pass. This is quite complicated given that very history. He's essentially haunted her entire life. I'm sure she never forgot the beautiful ghost. Also the unexplained disappearance of her mother, the heartbreak of her father, the accusations from the townsfolk...all of it has directly altered the course of her life. I feel for Mr. Dixon. How will he ever cope with losing his daughter this way? Or will they find a way to give him closure that doesn't direct attention or suspicion upon the Varner home and it's current occupants. Edward must be feeling so closely connected to this. Torn and torn up. So very similar. Motorcycle quickie you say? Um yes please.
readicted chapter 26 . 5/14
Wow, was elusive, really gave them a long run for the money. I like the twist that Edward had to tackle Bella to keep them from being exposed. That lemon was all kinds of hot. Me likey possiveward in bed.
readicted chapter 25 . 5/14
Edward and Bella's Christmas plane ride sharing their thoughtful and beautiful gifts was really lovely.
readicted chapter 24 . 5/14
Archie handled his meeting Marcus quite well. Edward and Bella might as well consider themselves auxiliary Volturi Guards. Wonder ow Archie will fare without Edward and Bella to lean on.
readicted chapter 23 . 5/12
I enjoyed Charlie, Jake, Seth and Anna's visit so much. Open Mic with them there was EPIC.
Ajfflady chapter 41 . 5/12
Having read the entire series now feels wonderful. You truly created a magical love between Edward and Bella. All of your stories past and present have brought me so much happiness and entertainment. I can't wait to get to the next chapter of any of them. Thank you from my heart for giving your stories to us for all these years. I wish you a great success that you deserve for your published works also.
Guest chapter 41 . 5/10
Beautiful way to end Angelward *sigh!* Of course, someday, we'd love to see Edward and Bella helpin' traumatized kids find their little feets again, and how Kevin fares doin' theatre 'cause if he's a big hit...but that why theatre's so cool! All the costumes and make-up! Oooh, remember Lon Chaney, the Man of a Thousand Faces? Actually, havin' seen Lost City of Z last week, I'm thinkin' of givin' our sweet Rob that title LOL!

Many, many Mooches, Deb darlin'! And thank you for puttin' up with us on this read along!
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