Reviews for Harriet Potter and the Minister of Magic
Guest chapter 12 . 3/6
Ok, I'm only on chapter 13, but I just have to say, your fix is driving me crazy! It is well written and love the characters personalities. But, everything that could go wrong is and I am soon close to being fed up. This may sound mean, but I mean it in a good way, that I just can't put this down! But... if this story ends unhappily, I will be very mad. Good job!
Espied7 chapter 43 . 3/4
So sweet! Great ending :)
XxAllenNlavixX chapter 43 . 2/26
If you're doing one shots, I'd love to see when Harry and Draco find out that they're having a baby!:)
Theatre Ninja chapter 43 . 2/24
Wow! This was probably one of the most well written, and well developed fem/Harry I've read! Fantastic job and keep up the great work!
JustAnotherFairy chapter 43 . 2/24
I can't believe that the story is over, it was a good run and ended just beautifuly.
Rain-dew chapter 43 . 2/24
And saved to my favourites! Awesome story,definitely one of the best Female-Harry stories I've read. Great work,well done ; )
JustAnotherFairy chapter 14 . 2/23
OMG I wasn't expecting THAT to happen
matthunt101 chapter 43 . 2/22
Have to say that I loved this story! I'm really sad to hear that you won't be doing a sequel, but at the same time I can understand you having exhausted options for this story arc. I just want to thank you again for such an excellent story, I first read this story about half way through and have anxiously awaited every update since then. I hope you keep up the excellent writing and keep writing such good stories. I anxiously await the next update to The Princess Knight!
evenstarlily chapter 43 . 2/21
i can't believe the story is over... will miss the updates.. i would've liked to read about how everything happened step by step, but the epilogue was brilliant so i don't feel too bad about it! fantastic story.. i reread it.. hope you start anotger amazing story soon!
babyvfan chapter 43 . 2/20
OMG. This story was amazing. It was more than amazing. It was absolutely, completely brilliant. I love it so much. Thank you so much for writing this story. It was awesome. I loved it
amata0221 chapter 43 . 2/20
Please make a series of one-shot from this universe.
babyvfan chapter 42 . 2/20
omg. omg. The Autumn Snape thing really took me by surprise. As well as the ending to the war and the fact Snape and James managed to come out alive. But it was all so amazing and wonderful. And good. And I just gushing
babyvfan chapter 40 . 2/20
Oh fuck. Oh fuck. That last sentence is really making me worried.
babyvfan chapter 39 . 2/20
babyvfan chapter 37 . 2/20
Oh my heart. My dear dear heart.

Now I'm not sure what to make of Autumn since she's having secret meetings with Snape and didn't protest much when they said that he would have sacfrice Harry. I'm liek DUDE, NO!

My heart, though, completely melted with the drarry action we got at the last chapter. So beautiful, so wonderful. I never wanted it to end
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