Reviews for Harriet Potter and the Minister of Magic
chibi-Clar chapter 34 . 6/22
Intense! I thought Draco would leave with Draco... These are an interesting turn of events '
chibi-Clar chapter 32 . 6/22
chibi-Clar chapter 31 . 6/22
I wonder which marauder will find them first!
chibi-Clar chapter 29 . 6/22
I love this!
Yea... It probably will be a huge adjustment for James to trust Draco.
I knew hermione knew !
chibi-Clar chapter 28 . 6/22
So I kinda found it cute and the irony of... Draco and James both having (forced) the dark mark.
I guess the Electra complex (in this case) works. Lol!
Hurray their relationship is out in the open!
chibi-Clar chapter 27 . 6/22
I knew it! I love this!
It's brilliant !
She can finally tell her dad!
chibi-Clar chapter 26 . 6/22
Double agent?!
chibi-Clar chapter 25 . 6/22
First relationship fight!
Awww. Hermione isn't over Cedric.
They'd make a cute couple.
chibi-Clar chapter 24 . 6/21
I love it! I love it! I love it!
Lol! She has a love bite!
Hermione definatly knows!
Imagine James and sirius!
chibi-Clar chapter 23 . 6/21
Best chapter ever!
I love it!
About time!
Will Harry know that Draco is undercover.. Will he try to kill dumbledore!
Are they going to be secret boyfriends?
chibi-Clar chapter 22 . 6/21
This is sweet.
chibi-Clar chapter 21 . 6/21
Lol! I can already imagine Harry telling her future children she only had one boyfriend besides they're (her kids) father because all her other dates would MYSTERIOUSLY suffer some sort of accident.
Love it!
chibi-Clar chapter 20 . 6/21
She's dates her professor!
chibi-Clar chapter 19 . 6/20
Maybe Harry will be able to see why Draco changed behavior.
chibi-Clar chapter 18 . 6/20
I love the suspense!
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