Reviews for The Best Trick
Guest chapter 25 . 7/2
She's counting her smiles! *swoons*
blueashke chapter 25 . 3/10
Years ago, I put this fic on my to read list, but never got around to it. I've now read it in three days and I can't wait for it to be finished!
Guest chapter 25 . 3/6
I'm in love with this story, I just read all the chapters, can't wait for the next chapter, update soon please
heathersheya chapter 25 . 3/1
I pretty much spent the last three days reading this story and it's absolutely amazing! I can't even express how much I love it. Thank you so much for writing this, I'm looking foward for the next update! I wonder if they'll get married soon...
aldez chapter 25 . 3/1
just found this wonderful story and im in love.. looking fwd for the next
Guest chapter 25 . 2/21
Wow. Just wow. You had me sucked in from the very beginning. I couldn't put it down. All 25 chapters in a weekend. You are so talented and I can not wait to see what is in store for our girls! Thank you so much for this story and I look forward to reading more of your work! Cheers!
killer cereal chapter 25 . 2/9
Yassss its back and kicking off again in sf. Will we hear more from the people back in clothier or is it brittana all the way?
hedonist11 chapter 25 . 2/4
I loved this so much. Probably gonna end up starting it over again in a couple weeks.

I just started it the other day and have loved everything about it so far. I'm SO glad you ended up having Santana not sleep with anyone after meeting Britt. And I love how they basically fell for each other from the start, guess I'm A hopeless romantic like that ;)

You managed to make this sweet and exciting and interesting and a bunch of other wonderful things all wrapped up together in a perfect brittana package.

I don't know how long you usually go between chapters but I really really hope you update this soon! :)

I'm kinda looking forward to Santana maybe getting fed up with Stacie and letting her know exactly how much Brittany (Brent) is hers.
Guest chapter 25 . 2/2
Brittany is such the hero male here, she has all the power and the money and everybody falls in love with her! And she is so damn condescending towards Santana, while Santana is portrayed as the helpless housewife who isn't capable of anything but wringing her hands waiting for her 'man' to come home
luceroadorada chapter 25 . 2/2
Thank you for the update. :)
Guest chapter 25 . 2/1
Does Stacie or any of the maids know that SaN & Britt r together?
dasfa chapter 25 . 1/31
I knew their troubles wouldn't just end after moving to San Francisco. It'll probably be harder :/ I hope Brittany keeps that dog!
Gleek-girl2103 chapter 25 . 1/31
"This thing definitely floats?" - hahaha that was adorable! Love it:) What kind of pup saved Britts life? In my mind I saw a German Shepard while reading it.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/31
I first read this story when I was a sophomore and you've update just in time for my senior year. :)

This is a really wonderful story and I love the plot and especially your writing style. Thank you for the wonderful update!
gr8azngrl chapter 25 . 1/31
I can't wait to see more of their life in San Francisco! Are you sure her friends can't start a new life with them too?
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