Reviews for No Such Liberty
John Smith chapter 31 . 7/29
Oh wow, I really liked this chapter. When I finished, I was like "oh no, only the epilogue is left now!" But I was also thinking "That was an oddly satisfying chapter." Great characterization, particularly of Odin and Frigga here in the dream, and also in the "dream." I just adore this portrayal of the Odin family so much.
John Smith chapter 30 . 7/29
Oh, wow. That was incredibly well done. This is EXACTLY the kind of climactic moment I was hoping for. I'm so glad you wrote this fic and I found it! I know this isn't the last chapter, but it'll be winding down from here. Ah, such a good chapter!
John Smith chapter 29 . 7/29
AHHHHH this chapter was SO GOOD! For the past few chapters I admit that I was feeling a little less hyped about the plot. Turns out I wasn't lacking hype though, I was just hoping for more Thor and Loki interactions! LOL. (As though you haven't written enough yet!) This interaction was incredibly well done, especially considering the difficulty that must have gone into writing Thor enthralled. Beautiful writing, truly. That Loki wanted so truly to know Thor's reasoning - and Thor's "selfish" reasoning being so selfless and loving in actuality. Ugh, just stunning. Well done!
John Smith chapter 28 . 7/29
Ooh, this chapter was yet another one for setup. It's interesting how the action has come to such a jarring halt. I love that Thor seems to have an idea, and I really enjoyed the conversation among them all about Loki and family, and particularly Loki's speech about humans and sacrifice. Very, very cool.
John Smith chapter 27 . 7/29
WHAT? What the heck just happened at the end there? Why did Thanos have the gauntlet? What the heck! This was SUCH an awesome chapter! I love the way you had the different characters fight in such varied styles. Really great thought put into this!
John Smith chapter 26 . 7/29
Another great chapter with that same calm before the storm tone. Lots of setup here, but it's awesome and so well done! I adore how well you set up this idea that the mortals can teach them so much, and then REALLY brought it back and showed how true it was. So well done!
John Smith chapter 25 . 7/29
This chapter was really interesting. It felt a lot like a calm before the storm, although Thor was significantly less anxious feeling than people usually are in that situation. It's such a neat contrast to all of the tension that's been in the air in Asgard. I love how confident the others are, and I REALLY hope they can help as much as they (and Thor) seem to think they can. Great chapter!
John Smith chapter 24 . 7/29
This chapter was SO FUN to read! I can't wait to see how things go when they are interacting with Loki and not just Thor. LOL I love the way you write Clint - he reminds me a lot of his character in the Avengers cartoon, and that's awesome! He's easily one of the best characters, and you definitely do him justice here. Loved this chapter!
John Smith chapter 23 . 7/29
Oh man, I was HOPING this decision would happen earlier in the fic, but it completely left my mind with all this talk of Loki sacrificing himself. Now I'm SUPER excited to see how things will go. I'm glad Loki isn't sacrificing himself after all... at least not yet. What a great chapter!
John Smith chapter 22 . 7/29
Ooohhhhh dear. This is intense. I had a feeling that Loki would be going to Thanos as part of this fic, though I wasn't sure how it would come about. This is super intense. At the moment I'm hoping Loki's plan DOESN'T work, simply because it looks like if it works, he'd die along with Thanos. And perhaps that is why Odin refused to let him go.

Great chapter!
John Smith chapter 21 . 7/29
Ah! This chapter was awesome, but I knew things were going far too well. That ending was crazy and I'm reeling! I love the way you write battles - very realistic and detailed without being too word-heavy at all. Great chapter!
John Smith chapter 20 . 7/29
Wow... maybe it's just me, but that last scene felt like Thor was saying "See you later" and Loki was saying "Goodbye"? Beautiful chapter overall, but I'm getting nervous. I'm really interested to see how there are 12 more chapters. It makes me very excited!
John Smith chapter 19 . 7/29
Well this chapter was yet another great one, even if it contained a lot of setup. The way you describe all the preparations and the strategy is awesome and really gives image to the whole situation. Also, I love so much that Thor asks Sif not to make him choose between her and Loki. That's just incredible. But oh, why did Loki fall asleep?
John Smith chapter 18 . 7/29
Wow, this chapter was intense! I love it! Odin is so astute. I admit I was a little irritated with Thor for interrupting Odin over and over, but it seems like Odin was okay with that, for whatever reason. Your ability to write this whole family is amazing. I actually am starting to wonder if Loki's desire for the Tesseract isn't quite what it seems as well as the rest. Great job!
John Smith chapter 17 . 7/29
Augh, I just LOVE how well you write these two! I honestly don't think I've ever seen someone write them SO in character yet show so perfectly their friendship and mutual brotherly relationship. As deep and jagged as their history is (especially recent history), and as estranged and troubled as they both are right now, they're friends as well as brothers. I just... I can't tell you how great the writing is! This chapter was lovely. I feel for Loki, but I can see that he is already healing a bit just from these interactions. Great chapter!
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