Reviews for A Price for Peace
LuluViBritania chapter 1 . 7/9
Really all that effort to Seal Kaguya and the scrub neither takes or destroys Sasukes Rinnegan; now there is nothing stopping someone doing the whole Juubi thing all over again with the eyes ability to summon and control the Gedo Mazo. Unless Sasuke somehow secretly transferred the Rinnegan to Narutos chakra where he will later awaken it because they had no idea weho would find Sasukes corpse
Gaurav chapter 51 . 6/15
when are you going to write the next chapter...its too bad a part to leave unfinished
Adventreader221 chapter 51 . 6/16
update soon please
Arrexu chapter 1 . 6/6
make gouhara Marry tetsu!... now that would be good. I dunno what your plans are but maybe I see an alliance in the horizon. she sees that it's futile to attempt to seduce Naruto but still decides to side with him. I can't wait for next chap.
Guest chapter 40 . 5/23
You complain about the uchihas, sharingan, plot holes, bleach and then end the sentence with "fairytail is good..." ... Smh. Very disappointed in you.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/22
Again pretty late but with your rant thing but... To be fair, as broken and bullshity the sharingan is the cost is kinda high too you know. I mean first you gotta kill your closest person to you to get the MS. An then there is the drawback of going blind unless you have a sibling who else killed their closest person and then need to take their eyes from them to get the EMS. Unless you are a really mentally unstable and blood thirsty person who wants power they would not do it. Precisely why uchiha clan was weak and got destroyed by 2 people who had MS.
In conclusion you gotta be a fukin miniac with a miniac sibling to get those powers.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/22
I know this is like super late but to what you say in these rants... Just assume naruto series ended after the pain fight. You know when the villagers acknowledge him and throw him into the air and then roll credits lol. That's what I did xD the rest are fillers :p
Same thing for bleach. Aizen was the end. Full bring arc? Was there such a thing? xD
nicfoto5 chapter 51 . 5/14
Just want to say that this is bye far the best narutoxkarin story I’ve ever read, it’s so well paced and just so interesting to see where you’ll take the story. Ps. I’m a bit of a romantic so I really hope that naruto and Karin will get married and have a family in your story, but if that doesn’t fit in with the direction you want to go then just know that your story will still be amazing
KingsleyTrex chapter 51 . 5/11
I’d say you are a good writer. I don’t know how much writing this story means to you, but your balance of plot in different places and times in this world is outstanding and is well developed to the point where is gives a feeling you truly care about this story. Disregarding the grammatical errors, I would equate this story to a book you pick up while looking casually through a book store just browsing for something that looks interesting. It has its flaws. Sometimes a cliche/immature dialogue or character detract from the immersion; however, the plot is interesting and the progression is satisfyingly riveting. This probably seems like a bit of a back handed complement, and I guess in a way it is, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. This is my way of saying from what I’ve come to expect from fan-fiction you are doing an exemplary and incredible job. For a story written on a fan fiction site to be, honestly, better than quite a few published fantasy/romance books I’ve read, is very impressive. Damn good job, I hope you continue because I for one, cannot wait for the next chapter.
KingsleyTrex chapter 1 . 5/11
While the beginning I think is a bit strained, and some of the ideas are a bit, I guess juvenile, the premise is interesting and is believable enough. I definitely look forward to continuing reading this.
imnotraven16 chapter 51 . 5/10
awesome chapter
dlowe265 chapter 51 . 5/7
That was amazing you are a fantastic writer I can't with for the next chapter.
KakashiStyle chapter 51 . 5/2
Love the story! Keep up the good work!
Yonshin chapter 51 . 4/26
Ok, for now I will point out somethings that may or may not be valuable for you, these are not really complains more of point outs really.
1.I know you make the Uchiha clan, in that side of the land ( Royal family ) , have some really fucked up ways in their clan, but Uchihas are known for the Love they held beetwen themselves, and I know this make they killing themselves really brutal and awaken stronger Sharingan but I don't think Madara would force his own family/clan to do this. Mainly because even among the Uchiha, Madara is considered one of the ones that holds more love to his own family then anyone. That's why he became batty shit crazy with his plan, because of his pain, so he wanted everyone to have hapiness in the Genjutsu and then everyones eventually dies and the Human race becames extinct, so peace would happen, even if it was a disturbed plan, don't get me wrong.
of the above lets say one of the emperrors make it that way, not Madara, they would become hollow after sometime and then they would never achieve real great power like Madara achieved ( not counting Rinnegan ( hashirama cells ) ). So the Emperror right now must not be not even close to the power that Madara possed in his high time.
3. following this I Madara in his high was powerfull enough to take on an Army, would not say unscratched, and in that army having a huge amount of really strong Ninja like 2 Kage level and a lot of really strong Jounin. So Naruto Just with Bijuu cloak and Sage mode prob is around Madara strength so Yeah he kinda could take on a army, not even putting that you already made his base form almost as strong as the Sannin, and not counting the Six Path Senjutsu that you closed ( that I'm actually pleased since that was kinda lame powerup for me ) and now the Bijuu returning to be by his side and fucking Toads, and the emperror being prob much weaker to even put a fight with him. So I got it would be really boring just watching Naruto destroy this shit apart but I feel I had to point it out.
Still loving your fic, and again don't get me wrong I also think Madara to be a little bitch but facts are facts, anyway. Keep up the good work! :)
Yonshin chapter 45 . 4/25
Well in this chapter you make it quite pointless the end of last chapter. Oh I know that you started to write this fic when Naruto series was still runing but correct some information at the start of the fic, that you said in the fic Naruto was going out of the camp to deal with Sasuke while now it followed cannon for the most part. Not asking for a entirre rewrite just correct a part here and there and it's all good! Anyway you fic is awesome, keep up the good work :)
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