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magikiz2sick chapter 52 . 10/15
well man hoping you pick this up again soon! love to see it get completed! dont keep us waiting :)
magikiz2sick chapter 48 . 10/15
Hope this gets completed someday! Its like an in-depth naruto western emperor story and i love that
helrio uzugaku chapter 52 . 10/12
I like it, honestly, I don't even think Gouhara wants the throne for the power it gives, she just wants it to spite her family. And I think Naruto would see that to. He seems like the kind of person that would meet her halfway. She wants the family that tried everything they could to control her dead, he wants to live in peace which the empire won't allow. Their goals align, so even if Naruto refuses her proposition for marriage, like we know she's going to give, I think she would be happy to just help kill her family.

But then again her obvious mental issues might get in the way of her more logical thinking. But Naruto has always been someone who seemed to be capable of helping people like her. I honestly think he'll help her, going your entire life with a family who sees you as worthless would take it's toll on anyone I'd know.

To be honest I'm kinda hoping you add her to the pairing. I definitely sympathize with her situation and feel Gouhara definitely needs a break with someone who's actually capable and willing of showing her how much more joy life could give if she cherished it more. He's already done exactly that with half a dozen princesses from the elemental nations, what's one more?

Something I haven't found an answer to yet, why haven't they gone by sea if the true purpose of the empire was to conquer the elemental nations? I theorize the empire is surrounded by mountains but I'd just like a confirmation.

I've greatly enjoyed catching back up with the story considering how long ago I first read it and am exceptionally happy to see it hasn't been abandoned. Even if the pairing stays solely Naruto/Karin I wouldn't have any complaints. The story is very well written out the characterization is absolutely amazing and the plot is well thought out and very enthralling.

I think it is actually believable that most Uchiha's of the royal family have the same mindset considering who this clans founder was and what he did and tried to do to the world and everything leading up to that moment. Some divergence is expected but to see it being a minority is actually a very smart move considering how old this uchiha clan is and how they've lived up until now.

I'm actually kind of expecting to see Gouhara pull something unexpected out of nowhere. Being a white sheep in a crowd of black I'm expecting you to do something with that when no one is expecting much else. A power solely she can use but has no idea about yet perhaps? Or is it symbolic towards her godly control over wind and you really don't plan on anything else being done with her? Either way it goes I'm eager to see what you come up with.

Kinda cut into Karin's screen time the last few chapters though. But I'm expecting for her to become a more common sight in the chapters to come once she's more powerful. Anything less would be disappointing after all the character building you did with her and Naruto in the early chapters.

Well I think that's about it, good luck in future chapters. Till next time
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 52 . 10/12
Great chapter.

Good to see this continuing. Must admit never seen an episode of Boruto but this is a far greater sequel to Naruto than that pile of garbage.

You should create a lazy Uchiha on the likes of a Nara.

What about the flip side for the Uchiha a brooding female Uchiha where the men throw themselves at her for some reason. Should make the 2nd most powerful Uchiha in the Empire a female as well. Or make it that the Emperor is really an Empress. That'd be interesting to see in the Uchiha clan as they are patriarchal rather than matriarchal. Be an interesting twist as well.
Guest chapter 52 . 10/7
More! More!
dlowe265 chapter 52 . 10/6
That was great I can't wait for to see how the meeting is going to go
Protoxone chapter 52 . 10/5
Happy to see this got another update. It's rare an expansion on the Naruto world is pulled off well, especially with OC characters and land. Hope the next update is up soon.
insanemaelstorm chapter 52 . 10/5
Great chapter. Like how thought that is going into the upcoming meet between naruto and Gouhara. Like how hard naruto is training and why. Like how the uchiha clan is reacting to naruto. Looking forward to reading more
fanficreader71 chapter 52 . 10/5
Great Chapter, I enjoyed reading it.
Shivasb chapter 52 . 10/5
I know you might have found it funny when you were younger, but those displays of casual violence from Tsunami are getting out of hand and entering into abusive territory, and specially when it happens in front of the public, as you showed us in the first paragraphs. This trope of him getting himself get hit in public whenever he says something someone disagrees with would weaken his position and authority towards others, that would see him as a weak-willed leader that can be abused, and it would make apparent that his relationships are unhealthy and abusive.
Sorry for the rant, but this has gotten out of control.
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 52 . 10/5
Good job keep it up
janvergeldelosreyesthe3rd chapter 52 . 10/4
Woot Holy Shit got updated so awesome. Thanks!
Sincerelyreeny chapter 51 . 8/8
I hope you haven’t forgotten about this story. I really like the whole story.
saiyan prince1 chapter 51 . 7/24
Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to read more. I like how all of this is going.
LuluViBritania chapter 1 . 7/9
Really all that effort to Seal Kaguya and the scrub neither takes or destroys Sasukes Rinnegan; now there is nothing stopping someone doing the whole Juubi thing all over again with the eyes ability to summon and control the Gedo Mazo. Unless Sasuke somehow secretly transferred the Rinnegan to Narutos chakra where he will later awaken it because they had no idea weho would find Sasukes corpse
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