Reviews for Perfect Exsists: A Harry and Harleigh Romance
The knockerman chapter 1 . 9/21/2012

I simply wish to mention that writing a story with real people is against the rules of the site and that the admins have a tendency to pull down and delete any they find. They may also ban your account for a while. This would suck, to be perfectly honest, and would make you lose your writing forever if you didn't have it backed up elsewhere.

There are ways around this: Move this to a fansite that is dedicated to One Direction, (For example, onedirectionfanfiction. com) or change the names to people out of a book or TV show. That way, it isn't about real people. However, it may be also worthy to note that you can't simply alter the names to anything, as then it will be original fiction and belong on Fictionpress.

This rule is in place to stop people sueing the site. If it is sued, it could get closed down completely. As you can guess, this wouldn't be good at all and would deprive a lot of people of a place to write their stories.

So, please, edit this so it's within site rules. After all, it's simply a case of changing the names to characters out of a show or something you like. Since you've got all you're framework and that sorted out, it won't be too hard or soul crushing to do either.

Any questions and I'd be happy to answer them, aye?

Keep the faith,
The Knockerman