Reviews for The Unexplainable
Lissa chapter 50 . 11/20
This wasn’t the dark, devoted and possessive R27 ending i was expecting, but this works just as well! Thank you for writing such an intriguing story! I was hoping that Tsuna had Reborn in his heart as much as Chronos tho. The last few chapters implied their relationship would end and wasn’t as important as Tsuna’s bond with Chronos. I’d have liked to see if theirs reach four hundred thousand years or sumthin, to assuade my worry.
YokaiAngel chapter 50 . 11/19
PonytailChibi chapter 19 . 11/16
I gotta say your r27 stories are the best
Foxluna chapter 50 . 11/3
So what does veil mean about the true relationship between Tsuna and Chronos? I'm curious. Seems to treat Tsuna as a Son, or Sibling. So that's why I'm curious about Veil's thought on that. And I loved this story.
AiMila chapter 50 . 10/20
I really enjoyed this story. It really is a 'must read again' type of story and probably will when I want to read an awesome adventure this will be at the top of my list.
Thank you for this art
AiMila chapter 46 . 10/19
This...this was beautiful. I would be lying if I said I didn't have a smile as I read all this chaos.
Reader chapter 50 . 9/23
I love this fic. Thanks!

(Also, the Reborn x Tsuna romance was delightful! 3)
England1412 chapter 48 . 8/30
Can you make squeal with Giotto with him being friend or the different world of Giotto going insane and he help him out ?
CivilReader2 chapter 37 . 8/28
Wait Sin? Sinister? the past Tsuna?
Devanna chapter 50 . 8/18
Hello, english isn't my maternal language so I can only hope that you will understand well what I'll be trying to say in this review.
First of all, thank you, thank you so much for offering such great stories to this fandom. It's actually the first time I post a review on one of your story since I was afraid that my english wouldn't be good enough... But this story left me with so much feelings that I HAD to say something. It was so great reading this, I enjoyed each and every chapter. You described Dark!Tsuna really well, and his past and the reasons as to why he became like this were well explained and written really nicely. I mean, this dark side of him hadn't popped out from nothing and it looks like his character has been studied thoroughly. The madness dwelling in this story and brought by characters like Tsuna, Byakuran, Chrono etc. sometimes left me with a uneasiness that I came to appreciate. More like a chilly feeling.
The end is pretty good too. I like it the way it is even thought I think it would have be nice to get some more details about Reborn change and how the two got settled in their new life in Hell. Anyway, it's really, really good.
I like you writing a lot, it's so nice and easy to read without it becoming too plain with simple word. I've read a lot of the stories you posted in this fandom especially the R27 ones. And, honestly, I didn't think The Unexplainable would become my favorite (except maybe, Contract) at first, so I was agreeably surprised.
Hope you'll keep writing.
And I'm going to repeat myself but thank you. Thank you so much for this story.
laxusdrayer2324 chapter 50 . 8/4
I was gone for 2 month and this story ended on me?! *Tears* I hope you could continue your other KHR stories at least (like Contract plz! It's such a good story!)
falsedfaith691 chapter 27 . 7/25
Omg cant stop crying! Love this story so far
AkaneShiro chapter 38 . 7/18
wao~ Reborn cut all bis ties with Vongola, this is New, never saw something LIKE dis. *smirk* I LIKE it.
AkaneShiro chapter 1 . 7/18
oh gawd
AkaneShiro chapter 30 . 7/18
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