Reviews for The Unexplainable
TsunaMoe chapter 40 . 9m
Gah! Why do you have to cut it there?!
Kuuh~! This story really never fail to suck me in. Really happy that you updated. I think fron this chapter I finally can say 100 percent sure that Tsuna is actually talking with other Pararell World Tsuna. Well, base from the conversation I got. Looking forward for your next update~
BerryBerryBlitz chapter 40 . 22m
Ooooo Tsuna's running low on power... Hmmmmm Iemitsu is going to be given a job?... Maybe killing Tsuna? Well at least an attempt to - uwaaaaa I'm so curious and still love this story so freakin much~~
Yami-The Lord of Darkness chapter 40 . 50m
Please update soon
YogoreMHIAMB chapter 40 . 1h
*sigh* Yaayyyyy~ I wonder what's Federico's request is
JelloBear chapter 40 . 1h
A question from the last chapter who was the last person tsuna would always come help/see?

Also your story is amazing. Hope reborn can be with tsuna soon
preppygoth13 chapter 40 . 1h
Nina-Chan202 chapter 39 . 4h
I love this fic Q/Q
Silvermist023 chapter 39 . 2/4
Aww..Reborn is developing feelings for Tsuna and I think that you should include the Tenth Generation aka. Gokudera,Yamamoto,etc. more since haven't made any appearance in the last few chapters. Yay! Reborn is gonna be free from the curse. Are the other Arcobaleno gonna be free as well? Well, I can't wait anymore to see what happens in the next chapter. Update Soon. I look forward to the next chapter.
blumarshin chapter 39 . 2/3
This has been a fantastic story! I have loved every chapter! Looking forward to the next update!
Guest chapter 39 . 2/3
The reason I am obsessed with this story is that I can never tell what's going to happen in the next chapter. Even if I happen to be right with my guess it never cease to make it enjoyable.
AoBara chapter 38 . 2/1
Tsuna's such a badass. God I love how Reborn is protective of him and how Tsuna makes a solution for each and every problem.!
Kisaragi Yukase chapter 39 . 1/31
yeah adult reborn xD can't wait. ok please update :3
JelloBear chapter 39 . 1/30
May I ask who is the last one that tsuna would always come and help?
Also your story is amazing I hope you update soon
Yas nana leave iemitsu for tsuyoshi
Adult reborn adult reborn
4everfictional chapter 32 . 1/25
I'm so excited for him to be in adult form! XD ;)
4everfictional chapter 31 . 1/25
That... Was kinda a letdown overall. I'm glad she didn't get raped, but everything from their reactions to their monologue-ing was not only out of character for this story but also completely wrong for any creature with a human brain. Parts of it were good though! :)
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