Reviews for Abyss
Guest chapter 20 . 8/20/2013
How could you just kill Red like that!? He's an amazing character and I nearly cried at the hospital scene... Nearly.
And I've been wondering about a couple of things... Like why Red decide to kill himself? Sorry if the answer was obvious, but I just could figure out what went wrong... Was it because of Touko, his past, or something entirely different? Because I couldn't figure out what went wrong...
Another question, why were the Pokemon in the beginning acting all ill? You never really explained that throughout the story... And for a while I was pretty confused.

Anyways it was an amazing story an I enjoyed it greatly. You should make a sequel! And I think that you should write it in Red's point of view throughout the story before he died. That would spice things up a bit. Well that's what I think you should do... So if you ever decide to actually make a sequel, I think it should be based on Red's point of view before he died. Any who, good luck and keep up the good work
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 19 . 7/17/2013
Damn! Despite how short this sort of was it still had my interest!
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 18 . 7/15/2013
Aww that's sad! :( But despite that I love this chapter!
Shadow Flame 777 chapter 10 . 6/19/2013
AWW! Red's so shy and adorable and wonderful! *dies of the fluffiness*
Shadow Flame 777 chapter 8 . 6/19/2013
AWW! Red got a date XD
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 17 . 4/16/2013
Don't worry!
Library2.0 chapter 16 . 3/7/2013
It was a good chapter for a long wait. Update.
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 16 . 3/7/2013
Wow how conflicting this chapter was.
Drayllien chapter 16 . 3/7/2013
Finally a new chapter
keep it up!
Reading-is-4-life chapter 15 . 2/17/2013
Good chapter. Update!
Mewchu chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
This is interesting, and Red seems cold in character.
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 15 . 2/17/2013
Wow I'm glad to know you update at least! I'm happy with that!
Kiara-Hitashi chapter 14 . 2/3/2013
Don't worry your not the only one!
Library2.0 chapter 14 . 2/3/2013
Great chapter. Sometimes though you miss capitalizing.
DrOctagonapus chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
You're misspelling "..." wrong an awful lot. If this story's Red is the one from the game, then perhaps you could incorperate that into the story of actually heting him to talk or something.

Its all up to you, but the story is OoC if it is. After that though, I really like the story and hope you continue it.
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