Reviews for Follow The Sun
sosueme chapter 28 . 7/29
'take care of my missus' LOL
sosueme chapter 37 . 7/29
Loved diving into the worlds of Australia & surfing. Thank you for such vivid scenes and voices with strong, consistent, & oh so likable characters. I don't want it to end ;)0
sosueme chapter 31 . 7/28
Somehow an interrupted phone date seems like the worst thing in the world to me right now.
sosueme chapter 27 . 7/28
Love bella's competition's palpable. Esme's a surprise! Rose is a rock to this story - consistently solid, tenacious. Nervous ILY's are the best.
sosueme chapter 25 . 7/28
baldy surfer...kelly slater style! So agree - 'the eyes just pop more'. Great visual.
sosueme chapter 19 . 7/27
you can grovel, if it makes you feel better...hahahahahah!
sosueme chapter 18 . 7/27
So that answers a few questions
sosueme chapter 17 . 7/27
Aaaa...that was beautiful, and beautifully written.
sosueme chapter 16 . 7/27
Ha! Bella kissed lil embry! I can hear them years later...edward will be so annoyed by embry bringing it up all the time ;))
sosueme chapter 12 . 7/27
I love how they dance around each's adorable.
sosueme chapter 9 . 7/26
nic murphy is my new fav - thanks for the rec ;)))
I actually thought we were talking about a real pineapple - doh!
sosueme chapter 7 . 7/25
Still loving the scenery, the 20's something camaraderie, the language. And so lovin the tension and the burgeoning friendship, and now the teasing. Delicious ;))
sosueme chapter 2 . 7/24
Intriguing start. Love the landscape descriptions and bella's emotions at leaving home and starting new. So good.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19
It's mom not mum. It's flip flops not thongs.
Undomiel Cullen chapter 37 . 7/10
Thanks for writing an awesome fic, I loved every single word! And I'm very greatful that authors like you allow the translations of such incredible stories. I'm sad it's over but I'm looking forward for read more of your work, so I hope you give your permission for more Spanish translations. Greetings from Chile.
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