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Nerd of Camelot chapter 32 . 5/26
I know it's been like three years since this fic was finished, but... Wow. I just recently got back into Yu-Gi-Oh! and I'm really glad this was one of the first fics I ended up reading...
However I must say that I did NOT sign up for all these feels. My eyes are sweating.
Good fic, my perspiring eyes aside. Again, really glad I decided to read it!
jj chapter 32 . 4/17/2015
i love your stories that was great my fav part had to be Istar giving the vows that had my laughing like crasy lol
NaTak chapter 32 . 2/5/2015
Man, this was awesome. Thanks for writing and sharing, and congratulations on such brilliance.
Imagining the characters from de anime/manga I could more easily imagine Yugi in Atem's place, Yami in Yugi's and Atem in Yami's, if you get what I mean. As Yugi is actually the most optimist, thoughtful and kind of them. Atemu is the leader, the one who has to pass away. And Yami the unstable one, who starts off as a heartless killer, but that slowly becomes more human. But I also understand why you placed them as you did (or at least, I think I do!) and it worked perfectly in the end.
So well. This is it. I humble review of a masterpiece. Lol. I feel almost intimidated. Hahahha
Hikari-and-Yami chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
I absolutely ADORED reading this. I laughed, I smiled, I re-read hilarious lines over and over again. It was absolutely incredible and one of the best things I've ever read. Your descriptions and adjectives are fantastic. Such a fun read. Only finished chapter 1, but this is being added. So great.

I have not seen an of the other shows you mention getting inspiration from, so I am pretty lost in terms of what kind of society/military they are in right now. I'm hoping I'll catch on later down the road.

Thanks for such an amazing first chapter!

Until next time,

Dark-Wiccan-Goddess chapter 16 . 5/20/2014
So not my greatest idea to be listening to the Fort Minor - Where'd you go (instrumental with hook) while reading the Atem/Yugi scenes... Makes me wanna start crying...
YugiohFreak19 chapter 10 . 9/22/2013
I love this, honeslty all your work is amazing. This story blew me away the first time that I read it, I love the fact that Yugi is soo badass in this story. I find it really hard to read a story that portrays Yugi as a strong charactor, Thats why when I found this little gem I was extating and as I slowly began to read it, I fell in love with so many of the charactors. You portray them in such a crude and strange way thats so different from the normal. I find it really hard not to like all the charactors. I love Yugi thats a given. Hes so different Its weird to see him acting this way but its rather refreshing because im so used to reading about him being overshadowed by Yami/Atemu, But you find a way to have a healthy balance but still have Yugi be so badass. I also LOVE Atem like you said in one of your first authors notes for this story that you dont come accross charactors like Atem anymore and your right but his charactors amasing in this story. God theres so much i want to say about this story but I don't wanna bore you but keep up the amazing work and can't wait for any future storys you bring out !

YugiohFreak19 3 xx
Eternal chapter 19 . 7/23/2013
DAMMIT IT. Damn it, you DID. I was so afraid you were going to do that, from the MOMENT YOU INTRODUCED ATEM, I WAS AFRAID OF THAT. But it took so long, I kept hoping you wouldn't do it. That you wouldn't go there. You had them... oh, fuck, I was -really- getting into this story, it was SO good, the incite into the characters was wonderful, and made sense, and now...

... A love triangle? WHY? Dammit, WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS INTO MOBIUMSHIPPING? It no longer feels... valid. -.- It's kind of like your story getting freaking ADD so it -totally- switched focus. If you had kept their feelings plantonic, Atem's love for Yugi -platonic-, it would've been better, would've made sense, would've felt like you were really going for the philosophical parts of this, not JUST eye-candy... I realize there's tons of smut here, and sure, I like it...

But I was ENJOYING the development of Yami's character, of Yugi's character, of their relationship, their growth into people who could really -feel-. They did not NEED ATEM, but you adding him in a romantic way makes it seem like their feelings for each other WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be the focus. They finally found tenderness between them, but Yugi has already run into another man's arms, and there's no LOGIC IN IT.

You got me caught up in the puzzleshipping, the fact that they finally started to truly care about each other, now you have Yugi essentially cheating on Yami arbitrarily and for no justifiable reason... ... my love of this story just got crushed into the freaking dirt. I just... I can't...! For a long time, I wanted so badly to know what would happen, and now... I just can't read further. Thank you for what of this I -was- able to -thoroughly- enjoy, but I... this change honestly just makes me nauseous.

JudyTheMangaFreak chapter 32 . 7/14/2013
T_T ... You made me so heart-wrenching over here...

Why did you have to kill off Yami? Why...? You torture for several chapters, then you literally killed my heart in chapter 30... It's so sad... It's so painful especially after how you wrote his death... He died smiling, but to me, he didn't deserve it TT _ TT He should've tried to survive more. I doubt Yami or Atem would mind sharing Yugi at all. He was finally free, but he left behind regrets and longing to those who loved him... It was so sad...

Seriously, why did every corrupted characters I've read or watched decide to make a life of their own by having suicidal death? It's too cliché, yet why did I still feel the heartache...? Truth be told, my favorite character in this fic was not Yugi or Atem, but Yami...

Vanya, you're so cruel... TT _ TT The story was beautifully written though, and it was really realistic. A Nice piece of work... *sobsob*
TexasDreamer01 chapter 17 . 7/4/2013
Lavender Rains chapter 32 . 5/17/2013
Okay, so I'm so depressed it ended, but I'm glad we finally got to see little Atem babies!

I loved how Yugi was able to move on and tht his character never faultered in the end. I mean, you'd think someone would be broken after such a traumatic experience. As you've said before though, Yugi's a badass!

I have to say that it was slightly upsetting that Yami, after everything he went through and the sacrifice he made to amend his 'sins' you could say, was not given the full hero credit.. though it goes along with this bittersweet ending! Made me cry, toying with my emotions, you! Haha.

Though I was slightly confused around the end.. (Cause I'm slow, lol). Anyway, overall it was an amazing story, and I'm very surprised it hasn't gotten more reviews than 400! Phenomenal doesn't even cut it, the strength of the detail and power of the wording! Sad to see it ended, but boy what a story over-the-top.

I know it's a short review, but I wanted to be quick so I could go and read more on your new story and review it as well.

Sorry I haven't given any input lately! Finals and all that fun stuff..

Well, as usual, thanks for taking the time out of your life to do this for free! This is very appreciated!

Guest chapter 32 . 5/9/2013
Holy crap! Okay, I loved the parts with Yugi and Atem and everyone, just moving on in life, but then there was that extra prologue! Most probably my favorite part of this chapter, but I'll get to in a moment.

I did suspect that my prediction from way back was about the marriage and moving to Turtle Village – I guess the thing that might have thrown me off a bit was that in the exact same sentence I considered the possibility that you would just kill all characters. xD I remember picturing it (running to the village) differently back then though, that it would be like Yugi finally escaped his "bad" relationship with Yami and got a new healthy life with Atem. But then we just twisted it and instead we got a heartbreaker (which made it all the more interesting and emotional).

And the secret purpose of the paint is revealed! So it was just to see whether the married couple got some or not. xD Here I thought it was just pretty decorations or something like that, but now that I know what it really was for, thinking back on the marriage scene is just even more hilarious.

I like how Yugi keeps thinking back to Yami though. He's never going to stop grieving, but he'll be happy, hoping that's what Yami would have wanted. And then we get that scene with Jou and Yugi at the beach. It's almost surreal to see them interacting without being on a mission or working out with the gang. It's nice though, seeing them just talk. It's nice to see how close they have grown in the end. (The music fit sooo well, too. It gave a really nice feel to it.)

The scene with Yugi waking up in a cottage on the country side felt like it was taken from a fairy tale AU (makes me think of like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, those kinds of cottages). But really, it's all the details which build the nice picture – the homemade bedsheets, the floor covered in dirt, the mismatched plates in the kitchen – it's perfection in imperfection, if you can call it that.

It feels like a happy ending, all in all. We got to see some of grandpa (before he passed away sometime during the ten year gap), Yugi and Atem got to live like a sweet married couple (soon to be a family), and even though it's messed up in some ways and even though they went through a lot of shit and pain before reaching this point, there's just something essentially happy about this outcome.

But I like how we revert back to the old military soldier feel after jumping ten years. It feels like Yugi's back in his "natural environment", a place where he belongs (and where he kicks ass). ”He hadn't changed a damn smidge.” Well, even though a lot of things have changed, I guess some just remain the same. I'm actually glad Yugi's firecracker personality is still around.

And finally, the two groups working together! Even though they were supposed to be enemies throughout the story, I feel that they worked together more than they fought against each other. It's a dream team, and it could be seen from miles away.

And then there's the sweet kid! Kid Yami seems to follow his Ma’s footsteps, growing up to be a firecracker on his own. It sweet though, he’s growing into a person with personality and problems, and it’s nice to see Atem worrying about him, just wanting him to be happy. (I remember from the few other mpregs I've read, where the child was always described as an angel, the most innocent thing in existence. I like this kid!Yami, because he seems real and genuine, with a personality and flaws. We didn't even get to see that much of him, but just hearing Atem describe him was plenty.)

OKAY, BUT HERE COMES THE EXCITING PART. And sad, but oh man it's amazing. It's one of those moments where it just clicks. It could have ended with Atem and Yugi on the country side, living peacefully. It could have ended with that flash forward, where we got so see a glimpse of their lives in the future. But we get this puzzle piece that just fits so perfectly and it just wrapped things together so beautifully.

Heba was Zion, and his partner was Timaeus, and they couldn't have babies! It explains why he hated pregnancies – but perhaps it was more of a jealousy? A hatred based on jealousy, because pregnant creatures had what he (and Timaues) had wanted so badly – a baby. And it's so beautiful and sad because it's so human – Heba wasn't just a killing machine to start out with, and hearing his past and his reasons, it makes you love his character even more. And his message in the end – "Miss you Tim. Still." – just dfibuhniuefv, it's the amazing end. Or the beginning, I guess, since it's a prologue.

Well, what can I say? This whole story has been -amazing-. Your way of writing, your way of developing the plots and making the characters grow and change and feel, it's an amazing skill and I have found myself (several times) reading and just thinking "wow, this is awesome". And then the adventure continues in a new story, and I can only imagine it to be just as incredibly exciting and fantastic as this one.

It has been a pleasure reading Gambit! Til next time!
metalqueenslime chapter 32 . 4/30/2013
Wow. I am so impressed. This fan fiction has to be one of the best things I've ever read in my entire life. Wow. I just can't. This is so eloquently written, yet stings with an edge. I love that. Absolutely love it. I wish I could give you something as great as this, something such as a well-spun constructive critique, yet do I dare say it's perfect? When Yami died, I cried. I did. Tears. Everywhere. I loved how you portrayed Yugi as well. Fantastic. I loved the poetic justice and I even was mad at Yugi because I wanted him to stay faithful to Yami and not let him be drawn into the arms of Atem for comfort, because this is Yugi fucking Motou. But as you placed more vital organs into the plot it felt right. I just finished this story. My body is gonna explode. I really can't thank you enough for creating this beautiful, absolutely fucking beautiful piece. Wow.

P. S. This story reminded me of Loveless, the poem Final Fantasy VII is based on. They do share a lot of parallels and that made me ecstatic; It's hard to find that special kind of angst that makes your heart ache and you know you that this- this is how it's supposed to be. This makes it right.

P. S. S. Great job with the smut. I loved the emotion you put into it.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/29/2013
Loved this story but I absolutely hate a fem Yugi. Thats a story I won't be reading and I doubt you'll many fans for it. Just stick with yaoi puzzleshipping and blindshipping because fem Yugis are normally just fangirls wanting to fuck Atem or Yami in their fantasies.
monktonk chapter 31 . 4/25/2013
I don't know what I expected after that previous chapter, but this sudden... easiness, this happiness, was both surprising and refreshing.

You must have had plenty of fun writing the whole wedding scene, because I sure had fun reading it! It was such a sudden marriage, too. Just Atem and Yugi going all "gather around losers, we're getting married". Ishizu gets to conduct the marriage, Jou's a best man (even though Yugi says he loves all three of his guys aww), and then we got Akeifa laughing his ass off. xD

I love how Atem and Yugi kiss in front of everyone as well. "No secrets." They have each other now, and they aren't going to waste time on pretending they don't love each other (like how Yugi and Yami kept their relationship a secret). Their countries aren't at war anymore, they are all in one piece – so aside from Yami's death, all is well (I assume). Might as well go all out with the happiness and put the past behind them.

I love how Yugi keeps thinking of Yuma throughout the chapter though, and it's all good things. This could have gone either way really; we could have gotten this angst filled chapter of Yugi suffering after losing Yami, or we could get a chapter where he's moving on. And after all the pain you put through us, I think the happier ending is the best way to go. The guys deserve some happiness after all they have had to endure.

And then we get this looong lemon, oh boy (I didn't actually realize it was that long until I went back and saw that scene took up like half the chapter xD). I have been waiting for this, and I just love all these details like the blue paint (whatever it was for), how they show their scars, and then how shy Atem seems and how he seems to lose the ability to speak because of the pleasure. I also like the thing you put in about Yugi getting pregnant. He seems cool with it now, which makes me wonder how he would have reacted if Yami had brought it up. Yami thought he would be totally against it, and maybe he would, since he didn't know he was practically a female. He was supposed to have children with Atem from the start, and maybe that's part of the reason he's comfortable with it.

I really liked this chapter though, but oh my god the next one sounds interesting. Jou's leaving, we finally get to see the Turtle village, and then Heba and Yura makes an appearance? (And then I should keep an eye out for the things I predicted waaay back. I have been reading through that old review, and hopefully I'll see a connection somewhere in the story!)
Seth the Inu chapter 32 . 4/25/2013
Woah. So sad to see it all end, kind of. :( I have to admit though, it seemed slightly, I don't know, rushed? Doesn't seem quite like the right word. Everything finally got wrapped up and all, but it felt pushed together. Probably just me lol. It's also really amazng to see how Heba actually came to be; I just couldn't help but squeal slightly at reading the Prologue at the end. So cute how Yuugi and Atemu have children together :D . Not much really to say I guess lol. Too much that can't really be written down with words hehe.

Your new story idea sounds interesting. I've never really liked fics where Yuugi has changed gender, but that's always because it is so hard to find an author that does a good job with the whole genderbending idea. But, I do feel as if you will write it really well, and I look forward to reading what you create.
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