Reviews for Barca and Pietros Reincarnated
QueenofQuill chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
With all do respect to your opinion Agron and Nasir are nothing like Barca and Pietros and I will tell you why.

At first glance you see two gladiators and two house slave but other than that there is nothing to compare them.

The reason why I find Agron and Nasir so attractive is because it is a man and a man, not a man and a male version of a girl. Not that I have anything against Pietros, he is a sweety but he didn't have any strength in his heart. Not that I can hold that against him considering the tragic life he had but that is what he was in all brutal honesty.

Nasir on the other hand has fire in his heart and a strong spirit. He saw the gladiators destroy the place he thought of as home and didn't think twice about trying to punish them. (Misguided as it was.)

Nasir is also talented with a sword, he is new to it so he doesn't nearly measure up to a gladiator but watch Spartacus train him in episode 2. He is a quick learner, when War of the Damned comes around I bet you he will be a hell of a warrior. Plus he doesn't flinch or lower his eyes during the training even when the slayer of Theokales goes right up to him. No regular house slave (certainly not Pietros) would ever do that. Nor would they take up a sword and head into the mines for someone they didn't even know.

All in all Pietros doesn't even compare to Nasir and therefore his relationship with Agron is on far more equal ground. They are both strong, intelligent and powerful men (in different ways). There is no comparrison.

Sorry to be such a nag about this but I stand firm.