Reviews for Effloresco Secundus
Kakatoes chapter 1 . 9/15
This story is really good. The slightly cynical pov from an adult makes it really fresh. The development are original and the descriptions are vivid enough to paint a really good picture of your world.

Character development is interesting to follow.

However if I had to gave a slight criticism it is that I don't really like your MC wait-and-see attitude. Everything happens to her, she isn't really a motor of the story and just reacts. I understand that in her situation her agency is quite limited, however she doesn't seem to take any real proactive step, let issues fester when cognizant of the state of the situation.

In a nutshell your MC feels like she is just floating around and is overwhelmed by what happens to her without trying to correct it. Which seems odd for an old soul like her.

I do hope further character development will change that, in the meantime thank you for your hard work,

Cheers :D
Nyght elf chapter 1 . 9/8
Oh my! I am out of good fics to read so I return to classics and the most amazing ones! In my humble opinion this is the best fanfic in naruto/harrypotter fandom, the best one! I can see the amount of work you put in this and am very grateful! I am so eager to read it again even though I know it by heart!
Anyway a big thank you for writing this and sharing with us!
Wishing you good luck!
Hallowtide chapter 32 . 9/7
I adore this fic so much! Utterly enthralled ! Can't wait for more!

P.s- Would a betrothal between sasuke and Sakura be enough protection? Since he has no other clan members ?
zeddess chapter 14 . 9/4
While you're right about Tsume, Inoichi and Shibi are indeed the heads of their respective clans canonically.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/1
There is so much happening here, it was hard to keep up!
lordkalel chapter 26 . 9/1
What happened with Sakura's 1984 novel? She should publish the book now that not everyone is paying too much attention to her thanks to the war.
hermonine chapter 32 . 8/27
Great chapter!
TheIcecreamGeek chapter 1 . 8/22
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StokxCore chapter 14 . 8/15
So far I really like this story but I got kind of annoyed at the clan heads that are not canon. Sakuras parents are quite different because of story reasons (and were possibly unknown when you wrote this) but moat of the rookie nine are the children of clan heads. Only the inuzuka clanhead is unknown, and the uzumakis are to the yamanaka clan head is inoichi and the aburame clanhead is shibi. Other than this i really like this story
bagofpopcorn chapter 13 . 8/12
This is so interesting.
marmaroth chapter 32 . 8/11
I've been following this story for a long time-your stories in general, actually-and I'm finally getting off my lazy butt to submit a review. This is among my favorite fics, and I regularly go back and reread it from the beginning. Your writing is really incredibly realistic-your characters are believable and very human, and you take an unflinching look at the consequences of both a militaristic life and of Hermione!Sakura's reincarnation/burgeoning powers. Honestly, some of your scenes just send chills down my spine. I'm really excited to see where this story develops, but even at this point if you never updated it again, I would still be happy to just go back and reread what you have given us over and over. Thank you for all the hard work and hours you've put into this fic, and for sharing this portion of your imagination with us!
Amaya Albarn chapter 32 . 8/8
i am SO glad that this story is still active and wasn't last updated 8 years ago. Im so pumped for the next chapter
NouvelleVoix chapter 25 . 7/20
On the stealing-her-ovary thing... That's horrifically evil and gross and therefore totally in-character for Orochimaru and Kabuto. That said... ew. Even thinking about it grosses me out a little. But Sakura/Hermione never mentioning the second cursed seal to anyone (especially given that she apparently doesn't know what it does) and her refusal to deal with the younger Sakura and the pink door in her mind seem... wildly out of character for her. Hermione was always a go-getter, a doer of things-that-needed-to-be-done, so for her to ignore something that is very clearly important and very likely dangerous is... very frustrating. I mostly like your portrayal of Sakura/Hermione, but these issues just don't seem to fit with her personality.
hiro2protagonist chapter 32 . 7/15
I'm liking this a lot, but I'm honestly not looking forward to the pink doorway stuff cuz I'm always worried when a story involves two entities sharing a body. It almost always comes across as ridiculously unfair, or absurdly fair. I'm interested in this because I want to see a very smart, studious, and somewhat ambitious person does in Sakura's place. Part of me is hoping what is behind the door is 100% inner Sakura, because inner Sakura is awesome and very strong willed. Like, if it became Hermione with inner Sakura that sounds awesome. But if it's reserved boring neurotic Sakura it seems like it would just be extra flaws for no reason. Also, it does seem like the seal on her neck not being found by someone by now makes little sense. That being said, the alteration is interesting. And 2 cursed seals is kind of awesome as is Sasuke without a cursed seal and with sensitive supportive teamates. I really like how Hermione's presence has improved the team dynamics and made them so much more interesting. I do hope Sasuke forgives her, but it was certainly a jerk move on her part. Even more so that she threw it back in his face. Anyway, I do love this story so far despiteva few flaws I think might crop up along with the other minor flaws I've fairly forgotten by now in chapter 32. Please keep this going, it's interesting. Also, that kid doesn't know how lucky he'd be to have a wife like her at 14. Arranged marriages suck and all, but he could do a heck of a lot worse. In a way Sakura is being shortsighted in thinking she would be harming the kid by accepting since he'll probably be married off eventually for similar reasons at at least she would be a kind and moral spouse...when she's not in some kind of magic rage trance anyway. Not that she should say yes, just that she shouldn't feel like it will be a net loss for the kid. She would still be participating in a bad system if she said yes, but at least he would be better off than with a more selfish spouse. I half hope she interacts with the kid a few more times to get his take without the adults around forcing him to act in specific ways. Regardless it's an interesting arc and way better than a soul bond or ridiculous marriage law fic or a forced engagement like in many other fics. Your characters generally have agency and steer their own paths aside from orders, manipulations, loss of control, and violations. And that makes them automatically more interesting.
hiro2protagonist chapter 2 . 7/13
awwesome test in the first meeting with Kakashi.
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