Reviews for Effloresco Secundus
CryBurnLie chapter 1 . 3/17
did... did that seriously just happen? did those kids just... die? is this a real cliff hanger? I can't. I can't believe this. ah, my heart...

...good book tho...
CryBurnLie chapter 1 . 3/16
I loved the different bell test! nice ingenuity!
Katsheswims chapter 33 . 3/14
Enjoying this story! Very glad she is sharing more of herself with her friends. Though she still has so much to keep hidden and the biggest secret is the most damaging...
loonymione chapter 33 . 3/4
Hello! Just reread this story for the 10th time, I'm not exaggerating. As always, the story continues to be intriguing with your fleshed out character arcs for everyone. You're one of the best in this genre. Thank you for continuing to grace us with this wonderful story.
anauharris chapter 33 . 3/4
I am in love with story and cannot wait to read more. Thank you so much.
pianomouse chapter 33 . 3/2
Really enjoying your story, thank you for sharing it.
paulita.andreina chapter 1 . 2/26
Extremely well written, I am currently at chapter 3 and it is such a joy to constantly be captivated by the way you write. Thank you
SmexyBananas chapter 33 . 2/24
The ghost thing is very cool I don't know why nobody made a fanfiction about how Harry can see ghosts all wizards can see ghosts but what would happen if Harry saw one while he was still with the dursley
anon chapter 33 . 2/20
i've been reading this story for year now and i've got to say, it's definitely one of my favorites. i love the exploration of the ninja society from hermione/sakura's outsider perspective. I also really enjoy the dark tone as well as the friendship between the group. The part in this chapter where hermione/sakura describes being able to see the ghost was particularly compelling! anyway great story absolutely amazing
Broken Reveries chapter 33 . 2/17
So, I was gonna reread a couple of the latest chapter of effloresco in my phone app. The app shows the comment section before the story section and I couldn’t help but read one particularly nasty comment. I just wanna say that you shouldn’t think too much about that one comments (because too many writer who got 100 nice comments brought down because of a single nasty comments it’s sad) there’s a reason why it’s called FanFiction and if they don’t like it then they shouldn’t read or flame the author because they are not the one who write it goddangit.

You are a wonderful writer. And I’m sure that you’ve put so many time and thoughts for this story to become what it is now. Keep up the good work!
Mr guy chapter 24 . 2/17
Ill say this once. Your story ignores the most basic aspects of canon, like kabuto not being anywher near good enought to just walk into a group of chunin level ninja and expect to get away with it.
I guarantee all of these poorly thought out ideas will lead to you abandoning this story once you realise the absolute hole you are writing yourself into.
Killing off main characters for no explainable reason just to make this story more uselessly grimdark.
Ill be generous and give this a 1/10 go and start again.
chadsuke chapter 33 . 2/12
I read this ages ago when I was young and it was a lot less, but now I’ve redound it and am absolutely delighted that it’s still on going!

I really, REALLY love this fic - it’s dark, definitely dark, and even if the sex jokes abt the kiddos do make me v uncomfortable at times, I overall have no idea what to expect with this fic and really enjoy it a ton. Thanks for writing!
Turtle Kid the Woolgatherer chapter 33 . 2/11
Okay, that part with the screaming impaled dead man was especially creepy when Sakura realized she could hear him screaming. Like, the fact that she hadn't realized before really brought home the fact that, yes, I'm reading about her seeing ghosts all the time, but after getting used to something you learn to block it out when it's not relevant. That was . . . an interesting feeling.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 13 . 2/4
good works! very fresh about a lot of htigns and i nenjoy the fact fo the CULTURE a huge issue with the shinobi si tha thtey are a culture of child soldiers RAISING a culture of child soldiers, that isn some ways makes them profesionals and old school good stuff but in others.. well.

but dam it ! Zabuza the rebel elader getting all caught and stuff.
but hey Kakshi doing the reasonable serious responsabile thing.. very good. very much enjoyable! but yikes they have had some issues throught this haven't they? very nicely crazy!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 11 . 2/4
yeah this is a HUGE problem of yours really discounting the young and powerful and over powering these kiddies? you've done this ALOT . Naruto and Sasuke only managed to survive Haku because of releasing of sharengan and a release of the kyubbi directly. and even then he died because he took a hit for Zabuza.. I get part of the issue is that it happened early in the serise when the exact nature of the various levels and capabilties are lost and the thought two gennin took him on took clearence...
this.. was FAR to easy and not really warranted? the first start of the fight you had something as simple as sasuke throwing a kunai blows off part of his arm.
I enjoyed the Naruto thinking hes about to die only surprise thing going on? its very good stuff for the casual and gradual reveal thats going on about each others secrets.

but your have a REAL bad problem making your enemies feel threatinig to them at the early stages.

and a bit of a sense of grandeur? kakashi vs a 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist... htas the equivalent of two lords that are excellent fighters of high standing going at some of the best in the world.
two possible fought on different sides of a war but we never ran into each other.
its fine that its ended offscreen so we don't see things... but ah well.
good times though!
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