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Gloriosa Lily chapter 29 . 2/28
Jag verkligen älskar ditt sätt att skriva, så detaljerat och verkligen ger en chans för karaktärerna att växa. Jag är super lycklig att Effloresco Secundus blivit uppdaterad! Jag älskade delen där Sakura får hjälp av ett Nara spöke, med tanke på att Shikamaru och hans pappa läser av väldigt mycket från hur man spelar så skulle det vara extremt intressant att få veta vad de tycker och tänker om Sakura efteråt!
Tack för ett underbar uppdatering!
kaleidoscope-of-broken-dreams chapter 29 . 2/28
Really great. I couldn't stop reading this! I've been reading it nonstop for two days and currently it's 3.30 in the morning. Thanks hahaa. xD But the story is certainly interesting, especially seeing how things have speed up so fast because of Sakuras involvement. I really like the idea of this, even though Sasuke and Naruto aren't as developed and powerful as they are in the manga, there are what they should be. 12 year old kids growing. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! I hope it won't be Long. Thank you so much!
alice chapter 29 . 2/28
vivement la suite
midori chapter 29 . 2/28
I love this fic!
This chapter was an enjoyable read. Sakura should have watched herself more, especially in front of the Naras. They're the most intelligent clan in Konoha afterall...
Things are bound to change a lot since all of team 7 (except Kakashi) are going with Jiraiya in the Tsunade retrieval arc.
Thanks for the update! This fic is always a pleasure to read. ;)
Skimmingly chapter 29 . 2/28
Chapter was great! I almost forgot Sakura's ability to see ghosts. It's a really interesting and potentially powerful technique to be able to access knowledge from the dead. Can't wait for the team to find Tsunade-who may or may not be this Sakura's future mentor seeing as how much the fic diverges from canon. Thanks for the update!
quivering quill chapter 29 . 2/28
I loved the chapter. So many interesting things coming together. I hope at some point it comes out that days can see ghosts because it would be really interesting to see the ninjas interacting with their ancestors.
JBebe chapter 29 . 2/27
I really can't wait until Hermione!Sakura learns that she virtually has two horcurxes ala Orochimaru stuck into her. Won't she sympathize better with Naruto and Harry then?

Ghostly games with the Nara clan, very much enjoyed it. Although I do wonder what they'll think of Sakura's game if they play her without her ghostly assistance. Also yes in retrospect that was a bad move for her if she wanted to avoid the Nara attention, but really, I'm glad she helped the ghost in some way. And wow looking forward to when if ever she reveals to Sasuke about the whole "I see dead people" especially your mother thing.

Can I say how excited I am that it is the whole team 7 searching for Tsunade? Looking forward to their time under Jiraiya and how they'll interact with Tsunade. Yes, definitely excited.
wittyying chapter 29 . 2/27
I still don't think Shikamaru is going to figure out that she is getting help from ghosts. Not unless she starts doing something more obvious. That is a huge logic leap. I think it is cute though-that a ghost finally got to play against his family. Naruto is adorable, I love how he misses his teammates.I wonder how the search for Tsunade will go.
Chimebelle chapter 29 . 2/27
Loved it. Especially the shoji game, I reread that part again after finishing the chapter! Oh, I can't help but entertain myself with all the amusing scenarioes where Shikamaru or Sauske realize that Sakura can talk to ghosts. You really are talented with words~
Enigma infinite chapter 29 . 2/27

'At least I won't be stuck under the gaze of the Naras,' Sakura tried to think, though honestly things were moving a bit quicker than she felt comfortable with. They'd all just returned to Konoga, and she'd have liked a few hours with her teammates before heading out again.


'At least I won't be stuck under the gaze of the Naras,' Sakura tried to think, though honestly things were moving a bit quicker than she felt comfortable with. They'd all just returned to Konoha, and she'd have liked a few hours with her teammates before heading out again.

Love the ghost ability - I would like another's point of view right about now.
WynnCharmer chapter 29 . 2/27
Great chapter. I'm always excited to see Sakura interact with the ghosts.
If you would like another beta, I would be happy to proofread.
Devientity chapter 29 . 2/27
Every chapter is always so interesting.

I look forward to when someone discovers that Sakura can see ghosts.
AnAncientBard chapter 29 . 2/27
Good to see this continuing. Keep up the good work!
fmoura98 chapter 29 . 2/27
I love this fic, glad for the update and plot development.

I really like how Sakura keeps getting more noticeable... and the reveal of the ghost ability will be fun. "I see dead people." xD
Unca Bob chapter 29 . 2/27
I really enjoyed Sakura's perspective, insight and cynicism on the coming war.
Great Grandfather Nara was an interesting touch. I wonder how long that Secret is going to last now? That loss is just going to fester in Shikamaru's mind until he starts actively looking for an explanation. Hehehehe.
I've also very curious as to how the curse seal situation is going to develope. Everything so far has just made me more and more interested to see how that plot thread is going to play out.
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