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TheWizardMighty chapter 21 . 3/20
So, you asked for thoughts on Sakura's talk with Mikoto? The whole thing seemed very good, except for the bit where Mikoto basically bragged about her rank and title. I'd have thought she'd have been more subtle about it. It read more like a 'look, the author has made a character with a blank backstory super badass.' If that makes any sense? It wasn't awful by any means, but it did seem a bit odd. I'd have expected her to tease Sakura with it instead. "You know, I was an Anbu commander once, I'm sure there must be something I could entice you with?" Something like that. Sorry if this sounds negative. I enjoyed the chapter, but you asked for thoughts!
Shinkicker chapter 21 . 3/20
Nice chapter. The funeral was pretty good, still can't believe that Hiashi would be so cold however. I thought he actually did care for his daughters but he just acts that way to try and motivate them (and fear of the clan elders wanting to brand one of them). It was nice though.

Talking with Mikoto was good too, they get some techniques out of it I guess. The birthday party part was funny, poor Sasuke.

Thanks for posting.
yumeniai chapter 21 . 3/20
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've always wondered how Jiraiya's actions could possibly be condoned considering that it's a shinobi village and the possibility of there being a seduction corps group is almost certain. The manga is for kids so I can see why kishimoto put it in for fun but peeping in children can very easily lead to stalking and sexual assault in adult life. The only funny thing about it was how often jiraiya would get beaten up for it!
Apart from that, I loved the funeral, and the general disapproval over Hiashi. He was a dick. What's going to happen to Hinata now? Can she continue being a ninja or will she be retired? Will she be sealed? Also, will Jiraiya help them train? Will they even want his help, even if he offered? And where the hell is Kakashi?
So you want to be an Author chapter 21 . 3/20
I'm a little surprised that Tsume didn't at least call Hiashi a disgrace to fatherhood. I mean, here you are, having lost something too precious for words and another dude comes around with a similar model and he decides to piss on it right in front of you, showing you that not only is the world unfair because he still has his, but doubly so because he doesn't even seem to think it's anything important...
redruby8 chapter 21 . 3/20
im glad you gave that moment to team 7, they will probably need this in the future, doesn't seem like they will get a reprieve for long... it made me smile that Sasuke almost had a heart attack because of a cake lol
angrypixels chapter 21 . 3/20
Yay update
an0n chapter 21 . 3/20
Thanks so much for updating. This story is such a treat.

Ah! I love this team seven. And I'm fair to bursting wondering after how'll they'll fit in with (what's left) of the Rookie Nine. Also super curious about Sakura and the Nara's.

And tricky, tricky Mikoto -I thought Sakura might get a little more out of her.

& Sakura has bad luck with the Sanin being disappointing - one a traitor who attacks her, one irrepsonsobly left her duties in the village, and one's a peeper.
Oh No It's Mr Gibbles chapter 21 . 3/20
cool chapter.
Ibskib chapter 11 . 3/20
If Haku is getting ready to high-kick, it would have been put into effect before Sasuke could say "Incoming high-kick to your right", a snappy "high-kick" in a warning tone might be plausible, anything longer... not so much, and even that strains credibility when it comes to close quarters fighting.
It would be more realistic to remove the warning altogether.
Nyght elf chapter 21 . 3/20
YOU UPDATED! thank you! amazing chapter.
hm mikoto came out cold an manipulative, and an ex anbu... was the loss of her power one of the reasons for the coup? few fics depict her as such, usually she is just a housewife that follows her husband's word, but i always felt there was more to her. a refreshing description. thx
jiraya hm jiraya is a unique character and i bet they caught his interest. it would be nice for them to receive training from him.
sasuke's birthday, i laughed at your description poor boy , it was as thought he was going to eat a toad)
thx for the update i enjoyed it. curious to see what's next. good luck!
Ibskib chapter 10 . 3/20
farthest - furthest (abstract distances use the latter)
Wedylai chapter 21 . 3/20
Thank you! People take the peeping-tom habits of anime characters way too lightly in my opinion. Glad to see it discussed as something offensive and serious than just written off as another silly quirk for comedic effect. Lovely chapter; the atmosphere was appropriately gloomy without becoming overbearingly and absurdly angst riddled. Hinata's strength to and attend the funeral and defend her actions against her father were a nice touch. Character development is something I always appreciate. You're a wonderful author and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Ibskib chapter 9 . 3/20
teneleventwelve? You should probably choose one :-)
Basia Orci chapter 21 . 3/20
Great chapter!
Bakkughan chapter 21 . 3/20
Very nicely done, I'm eager to see the interaction between Jiraiya and a grittier Team Seven.
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