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Sage of wind Dragons chapter 26 . 8/14
ehh people shitting on the Icha icha just because its got the porn... ehh. still I like the hitting it on the head of the whole WHY some shinobi like the pleasant undertones.. and that it might be a serious you have to have the irony to get it.

assuming he doesn't write it in code for progressivnly better up shinobi and stuff and they get the secrets of it if they are of a high enough level to get the joke.

so Jiryia beating down the Secutary... quite nice! the gennin running into awkwardness immediately... well.

and yeah the fact that Hermione/sakura is so suspicios but is SUCH a small fish... well figuring out the toad sage bit by bit... and the whole MInato thing... yeah.

still it does give the added... Jiryia isn't doing it soly out of duty and its.. building in him a DESIRE to more creatively connect. and more build up to it.

I like that when the fighting got fierce it turned so as it went into a battle that they couldent even PRECIEVE.
still yeah both of them .. ALL of them being hesitant, and Hermione/Sakura dealing with what is a jinchurinik and application... which is going to lead into questions such as how much information is commonly known. the biju even HAVING names seems a stretch, and the Rinnegan sint a thing that everyone KNEW off so... but some still DID recognize it... hmm.
stuff like that should be fun.
course Sakura poking her nose in the delicate subject of Narutos parents and the whole.. your mother was the former jinchruinik, you being born weakend her and made her a target, she was captured and killed and the fourth DIED saving you... not a he could have lived if he cose to he DIED jumping in the way from an attack by Kurama while sealing you... and your parents loved you, were murdered within minuites of being born and theyw ere just PEOPLE not knowing what to do.

course Sakura who has all of these preconceptions and views and prejudices.. and Naruto isn't the type to... jump into an investigation only hes the one that is ALLOWED to so Sakura perhaps pushing him along prodding him because shes curious and concerned and yeah.
and ol Jirayia being a miser with his secrets and the good ol Danzo, Sarutobi, Jirayia triefecta.. which probably leads back to oh yeah Orochimaru did illegal human experiements against the hokages orders but HELPD ALONG by Danzo... and I... just let him go.

which lead to atasuki. and the.. against the entire organization an entire VILLAGE would fall and they would likely still have members left over ready to take on another village in a full frontal BATTLE only they are NINJA.

still the whole sakura is twenty thing so she feels that Naruto and sasuke while teammates shes also responsible for em in a not quite parent way but something close in regards to they don't get the choice for themselves... but... eeh.. the others haven't grown enough to have the directed and focused sense of WILL she has, if not the purpose clearly defined to put it to so its nto quite her taking their decisions but more a hamper it upa dn get all complicated with each other.

anyway! the magic was fun, although I will hope and warn that most... well. if the oc position is the only one that is the survivalist of the group, knows a little medical chakra, a little seals a little fo everything... it gets boring because theya re the only one with the proper counters to everything and sure only a genin now (taking down lazy jounin or idiots? sure just rush INTO the tree fo fire... sigh)
but eventually?
well just because eone person on the team doesn't study it doenst mean that NO one should.
also teachers can actually teach some of their stuff to students not only Kakashi and Gai teaching gates and chidori.
anyway. it was fun! and the complicated mess of the seals leading to people pondering the correct chocies as well as perhaps new ground of legal issues to cover... well.
divad relffehs chapter 26 . 8/14
Translating poetry effectively is crazy difficult. Especially since so much of english poetry is heavily dependent on rhyme and syllable.
Forest Sentry Koneji chapter 26 . 8/14
I'm so happy that Sakura finally managed to do non-accidental magic! Team 7 working with Shino was a surprise, but I'm glad to see them in a setting where they need to work with other people outside of their team. As Sakura pointed out, they need to take account of those people next time they engage in battle. Naruto revealing his secret made me happy, since (again, as you said) team 7 already has too many dark secrets. Keep up the awesome work!
Better Version chapter 26 . 8/14
I really love your story! There aren't too many naruto/harry potter cross-overs that feature hermione/sakura as a main character, and even less that are still ongoing. You have no idea how happy I get whenever I see a chapter update in my email!

This chapter really makes me wonder when Sakura's secrets (maybe not all but some) will come spilling out, at least to her teammates. I was a little surprised at how surprised Sakura was with the idea of the ninetails being sealed inside of Naruto. I would have thought maybe she would equate it to kind of like how a beast is "sealed" inside someone when they're a werewolf maybe? Or maybe she was just surprised because she didn't think they had seals capable of that in the "naruto" world?

Either way, loving the story.
DEBob19 chapter 26 . 8/14
Naruto's childhood was in NO WAY sensible or strategic, and could only ever even be remotely considered so in a plot-hole filled story. Konoha is lucky that Naruto didn't turn into an ax-murdering psychopath.

They wasted 12 years that could've gone into training, education, making bonds with the people he's supposed to eventually protect with his power. More than wasted, they effected negative impact for that entire time. And if you're going to go the whole political route, with laws enacted from the founding that can't be broken, I somehow think that "stealing the Hokage's stuff" would somehow fall into those rules. Where is Naruto's house? Where the fuck are his parents belongings, their jutsu scrolls, their correspondences, their pictures? Sasuke has his, where is Naruto's? They didn't just steal his childhood, they stole his fucking inheritance. And for what? Konoha's CIVILIANS know that Naruto is the jinchuuriki. If any other village DOESN'T know, they deserve to die for their spying incompetence. It's one of the biggest plot-holes in the entire series.

The entire jinchuuriki secret is one of the largest plot-holes in the entire series. Somehow, the village founded by the two guys with the well-known power to control the bijuu has the absolute worst common-knowledge about them. No other country is so ignorant, even if they are equally bigoted. An entire generation of Konoha ninja don't even know what a jinchuuriki is, what the fuck happens if they run into one belonging to another country? Further, the village with actual mind-manipulating/reading and thus psychologically inclined people, somehow missed just how permanently detrimental and damaging it is to a child, by letting them think there's something wrong with them and letting them be hated by the entire population? It beggars belief, and is as unfathomable as a Kumo-nin managing to sneak into a compound filled with people who can see through walls. Plot. Fucking. Holes.

Glad Sakura is finally able to use magic at will, sort of, after 26 chapters. Also about time she finally took advantage of having a ghost willing to teach her.
Shinkicker chapter 26 . 8/14
Good stuff. Nice fight and all, I guess Mabui isn't going to have a very pleasant future now. Good that Narutos secret is out, wonder how long Sakura can hold hers.

Thanks for posting.
Gigapode chapter 26 . 8/14
Secret revealing time! Sakurione's turn next right?

The fight with the kumo nin felt a bit stilted and surreal - inner monologue one paragraph and then Sasuke somehow breaking a nondescript enemy neck in the next.

Thanks for the update.
greymouser chapter 26 . 8/14
I like the reveal and Sakura's reaction to it. I like the chapter as a whoe. I'm glad to see Jiraiya finally training Naruto. I'd like to see him learn Senjutsu.
anonymouse chapter 26 . 8/14
Just wondering what happened to the blue chakra cage? Was it dispelled by Sakura's Little Tree? Or did Jiraiya do something?

I love that Sasuke memorized her poem and recited it to Jiraiya. Very cool. It really makes me want a Sasuke POV moment.

So now that Naruto has confessed his sins, when is Sakura going to share some of hers? If feels both authentic to her character but adverse to her belief in team to keep so many secrets from them. I wish she'd at least tell the boys about the stolen ovary. A burden shared and all that.

Thanks for sharing.
Kairan1979 chapter 26 . 8/14
Thanks for the update.
Glad to see Naruto's team was OK with his Big Secret.
Nce comparison with werewolves and their mistreatment.
Dinner chapter 26 . 8/14
Ok, re-read the chapter twice now. And two questions come to mind.

What was that tree thing? Sakura made a sealing aray, and when it activated a tree of light appeared, im geussing it's some sort of katon-jutsu? But what does it do... I didn't understand it. Was it explained in an earlier chapter and have I forgotten or will we learn it in a later chapter?

Second question comes from Jiraiya's sudden interest in Sakura. Is he trying to get Naruto to like him more by showing interest in his teammates? OR is he genuinly interested in the writings of a litle girl... Even to such an extent that he would ignore her dismissals? It's in character so it doesn't bother me but the reasoning...

Also wonder how the sealing of a creature inside a person surprises Hermoine, was she not aware of the horcrux embedded in Harry? Mayhaps she'll think of it later.

Anyways, a wonderful chapter if a bit on the short side.

P.s. "She kicked the shinobi coming from on high..." reads weird to me, now I may not have been born in an english speaking cvountry but I think you've made a mistake with that sentence. Though i'm not sure.
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 26 . 8/14
Ah! Love the part with the werewolf, the rune tree, Jiraiya, and Sasuke remembering the poem!

This made my day.
Foxy-Floof chapter 26 . 8/14
I think the use of her magic was long-overdue. BUT, I love that it was significant without being a huge production. Put down runes, take the hit for it, make runes work, keep fighting.

I also think you've done a wonderful job keeping to Hermione's essential nature. Especially the grown-up Hermione you see and read about at the end of the series.
dragoncreators chapter 26 . 8/14
Good for Naruto!
Nice to see Shino again - it seems they need to work with other Konoha nin's a bit more.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 26 . 8/14
Nice!:D and YAY for A NEW CHAPTER.
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