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Nobody Smurf chapter 14 . 9/22
It is obvious that Sayuri knows something about Naruto, and isn't too happy about him being there, but is still trying to be a good hostess. I'm guessing that Sakura being comfortable around him helps.
If there is any truth at all to 'pureblood' theory, then yes, she has a bloodlimit.
To quote Dr McCoy: 'It's a damned show trial.'
Nobody Smurf chapter 13 . 9/22
It isn't like Zabuza's massacre is a secret. He did it as a protest, after all.
Mebuki is going to get a scolding from Shima in the near future.
The quote is 'Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it's enemy action.' Goldfinger by Ian Flemming.
Inoichi is a good choice to talk too. I do wonder who Sasuke's doctor was. Maybe one of Danzo's goons? It wouldn't surprise me.
Nobody Smurf chapter 12 . 9/22
Shizune? Leaving Tsunade unattended isn't exactly wise.
Hermione using dark magic isn't a good sign. But that goes without saying.
Could blood limits be magic? But then, Naruto and Sasuke should be able to see Haku.
Nobody Smurf chapter 11 . 9/22
I do wonder what lordling Zabuza was referring to, since Ginzou isn't there and I would expect him to verify his target before showing himself.
I actually like Haku, so it is always sad to see him go.
Nobody Smurf chapter 10 . 9/22
Somebody just lost their damage deposit. :p
Danzo selling a clan heiress would tend to sour relations. Just like everything else he has ever done.
So O-Hisa is a gold digger...Yup. Called it. I'm wondering if that Kumo nin was backup, or retrieval.
I was totally not expecting Zabuza here. Of course, he isn't expecting Kakashi, either, so we're even. Haku-chan should be near, too.
Nobody Smurf chapter 9 . 9/22
I don't think Kakashi would have missed the vine wood reacting like that. I am wondering if Shima really is the culprit or not. He is simply too obvious.
Nobody Smurf chapter 8 . 9/22
O-Hisa got pwned.
Nobody Smurf chapter 7 . 9/22
I'd say they handled Abe's death fairly well, all things considered. That ambush makes it look like it was a setup to attempt to kidnap Sasuke. Hmmm. So, Teme got his powerup, but Dobe didn't yet.

FF censors anything that could possibly be part of a URL or tag. It can be really annoying sometimes.
Nobody Smurf chapter 6 . 9/21
Poor Izumo. I'm sure Kakashi put him up to watching her, too.
Pakkun is awesome. Flitwick should be honoured by the comparison.
Nobody Smurf chapter 5 . 9/21
I am wondering what happened to Sakura's father. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.
Chapter 5. I'm surprised the pleasant days have lasted this long.
The dogtags are certainly different. There has to be an angle there somewhere.

'scows' should be 'scowls'.
Nobody Smurf chapter 4 . 9/21
Shikimaru is smarter than most adults, and very perceptive. And yes, the women in his life /are/ troublesome. They have /expectations/. They require him to /do/ things, and actually /look/ like he is paying attention to them, unlike the men who are more likely to just let things slide. For the record, Kiba has every right to be afraid of his mother, too.

Sayuri has to know something is up. Not only does she know 'Sakura' very well, she has to have seen her manuscripts. A child suddenly writing in a foreign language that nobody has ever seen before is bound to attract attention. Heck, even a /ninja/ would notice.
Nobody Smurf chapter 3 . 9/21
Figuring out a short cut to learn a lesson is 'Moine to a 'T'. She is proving to be a good influence on all three of her boys. I'm looking forward to her reaction to water walking.
Nobody Smurf chapter 2 . 9/21
I like your introductions. I have seen some good variations of the bell test, but your way was good too.
Nobody Smurf chapter 1 . 9/21
This is certainly different.
OnTheImportanceOfLungs chapter 27 . 9/21
I think the hours I spent reading this is the most fun I've had reading fanfiction in a long time. Thanks and I hope you keep updating :3
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