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Quathis chapter 30 . 7/2
Tsunade's introduction here didn't quite the usual, but that is usual for this story. So while Tsunade isn't in a good place emotionally, she is coming home. The allusion of her disloyalty seemed to strike hard enough to get a reaction to prove the contrary. Should be interesting. Until next time.
Agememnon Quinn chapter 30 . 7/2
"...some sort of gold paladin!" Did you by perhaps mean Palaquin? One is a martial warrior the other is a mobile lectern.
JustKeepSmilingRainbows chapter 30 . 7/2
Can't wait for more
angrypixels chapter 30 . 7/2
Yay update
animejunk chapter 30 . 7/2
I'm apologise for rather negative review - but there it one point that I believe damages the story: Sakura started to react rather than act in last chapters.

At the beginning of the story she had goals. Things she want to do. Projects. She was inventive, creative, planning and experimenting.

Then in last 5 (or so) chapters all of that went away. Currently, rune/seals project is forgotten. Magic research is stalled. Emotional progress frozen. Sakura no longer have any definite plans for future - she do not have any defined goals she strives towards. Instead she is merely passively going with the flow. Hell, she have Jiraya, one of most knowledgeable shinobi in the world - and did not even think to actually make use that opportunity. Sealing? Jutsu research? Nature of chakra? All of those would be viable.

It would be OK if Sakura was this way from the beginning. But divide is visible enough, that I'm starting to think of Sakura as two distinct characters. One from the beginning of the story - which I like very much, and current one, which I like much less.
DarkDust27 chapter 30 . 7/2
Aww Sasuke loves them! :3
It's adorable when he shows he cares especially if said care is shown verbally.
loonymione chapter 30 . 7/2
Thank you for this chapter. I really like the characterisation of Tsunade in this part. I'm actually excited for Sakura to confront Tsunade. Well not really confront but tell on her and stuff like that. I still remember her thoughts on Tsunade abandoning the village abruptly.

Thank you. Thank you for this chapter! As always, great show.
birdandthebell chapter 30 . 7/1
After you updated I went back and read the story all over again. I really enjoyed seeing all the details I missed the first time I read through it. I'm very impressed by the amount of originality you've brought to this crossover.
Plasticsharktoot chapter 30 . 7/1
Thanks for the update! It was a great chapter
Guest chapter 30 . 7/1
Always looking forward to a new chapter from this story. This is one of my favorite story on this site. I can't wait for more chapter in the future.
Unca Bob chapter 30 . 7/1
I like your take on Tsunade. Feels more like a real person than her canon portrayal.
And the Team 7 interactions are a joy to read.
Angella1012 chapter 30 . 7/1
Great chapter! You captured Tsunade's personality wonderfully~
twinbuster2 chapter 30 . 7/1
Amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter!
AnAncientBard chapter 30 . 7/1
I'm really enjoying this story. It just feels so different from other stories in this section.
Keep it up and good work!
Witch Of Perception chapter 30 . 7/1
I liked that. I especially liked the scene near the middle where everyone's off looking and Sakura goes into a gambling house and by-chance meets Shizune.
Interesting to see what Hermione!Sakura thinks of Tsunade.
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