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MagicMan01 chapter 26 . 2/19
Ha ha ha, the banter in this one between Hayami and L was gold. Adding Light and Matsuda into the mix only made it even better, lol. I also like the set-up scenario of how they plan to catch the mother and son in the next chapter, though I can't help but feel that something's going to go wrong... oh well, guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Great as always, Dotti, keep it up! :)
FortunateM chapter 26 . 2/17
It is nice to read L a little perturbed by Mr Hayami, with his reaction typical for a lover on edge.

Believe he knows he is acting out of character, and even though he understands that Light would not have let Mr Hayami take advantage, believe a significant amount of guilt weighs heavily, for giving someone like Mr Hayami an opportunity to take up such a position. Both admitting and 'apportioning’ some of the blame, makes him more reactive to a situation, I believe he would otherwise have less concern for.

Enjoyed the slinging match between the two:
Mr Hayami: I don’t have him, but I can get him. Vs. L: I have him but I am worried you just might try…again.

Great chapter!
ejay1118 chapter 26 . 2/14
All right! I want to see where this plot is going! I loved L's little snarky comments in the apartment. I also want to see Hayami get a major come uppance, although I'm not certain in what nature I'd like to to be... just humiliating!
TotalSebbyFangirl chapter 25 . 2/2
Awwww! So cute! I love this pairing so much because they always make everything they say sound so much sweeter when you picture it. Absolutely wonderful! You are an amazing writer and I hope you update soon!
FortunateM chapter 25 . 1/31
What a lovely interlude navigating them back on course.

Mr Hayami is still undeterred it seems, but maybe he just has not realised that there was never a game more one sided than this one.

Do think he finds amusement in the whole situation and is enjoying his continued part in this charade of his own making. Still, could he actually be afraid for his life, while putting on a show of nonchalance and dismissive humour?

Look forward to more soon.
MagicMan01 chapter 25 . 1/28
Shit, less than a day after that PM and already an update? Damn, you work fast! Another great chapter, and it was interesting to see Light and L working together the way they did to help solve the case. It's not the first time that it's happened in a fic of yours, I know, but it was still cool to see them doing what they do best together. Perhaps because it's just been such a long time? Well nevertheless, plenty of romance, drama and thrills from you as usual and even for as often as I say this, I really can't wait for the next update to see what happens next! Keep it up! :)
FortunateM chapter 24 . 1/17
So good to come back home to these boys – it really is. And what a warm welcome it was for both of them – nicely written reaffirmation of the love between them.

Good to know that what they feel is still a point for discussion, with Light able to explain why this event was such an issue: why it still could be in the future.

Look forward to seeing how L handles this case.

Thank you as always for a wonderful update.
Emily chapter 24 . 1/13
This chapter, THIS CHAPTER! I'm in love with this chapter. So glad to see L back, just to have them with one another. And Matsuda! Hahahaha it was priceless. Just a beautiful moment. I am glad your are back because this fic is perfect.
MagicMan01 chapter 24 . 1/15
Damn, but did I just LOVE this chapter! After all that tension and uncertainty, it was nice to see just some peace and happiness between Light and L after their reunion from the end of the last chapter. Of course, there were the typical jibes and small arguments, but it's what makes them THEM after all. The sex scene only added to my enjoyment, as it's been a while since they had such time for themselves and, as you even mentioned in the narrative this chapter, last time was more angry and forceful from Light whereas this was just pure love between them.

Good job as always, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for next time. Keep up the great work! :)
High on the Rainbow chapter 24 . 1/13
Aww, well wasn't that pleasant. That's a nice way for me to go to bed. Loved it.
exogenesis Fm7 chapter 23 . 10/2/2014
I barely know english and still reading this anyway

FortunateM chapter 23 . 9/30/2014
Thank you so very much for the dedication! I am truly honoured.

What an incredible read! And that was a close call! Thought Mr Hayami may well have managed to sneak in a kiss.

It was good to see Mr Hayami having the wraith of L on his tail. But impeccable as always, still retained his class by not making a scene, but bowing out as gracefully as he could.

Know that this is not the end for both L and Light, and for the time being, they are both caught up in the moment of being together after so long. However, believe the euphoria will wear off very soon and they are going to be left with the stark realisation that L left and Light was in an awkward position.

For now, it is good they are together, and can’t wait for Matsuda to find out L is back. What a weight that will be from his shoulders. Not too sure if he should be told about the little indiscretion that may (or may not have) passed. But why not give him his 'told you so' moment? He absolutely deserves it! LOL!

Wonderful as always, and thank you once again.
MagicMan01 chapter 23 . 9/29/2014
Ah, what a pleasant surprise! My day was kinda crappy, but this instantly brightened it up. :) That damn Hayami, I just KNEW he was going to try something with Light. I'm honestly surprised you didn't have L run off again or something of the like when he walked in on Hayami trying to put the moves on Light, as you seem to love getting the two of them into all kinds of sticky situations in your stories. XD Really though, it's nice to see Light and L back together now and I'm interested to see how they'll get back into the swing of things now that they're no longer literal COUNTRIES apart from each other. This was great as always, so please update soon! :)
Ed Rhodes chapter 22 . 9/4/2014
Very nice, someone calling L out on the fact that he just CAN'T be detached where Light in concerned and, as long as he's aware of it and prepared to work within that constraint, there's nothing wrong with that. And this thing with Hayami... I don't know where it's going, but I don't like the looks of the scenery!
FortunateM chapter 22 . 9/5/2014
Enjoyed this chapter immensely! L still failed to see that Light will always be the intersection between his emotional and detached self: a factor he was able to overlook because he was unable to conceptualise the connection. Now he can!

Nice reveal of Light’s sexuality to Mr Hayami! However, Mr Hayami is not going to provide a statement of retreat and leave it at that - not in a million years! Believe he is taking a step back to reassess his strategy.
The dark side of Light (the deeply bound Kira) may be the danger and potential violence he sees and possibly seeks. This, I do believe, excites him even more. Think Mr Hayami will now dig a little further for more information on Light and Ryuzaki.

Poor Matsuda, left out of another ‘impromptu’ meeting. Think he may eventually come to the conclusion that Light is working just beyond the borders of professional interest as these 'opportune' encounters could be...suspicious.

Great update - lots of possibilities as to where this could go!
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