Reviews for Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
Melanie chapter 83 . 9/11
I just reread this magnificent story and it left me in tears and laughter. You are a writing genius. Truly looking forward Lou's as Hope and Baby#3. Sure a Hope you are still planning on writing this sequel and I'll be waiting. Take Care. May Life give you only the best-You have a gift for brightening so many lives with your wonderful stories you deserve to be bright and shiny too.
I'll be waiting for all your amazing stories and updates:)
Patsy chapter 83 . 9/10
Love this story and cannot wat to re" Loud as Hope";) still laughing about the "playing with your stick" comment,! Please write the sequel-I'm rereading Hope again in anticipation and looking forward to meeting Baby number three-who knows maybe #4 as well! I'll always be waiting for your wonderful stories Irene;):)
Please keep writing when you can:P
beetleboo52 chapter 7 . 7/11
YES! CONFIRMATION! MARK IS ALIVE. Amen. he's...poor Mark is dying of grief... :'(
And OMgoodness. Addison and Meredith together...absolute perfection! I couldn't have written their little heart to heart better myself. You are spectacular and make going to bed impossible. Who cares about summer school tomorrow? ;)
This story is perfection. C'est magnifique!
beetleboo52 chapter 6 . 7/11
Oh GOOD. GOOD. Mark can't die..MARK MUST LIVE! The Man-Whore must live! Life to the man-whore!
OH. MY. GOSH. YES. What you did with Amelia...absolutely perfect. I've watched some of the later seasons of Private Practice, mostly for Amelia I love that you brought in Amelia! You are straight up slaying this story. Plus, Addison..mmmmmmm...girll. You know how to write a compelling story. Slay it!
beetleboo52 chapter 5 . 7/11
NO! NO! YOU CAN'T KILL MARK...If you kill Mark..I promise you...I...I...I.. If you don't, I'll leave a review on all 83 chapters of your story. All 83 of them. Even the ones I've already read...I just...they killed Mark..and then it nearly killed me.. Your story is very lovely so far, and so very true to the nature of the original cast members which is so very rare in fanfiction. So for that, I applaud you. And I'm feeling very excited for the 300,000 words I have committed myself to reading in probably a far shorter time span than any human Should read 300,000 words. You're just...a magnificent author. Kudos to you!
And oh..the feels..Love me some Merder...Yes please! YES PLEASE!
Dempeo4ever81 chapter 83 . 6/12
cant wait for more
merderfan1 chapter 83 . 6/12
Thank you for this story and all the others, we will miss this one until the sequel that is ;),
this was a great story
See you in the other stories
Hasi2012 chapter 83 . 6/11
I have read all of your stories, so if you decide to write a sequel, I'll most definitely be reading it. Thank you for finishing this one and I'm looking forward to updates on your other stories.
two harts chapter 83 . 6/10
Omg...Baby Shep #3...I loved the ending. I loved how Zola was explaining to Derek, about Meredith in the bathroom peeing...and playing with a stick, and how Derek assumed she was flying solo...lmao! I also loved the conversation they has regarding baby #3, and how she would hold off sex until menopause... she wouldn't be able to last that long..but I can so see if baby #3 is a girl...then he is going to keep on trying until he gets his boy.

I can't wait until you start Loud as Hope, and I understand it will probably be a while, but I need to know what gender baby #3 is, and I want to see how Zola, and Evvie react to baby #3...especially if the baby is a boy.

Thank you for this story. I loved it right from day one. Looking forward to the updates on your other stories.. :)
GayleLynn chapter 83 . 6/10
Grat finish and definitely up for another story a few years down the line
cloudbunch chapter 83 . 6/10
Aww Baby Shepherd #3! I do want to know if it ends up a boy this time (Bailey?) so I'm definitely going to look forward to a sequel! :)
krista chapter 82 . 6/10
i am so happy that mark girlfriend holly left him because she is no lexie since he is still in love with lexie i really miss lexie and i really wanted her to survived the crash just like mark did i am so happy that derek is there for mark
MichelleBell16 chapter 83 . 6/10
So sad to see this story come to an end, but I've enjoyed it immensely! I would LOVE to read a sequel to this and hope that comes to fruition. Thank you again for sharing this universe with us :)
Patsy chapter 83 . 6/10
Best journey Ever;) I Love this MerDer and Zola's comment about Meredith playing with a stick was priceless- I'm still laughing! Baby #3 Makes me happy and I cannot wait for this sequel! I'll bide my time and be patient:P
I have Fallen in Love with every story you have ever written and I'm patiently waiting for Part 2 of 29 Years- that story seriously captured my Heart and I'm excited to read what the future holds for this MerDer- By all means please, please continue this story with Part 2- Been waiting since January but I will be patient! All your stories are worth the wait()
Thank you for all the smiles, laughter and Tears that your stories have given me - Reading your stories bring Pure Joy to my Life;)
Thank you,
Mr.andMrs.EdwardCullen chapter 83 . 6/10
I am so intrested but when you hit this future make it twins for baby 3 or add baby 4
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