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2007gracee chapter 46 . 6/25
Good chapter
TurnMyGriefToGrace chapter 79 . 6/24
So happy that you updated this fic, and I apologize for taking so long to read it! But it was well worth the wait!

If I were Mer, I'd miss Zozo and Evvie while I was at work, too! It's so sweet that even when she's wrapped up with work and surgery, her girls are always her priority. She got Ellis' surgical talents, but as far as motherhood goes, Meredith and Ellis aren't even comparable. Mer never has to worry about turning into her mom!

The image of Derek sewing butterfly wings with his headset on makes me melt. Best daddy ever. And the Angry Bird costume for Evelyn was perfect! Very fitting given her nickname and her mood that day! lol. Only Derek could find a way to add humor to the situation!

And then he puts on the hockey uniform... YUM! Mer is so lucky that she gets to unwrap him at the end of the day! I envy her life! :D

Such a sweet Halloween chapter! Now I'm off to rummage for chocolate. If only Zola could share her stash with me! ;)
Dempeo4ever81 chapter 79 . 6/11
cant wait for more
merderfan1 chapter 79 . 6/10
hi, and very good as always, love the holidays
I will be waiting...
Mary chapter 79 . 6/10
This chapter was so sweet. I love how much Meredith worries about the little things and mcdreamy manages to fix it all in a way only he can.
I love getting Updates from all of your stories and I was super excited when this dropped into my inbox. Thank you so much for updating. It might have been a while but this was totally worth it!
mandyg67 chapter 79 . 6/10
Fabulous chapter. Loved the way you used the butterfly wings from 10X07. Always great to see Meredith enjoying Halloween with her family. And nice to mention Mark!
Paisley Mae chapter 79 . 6/10
I love the scene with Meredith/Derek with Derek suturing the wings. Much better than Derek and Boring Ben, LOL. It would have been so adorable to actually see Meredith actually witness Derek doing his "surgery" on the wings and her reaction, so kudos for including that here!

LOL at Evelyn being an angry bird. I bet she's one cute angry bird. :)

I'm with Alex: "You played hockey?" Still finding that hard to believe, but okay, Shonda (or whoever decided to include that in 10x13 and then never mention it again LOL. Hey, at least we got the cute MerDer banter out of it, even if it was an otherwise useless storyline).

Alex is funny. "Never build a house with no neighbors." Eh, who needs neighbors when you have Uncle Alex's house to go to? :) [well not that it matters now... uh we won't talk about that...]
two harts chapter 79 . 6/10
Awe this was a cute chapter. I loved their little Halloween. I hate how Meredith puts herself down, and thinks she is like her mother. In no way she is like Ellis... but I can also understand why she feels that way.

I wonder what was wrong with Evelyn. I like when she is a happy baby. I wish we got to see Mark's reaction to her costume...Hahah Angry Bird was right...;)

I loved in the episode when Derek was stitching the butterfly wings for Zola. He made me swoon..

And we have dirty Derek wanting to unwrap Meredith...can't end a holiday without some Mer/Der

Thanks for the update...looking forward to the next one..:)
greyhouses chapter 78 . 5/16
drowning in my sorrows
Paisley Mae chapter 78 . 5/13
Adorable, cute, MerDer/McFamily fluff we all need...and Zola, she's so precious. I can just hear her little voice saying "Fow you" (now that we've actually heard her voice... the only good thing that came from Derek's death? It's pretty pathetic that we had to wait until Derek died to actually hear Zola speak sentences, excluding when she said "Hello" to Maggie and "pee" in season 9).

"My Days with Mom" is the cutest gift idea.

Yes, let's let Derek examine her vagina. Sounds like a plan to me. ;-)

MerDer live on forever. Praise Fanfic.
Dempeo4ever81 chapter 78 . 5/11
cant wait for more
Rory Ace Huntzberger chapter 1 . 5/11
Another lovely story! I am no where near done, but I will definitely keep reading. :) Thanks for updating!

It is very interesting to see how your writing evolved over the years and how this story compared to the other one of yours "ve read which was a collar is different. The style is different obviously, but your writing in general improved.

A few sad moments though when you write about something that will happen far in the future or when Derek is imagining what it will be like...but yeah, this story is just what I needed.
AiLing chapter 78 . 5/10
Happy Mother's Day Meredith!
TurnMyGriefToGrace chapter 78 . 5/10
Their special Malawian Mother's Day was such a sweet idea! It's so important for them to incorporate Zola's culture into their lives, and they always find a way to make it just perfect. What better way to celebrate than breakfast in bed and a day at the pumpkin patch. Meredith is a lucky mama. Seriously, can we clone Derek? I need a husband like that one day.

And then he whips out the photo album! He's an expert gift giver. Everyday life can get so busy, so how awesome that he took the time to not only take pictures of the girls, but arrange them all in an album for Meredith. Man, he's a keeper.

Hehe. Of course Derek offered to give Mer an exam. He's so dirty sometimes, another reason why I love him!

Such an adorable chapter, and the perfect way to wrap up my weekend! Thank you as always, and I can't wait for the next one! :) chapter 78 . 5/10
This was so sweet.
I do love cuddles with the girls and mcdreamy!
And any new chalets in my inbox make me happy.
Good luck with your exams!
Thanks for updating I can't wait for more
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