Reviews for An Incomplete Potter Collection
ak chapter 47 . 3/19
bonne fic!
Guest chapter 4 . 3/8
It's okay if you ruin Rowling's plots. They're stupid anyway.
Guest chapter 23 . 3/8
My god, I need a complete fic of this. But with actual displays of Harry's violence and paranoia.

Latarra chapter 10 . 11/15/2023
I liked Harry and the Dragon
Latarra chapter 5 . 11/15/2023
I really enjoyed Ambitiously Ron and Hippogriff Escapees.
Jostanos chapter 47 . 10/3/2023
Racke, I am ok with this being a "one shot". It is fine as is and it does not necessarily need to be continued unless you feel like it does.

Please continue to write in/for the fandoms that you enjoy writing for, my friend.
Thank you for your wonderful stories.
Silky Button chapter 22 . 9/22/2023
Ron for Minister! haha I'd totally vote for him
Silky Button chapter 20 . 9/22/2023
I could almost see this one going on with Ron/Rose Harry/Hermione only because it's not his Hermione
But I love that Harry goes ballistic and practically wipes out the DE's in his ambush of the ambush

great concept story
Silky Button chapter 4 . 9/19/2023
haha! as someone HORRIBLE at charades... this is hilarious
Silky Button chapter 3 . 9/19/2023
I actually really, really love this story idea.
Yes, it would be difficult to do much with this as you say, but it would make fur a more fun, cute story I think. Rather than a normal Harry uses his super senses to destroy Voldemort
Silky Button chapter 2 . 9/15/2023
Hah! Very nice!
The pairing could have been one of Harry's peer's moms who was a Slytherin
Just for laughs.

Pansy's or heck even Draco's mom
(turns out they weren't half bad when they were not proclaiming how great Voldemort was)

But still. great story! love Harry 'messing' everything up
Yourmumslover chapter 23 . 9/14/2023
You should continue this
Good stuff chapter 47 . 8/8/2023
Some of these are very enjoyable. The last is probably the most interesting, I’d have really liked to see Riley’s story continue.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/10/2023
It's not paranoia, if they're really out to get you. Or use you. Or speak to you. Or look at you. Or breathe near you.

I can easily understand Harry's attitude toward the human race. In the immortal words of Marge Simpson, "Kill them all and let God sort it out."

Now, if Harry was hurting dogs or dolphins, I would have a problem with that. But humans...fuck 'em!

Guest chapter 47 . 3/27/2023
At one point you refer to acromantulas as insects. Being giant spiders, they would be arachnids, not insects.
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