Reviews for Vehemence
libretamagica chapter 1 . 10/10
I really like this story, I have seen many criticisms of the characters in the comments and I disagree in the case of hinata not all characters can be strong, brave and intelligent people. in the world there are all kinds of people and they like it or not her history takes a long time take courage, the only character in this story I do not block is Naruto the truth I am unable to deceive his wife that so I not block me, although I can understand their feelings, but still is naruto naruto god is! For the rest I have no complaints this story is absolutely wonderful dying to know how it ends ... Sorry if there is an error in this I do not write very good English
PalesaRoy chapter 20 . 10/10
I won't say I hate Hinata's character in this story... rather dislike the fact that you made Hinata look weak in the eyes of the reader. I mean, I understand that Hinata is as timid and shy as she can be, but within all that there's something stronger! She is a ninja for goodness sake! but maybe I shouldn't be judging too soon. Maybe you have some surprises later in the story and well, you are taking your time with this... but please don't take too long as I can't bare to see one of my favourite Naruto characters look so... pathetic in my eyes. This is also for some of the people who agree with me here. So please, ask you just for this small request. That's all, Author-chan.
Kibachow chapter 22 . 10/9
Itachi does love Sasuke so much. It was the most heartbreaking story in Naruto. Sasuke and Itachi's relationship. I think all of us understood why Sasuke wanted to destroy the village.
Kibachow chapter 21 . 10/7
I have to say. In most stories I am hoping for the happy ending. There will be none in this story cause no one deserves it. Everyone is so weak in character. Everyone is using others for their own selfish gain. I actually want to see everyone go down in flames but as you indicated there will be no "justice". I find myself expecting and wanting Hinata to fail cause she is so weak and useless. I find myself hoping that when Sasuke finds out who is behind his parents death, it devastates him because he is such jerk. Itachi only redeeming quality so far is his love for Sasuke so I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. You do not sugarcoated your characters but can a story sustain itself if we don't like any of the characters. Well, I Actually I like Yuu.

I try to understand that Hinata is doing it to get out of a bad marriage, Sasuke is trying to avenge his parents death, and Itachi for the love of his brother but so far that ain't enough.
Saki-Hime chapter 20 . 10/6
Poor Hinata, hate to see her so weak. Hope she somehow gets stronger. Very good, can't wait for more.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/6
Gosh, Hinata need to get her head out of the gutter and focus on her tasks at hand. She had failed such simple task even with the help of Itachi. She is useless.
lightfuture chapter 20 . 10/6
Your writing skill is superb. Hate the plot. Did I mention that your writing skills are awesome?
Guest chapter 20 . 10/6
Fuck I really hate Sasuke
DeeBee chapter 17 . 10/4
I respect an author's right to artistic license, but the "beta-editor" in me can't help but point-out lol.. Have Sasuke and Itachi switched eyes with each having the E.M.S.? I do not understand how Sasuke can have jutsu unique to Itachi if not. If that is the case, no one could steal their eyes now, which would make sense following your storyline, as they were hunted for their eyes as children. Sharingons are special and develop with abilities unique to each eye and individual person. It seems that Sasuke has the powers Itachi developed and received only after getting Itachi's eyes in the manga, ie Amaterasu? I am not against a powerful Sasuke, but I also believe circumstances allowed him to achieve the level of power achieved in the manga. I have a hard time reconciling that in this story. What has Sasuke go through to make him even remotely on the level of that? I just don't find it plausible. The potential is there, but his life has been much easier. The battles fought have not been on the level of Madara battle or those with the bijuu. That being said, I am not sure he would be as powerful as you make him out to be. I also want to note that I don't know his whole backstory, which could completely negate my point. Regardless, I appreciate your honest take on characterization. Your changes have made the story much more developed.

Happily anticipating your next chapter,
Kibachow chapter 16 . 10/3
I always said, Itachi the greatest brother in the world...but also the worst.
Tieve chapter 13 . 9/30
After what Naruto done, there is no way Hinata should trust being in the same room with him. Next time, she better be more prepared to protect herself. There's no point in keeping Naruto's condition a secret if he continues to threaten her life. He doesn't care about her well-being, why should she care if others will find out the truth about him?

Sasuke is acting all smug, playing with Hinata's emotions. He thinks he can manipulate and bring everything in control. I want to see Hinata break free from his influences later. It looks like Neji is the only man that truly cares about her. Sasuke at this point, like Naruto is just using her. Sasuke don't seem to have the capability to really care about a woman. Hinata will only suffer if she falls for his illusions. It's hard to see that Sasuke will change his ways.

I have no sympathy for Naruto. He bought this upon himself. He expects Hinata to be kind and warm toward him, when he treated her like trash? He expects Hinata not to fantasize about someone else, when he betrayed her with Sakura? He deserves all that he's getting and more. I can't wait to see his reactions when he finds out that Sakura betrays him. What comes around goes around.
Tieve chapter 10 . 9/30
Hinata would have kept her Byakugan active and not fall into the trap, if Naruto's clone did not distract her and stray her with a comment that Sasuke could handle it with his Sharingan.

Hinata need to get her emotions in order. She need to stop feeling guilty about what she done or think if things have been different between her and Naruto. It can never be. The marriage between them is a sham. Naruto never felt guilty or remoseful for cheating on her and treating her badly. Therefore, there is no reason for her to feel ashamed of wanting and desiring things that makes her happy and be free as Naruto is with his behaviors.
Tieve chapter 9 . 9/30
Naruto's parents make it sounds like they are doing Hinata's clan a favor by having Naruto marry her. Guess, they like to over look the fact it is also to save Naruto's family from disgrace with the demon incident. Just like Naruto, his parents treat Hinata like a doormat.
Tieve chapter 8 . 9/30
It's good to see Hinata's newfound convictions of wanting to break free from . She better get stronger and find the the will to do so. With her wanting to be free is at least a good first step.

Gosh, Sakura is so snobbish. She think she is better than everyone. This is why I enjoy it so much when Sasuke crashes her feelings and make her feel less than the dirt he steps on.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/25
Sasuke doesn't even realise how Hard life is for Hinata
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