Reviews for Vehemence
Missgaga20 chapter 32 . 8/8
such an angst , nonetheless ,well done.
Saki-Hime chapter 32 . 8/8
Poor Sasuke, can't someone help?
UpZ chapter 1 . 8/8
I seriously wish there was a way I could block this story for coming up as updates. It appears to be nothing more than a Sasuke wank with Naruto taking on Sasuke's old personality and being a dick to anything nice to him. Ultimately ruining Naruto's, Hinata's, and Sakura's characters in order to make Sasuke look good
umnia chapter 31 . 8/2
that was too harsh treatment from Tatchi , how could he..
Saki-Hime chapter 43 . 7/31
They are both so stubborn and just hurt each other for no reason. They need to do something to stop hurting each other so much. Very good.
Guest chapter 43 . 7/31
Itachi parece un psicopata...bueno mas de lo normal si yo fuera sasuke tambien quisiera huir de el ...pero igual buen capitulo!
Missgaga20 chapter 43 . 7/31
Poor sauce-chan , he’s been brutely beaten
SAMARA24 chapter 43 . 7/31
he had definitely gone insane..
KennedyTheCount chapter 43 . 7/31
Whoa, now that was a read. Hands down your best written chapter so far. To be honest it kept me is suspense the whole time.

I was like, "and this is when Itachi snaps, no no... This is when Itachi snaps... Wait for it, wait for it, hah! Pick up the phone cause I called it in my last review. That kid is a goner... Oh shit wait... And all of a sudden I turned into Serizawa."

Let me tell you, that pure unfathomable anger that Itachi felt where he practically saw white instead of red, just showed us how childish Sasuke is. Like, does he realize how much effort you have to take and do to get it Itachi to that extend? Idk about the other readers, but that fight left a sour taste in my mouth despite how comedic I made it sound a few seconds ago, because of both brothers actions. I can't even imagine how angry and distraught Itachi must have been that his first instinct was to physically hit Sasuke, something that he would have rather dealt with in Tsukiyomi.

The only thing I can compare this too was when I was a child in Cuba, maybe 3 years old or so, tops 4 and I crossed the street to a neighbors house and came back without my mom knowing. Mind you, that street was a "main" street that lead to a nearby railroad and the people that passed by were in horse pulled wagons, old 80s cars with bad breaks, and terrible drivers passing by. My mom wouldn't have even known about it if it hadn't been for my neighbor, so when my mom found me (she's told me the story a hundred times) and saw me get mad at her for yelling at me, she hit me so hard it bruised my leg and I just cried for a while. And to be honest, my moms never hit me and I've done some stupid shit in my life. But she's always threatened me, she believes psychological attacks work better than physical ones, and tbh it's worked lol.

My mom just says that when she heard those news her heart dropped, and she was angry at how scared she was. Angry that the child she had been raising escaped her sight for a few minutes and she didn't even notice. And she was scared that something could have happened to me and she wouldn't have known until it was too late. That anger, of seeing your loved one do something stupid; that fear, of seeing harm come to them; that regret for hitting them too hard and trying to teach them a lesson. I understand man.

I know I can't compare the two experiences too much, cause of different circumstances, but the feelings... Those are thing anyone can try to compare with loved ones. I completely understand Itachi's side. Did he maybe go a little too hard? Yeah, but then again a slap on the wrist wouldn't have done jack shit to Sasuke. Should Sasuke maybe have done things a little different and properly really reconsidered his actions and course of plan? Yeah, but Itachi and Sasuke are literally Yang and Yin.

One won't do without the other. And they need to learn, forgive, and forget from each to grow stronger.
Guest chapter 43 . 7/30
Ahh...plz wait..m still on chapter 4... Don't take it down so fast... I'll hurry up.!
KennedyTheCount chapter 42 . 7/30
Me while reading the chapter up until the sex scene, "well I'll be a monkey's uncle."

Me after reading the rest of the chapter, "and that was the last that anyone heard of Uchiha Sasuke."

But really, all jokes aside, that kid is fucked lmfao. Honestly, the amount of self control and patience Itachi has is bewildering. I get where he's coming from to a degree, cause my little sister and I have an 11 year difference, so to me she really seems like my own child that I've been raising. I understand the protectiveness that he has over his sibling and "duty" to find and take care of him. I would have done the same, except probably with not such grace and calmness.

But Itachi, he's like a bamboo tree, and Sasukes the panda that keeps climbing it and stretching the limit of that flexibility, and one day that tree is going to snap, and the Panda is going to get hurt. And something tells me the day Itachi snaps is right around the corner.

Aside from that, good job as always! And keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 42 . 7/29
That Ending! Sasuke is about to get bitch slapped by Itachi..! And I want him to, so much! But after reading this chap, I started to realize why Itachi calls sasuke his 'child'.
Some flashback really gave an insight to sasuke's past as a kid n how it molded him... At that point, I felt the concept of 'being used' and 'using others' took a seed in his mind. But hey, who can blame him?
Itachi sure as hell won't let Sasuke go rouge. No matter how stubborn Sasuke is, he's gonna get his ass dragged back to konoha, where he is safe. Unlike this wierd ass house in the woods, getting sexually molested. Speaking of which, Karin word-disgusting.
Anywho, amazing chapter as always. And u wrote it in one go? Sir, I applaud you..!
Saki-Hime chapter 42 . 7/28
Sasuke seems to be now just a sex toy, lol. Very good.
umnia chapter 42 . 7/28
keep amazing me..
Missgaga20 chapter 42 . 7/28
That was a masterpiece of a chappie, keep up.
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