Reviews for The New Housekeeper
kelmal chapter 33 . 8h ago
A great ending.
twiclare chapter 33 . 4/15
Lovely finish. So sorry to hear that your daughter has been so unwell. I really hope that real life gets better for you soon.
jivinjude chapter 33 . 4/15
Thanks for finding the time to finish this story, it is very much appreciated. Your family should always come first. Sending love to your daughter and I hope she is better very soon.
hermionesteele chapter 33 . 4/15
Great story! Congratulations!
Geribird chapter 33 . 4/15
Sorry to hear about your daughter. Sending healing prayers your way. Thank you for finishing the story. I love your stories! You will be missed! Thank you for sharing.
mynameissioux chapter 33 . 4/15
Thank you- your ending was lovely and much appreciated.
Luvdisney2007 chapter 33 . 4/15
Thank you for finishing your story and giving them a HEA! I hope your daughter is doing better.
Zina588 chapter 33 . 4/15
You dont have to be sorry, real life come first. Take care of your girl, i hope she will feel better soon.

Lovely chapter to end an amazing story. I loved it.

I hope one day you will have time to write again.

Thanks for this story.

ELYELENA chapter 33 . 4/15
nooo not the end please!
R-J briggs chapter 33 . 4/15
Brilliant so sad it's finished hope you could do more at some point a sequel maybe. Good luck with everything and hope your little one is better soon
Pielietje chapter 33 . 4/15
Thank you for updating! I hope your daughter will get better soon.
nedbella chapter 33 . 4/14
Wonderful ending to a great story. I'm going to re reading this one for sure. I've been hooked on your writing from the first time I read it and can't wait to read more. Hope this finds you well.
Agent Get Amy And Ian Together chapter 33 . 4/14
rosenick chapter 33 . 4/14
well worth the wait! keep strong!
iamkaren10 chapter 33 . 4/14
What a beautiful finale. Thank you so much. As always you put so much into your chapters even though they are short. I come back to this story often and reread it as it will always be one of my favorites as well of some of your others. So please keep them up here for our happy reading. Fantastic read! xx
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