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Grace chapter 14 . 1/14/2017
I've never really read a proper criminal minds fanfic before, only other fandoms, but I can say I loved your story, both because of the awesome storyline and the way you wrote it
Moon999 chapter 1 . 10/31/2016
I loved the story, but I need to leave some constructive criticism here.
I am a Psychologist, so I have studied the theories CM is based on, among many others. I was loving the whole story, believing whole heartedly that this was some well written, slow burn H/R fluff. Then I got to the last chapter. At first, the twist seemed amazing and I agreed with most reviewers. But something felt wrong. And I started analysing the whole thing. And I'm sorry to say this, but the whole premise is just impossible.
You end the story with ''I'm in love with a psychopath''. But that's the thing. He isn't. Psychopathy can't be acquired. The person has to be born like that (or have some extremely serious abusive situation in very early childhood that triggers it, and even that can be reversed,while born psychopaths can never not be psychopaths). You considered Season 1 and early Season 2 as canon. Reid was always clearly shown as a compassionate, kind person. And one who easily felt guilty and blamed himself for things going wrong.
That’s the exact opposite of a psychopath. They don't feel empathy, so they don't feel compassion. They also feel no remorse or guilt for any actions, even if they didn't originally intend to cause someone harm. They simply don't care. They're indifferent. Which Reid never was.
He did display many Asperger's Syndrome traits, especially in early seasons. But that in no way equals to psychopathy. It would actually make him unable to display that kind of manipulation that was revealed in the end of the fic.
Then comes the stressor. His trigger is mentioned as the guilt over the Fisher King incident,and Elle's subsequent injury and leaving of the team. That would be a very unlikely stressor. It's a lighter trauma. Extremely unlikely to make him snap to the point of a psychotic break and becoming a serial killer. Also, this wouldn't even be a trauma if he was a psychopath. After all, that would mean he doesn't feel guilt. And he wouldn't care about Elle (or anyone on the team, at all).
Then comes the whole serial killer issue. If Reid had a psychotic break, that would trigger a psychosis. A psychological disorder. Not psychopathy. Which means, if Reid were to ever have a psychotic break in canon, he would most likely become schizophrenic. And could be a schizophrenic serial killer. I've seen that being well done. But he could never be your traditional psychopath serial killer.
Much less could he be 3 serial killers. Even if he is a genius. That just doesn't happen. The killing, victimology and MO become a compulsion. There's no straying for it. At least not enough to have 3 completely separate MOs and victimologies. To the point that you have vastly different profiles. That’s just impossible. Then comes the last problem. The MOs and victimologies themselves. Serial killings are always selfish, they always reflect the killer's own projections, desires and fears. They never project someone else's. The murders are never a ''favor'' to another person. They kill who they'd feel a compulsion to. Those could be Hotch's victims, not Reid's. Reid could kill fathers who left their children, schizophrenic mothers or even pedophiles and any criminals who got away from the BAU or the law and he found. So he'd either be projecting his childhood issues on the murders, or his powerlessness and frustration over not exacting justice upon all the criminals. But he wouldn't kill people who slighted Hotch. Or acted like someone who did.
Injustice collectors gather perceived (or not) injustices against themselves. Not others. It's a very selfish pathology. They hate mostly everyone. Their hatred is at the world. Not at people who slighted someone else...
Last but not least, you seem to imply that Reid was in love with Hotch before the psychotic break (''since I first saw you''), which would imply that was really love. So it wouldn't morph into that weird and impossible (because of the whole victimology and MO parts) obsession.
Anyway, now that I have pinpointed why the whole secret unsub idea was problematic, I'll say what made me love the fanfic.
I ADORED Reid here. As well as Hotch. Before the big reveal. They were both very much in character and the letters, calls and conversations were just amazing and very well done. The slow burn was masterfully done.
I also thought the marriage with Hayley falling apart was shown in a very realistic way. That was very well done.
The cases were good. All of the tidbits and details. Everything was precious. My only issue is the ending. Which was also well written and great. But impossible.
Anyway, this criticism was meant more as an advice to do a little more research into Psychology before writing something of this sort again (since canon,early canon especially, was heavily drenched in Forensic Psychology).
Kudos for the great work (I could tell the whole planning of the whole story took a lot of work),
kayteau chapter 14 . 6/4/2016
This is an amazing story. Disquieting as hell and is going to be hard to shake.
sharbour0108 chapter 14 . 2/23/2016
OMG. Somehow I knew that Spencer was the killer even if the towns didnt match. Lol
delilahlefey chapter 14 . 10/21/2015
Holy crap I was hooked from chapter 1 and read like Spencer to get to the finish. I had a feeling about the ending but it still caught me off guard somehow. Excellent story telling.
tears of the cold moon chapter 14 . 8/20/2015
That was simply wow. Very well played!
I had a suspicion when you listed all the Hand Man's destinations and I thought "Spencer's travel list sounds similar". But I was convinced that there was simply no way! In the end I was left standing in front of the shattered pieces that were once Hotch's trust and belief. The shock, the kind of sharp breath you suck in, when you realise that it was so much of a lie. Like a punch to the gut. I was able to feel Hotch's speechlessness.
And him going along with the cover-up. A man so dependant on another man's love and affection, because he is simply starved for it. Suddenly finding himself doing something that won't allow him to sleep peacefully for the rest of his life.
So I applaud this piece not only for the beautiful writing, the intricate plot or the characterisation of a genius, but for showing how cruel and ugly and dangerous love can become. How needing a person destroys all moral compass and that love really is blind, willingly so.
Thank you for a story that made me want to review again in a long time.
Keep up the good work,
Cold Moon.
mindluver chapter 14 . 7/22/2015
First story I've read of this type. Very surprise ending, though throughout, I kept wondering... Super job. Thanks for sharing.
reeeeeeeeeeee chapter 14 . 6/29/2015
This was brilliant, in my opinion, and I admire how much thought and research you put into this story.
StrawberryBlack chapter 14 . 6/22/2015
Saludos y muchos holas!
Estuvo maravilloso!
Siendo honesta ya me lo sospechaba, sobretodo por lo que estaba escribiendo spencer... Al final fue bueno que aaron no aceptara aparecer como co-autor u.u
Me encanto y fascinó , un deleite para la mente, un ritmo muy fluido y ameno.
Muchas gracias por compartir tu historia!
Te mando besos y abrazos :D
wayward-author chapter 14 . 6/5/2015
This was phenomenal! I always love the fics were either Reid or Hotch is an unsub. I had this inkling feeling when the murders started to happen that it was Reid and was almost disappointed when they found the first guy. But this ending, right up here, was so much better. It was perfect in my book. you have a gift, hun, that you do.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/2/2015
Wtf - so unexpected and shocking.
Ravnur chapter 14 . 3/15/2015
Okay. I know it's been more than two years since you published this fic... but you just have to know my reverence for this fic! You rock! I adore unsub!Spencer, though this is the first one I've seen that is just ...excellent!

Nothing bad to say, and the clues were there and everything, when I quickly re-read it. You showcased how Aaron became dependent on Spencer really good - the Aaron of Chap1 would never have done this, but the Aaron of Chap14, because well somehow Spencer turned into this confident, amazing man with loads of job-offers from universities and just, yeah academic! While Aaron somehow turned into this man with loads of failures both on the job and at home, and so he latched on Spencer.

Spencer is really mean. I think he knew it was only a matter of time before Aaron eventually would put it together that Spencer was the Hand Man - and by doing it like he did, he ensured that if he goes down, Aaron goes down with him. And the aftermath of that... Yeah, I can see why Aaron stayed, he'd become unhealthily dependent on Spencer. I liked the parallel comparison between Spencer/Aaron and Frank/Jane.

Okay, I have gushed enough - you were amazing, and now I'm going off to find good Hotch/Reid fics, that are hopefully half as amazing as yours. (I loved Keep the Suit, Lose the Nickname by the way)
KoreanGal5 chapter 14 . 12/24/2014
If you haven't noticed, I've been going through a large chunk of your stories.
I love all of them. Period.
I just asjdoifajsdofijasdofiaj
Keyboard smashing does not properly convey my feelings but asdfojiasfj.
Oh and I know this is probably random, but thank you for writing.
It was a pleasure to read.
And congratulations on 100 stories. :)
FanFictionAddict13 chapter 14 . 12/20/2014
is it wrong that I knew that Reid was the unsub before chapter 10?
Ysarose chapter 14 . 9/14/2014
What just happened? Well done!
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