Reviews for The End
Mr. CrunchyBacon chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
Name: Gekirou Tendo
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Religious. Often thinks highly of himself, though he helps those in need. Has an uncanny sense of alertness and fast reaction speed. Has a tendency of angering other people accidentally. Does not like to kill, though he does it when necessary. Hideously bad at sniping and driving, but fantastic in melee and close ranged weapons. Never used electronics before but good at cooking and linguistics. Overprotectiveness of sister may get in the way.
Nationality: Japan
Mother: Gekirou Hikari ("In heaven")
Father: Gekirou Souji ("In heaven")
Sister: Gekirou Haruka (alive-missing)

Bio: When Tendou was a little boy, he had everything a child could ever had. However, that all changed when his private compound was breached by a shady company. His parents, geniuses, were forced to work on a particular drug. This, in the end, resulted in a lab disaster. His parents, dying, begged Tendou to protect his sister from the company and, even then, he saw his private compound burn down to the ground years later. He just got home from overseas when he saw the fire. Needless to say, he broke down and vowed to avenge his sister somehow. He now travels around the world searching for evidence of the shady company. The recent Z day apocalypse has convinced him that the company from before has struck again and Tendou is soon attracted to it...
Sexuality: straight
Height: 6'1
Body shape: a bit muscular
Skin tone: White-ish
Preferred clothing: traditional japanese clothing
-Left hand: revolver, handgun
-Right hand: katana
-Later on: Naginata, scattergun/shotgun, kama, kusari-gama
Eyes: Blue
Fears: The mentioning of his failures
Likes: Himself
Dislikes: rash, cowardly people, "Them"
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Messy black-brownish hair, a little bit spiky
I hope this will suffice. Please pm me if i have something missing.
Reaper7 chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Ah, poor kid. Wonder if he'll survive. One has to take care of his cattle, or else they won't be there when he needs help.
Oh well, perhaps it was wise of him. Making a bond with the poor guy would have become soft. You have to be very strong to be able to survive, and must get rid of any weakness.
Can't wait to see whether this guy will survive with his humanity, or without it. Hope to see mores soon!
pg chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
Personality: shy girl , calm , nice to everyone , easy to be friends with , don’t like yelling at other people don’t like using violence with other she just like to talk her way throw them only use it when needed , can snap at any moment in a fight ( rarely happend ) , never tell anyone about her problems but she's a good listener , Stammer when she's nervous or afraid

Nationality : england

sorry i forgot to write them :3
shippofan2k chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
I sent you my OC via pm, btw: you did a good job with this
unknown ray chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
not bad it is preaty intresting to me hope u get more OC, ill PM u one of mine
RAY out
EndxOfxDarkness chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
Name: Avalyn Nightingale

Age :17

Gender : female

Personality: Tends to be shy and reserved when you first meet her due to her past. Very hard for her to trust people and act like her true self. At school she pretends to be outgoing hoping that people wouldn't ask questions so she can blend in. Truly she is very thoughtful when she speaks and likes to be silly from time to time. Enjoys pulling pranks and making people laugh. Sometimes will have break downs but will try to keep her feelings in. Likes to mess with rivals and tease them. Isn't willing to lose anyone close to her again. Will not judge anybody because she believes everyone can change. Is the person her friends go for advice on anything.

Nationality: Italian/British

Family :

Father : Edward Nightingale – unknown
Mother : Sophia – dead

Background: Avalyn grew up with a young caring mother and a father who was always traveling and working. Her mother used to an acclaimed Italian model until she had Avalyn and retired. Her father is a wealthy British business man who just wanted to make money. Avalyn noticed at a young age that she mother was not happy with her new life as a stay at home mom. She thought she look like a bird trapped in a cage. Her father never let her mother leave the manison, but her mother loved Avalyn so much that she stayed. It wasn't until shortly after Avalyn's 7th birthday that out of nowhere her mother became very ill. A year later she died. Ever since that happened her father chooses to ignore her and refuses to see her face to face due to her looking a lot like her late mother. She went through a depression after that and eventually realize that she still had to live her life like her mother would have wanted her to. Loves playing soccer since her mother would play with her and has become captain of the girl's soccer team

Description :

Hair : waist long dark brown wavy hair with side swept bangs

Eyes: Turqouise blue

Height : 5'7

Clothing :-

First- School unform with white tights and black flats

After the Outbreak: white tanktop, black leather jacket, black shorts, black combat boots

Sleep Clothes: tanktop and shorts

Weapons :-

In school : broken broom stick

Main: dual kanatas

Secondary: a pistol

Strengths : fast runner, stealth, flexible

Fears : having to hurt kids ( zombies ) , heights

Likes : soccer, theme parks, songwriting, playing piano, sweets

Dislikes : stuck up people, 'them', snakes

Sexuality : Straight

What kind would they be paired with : someone who can protect her and be trustworthy
Guest chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
Name: Hiroshima Nakamura

Nickname(s): Hiro, Archer, and Shima

Gender: Male

Heritage: Japanese American

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Spiky grayish black shoulder length hair with bangs just above his eyes, and Ruby eyes with slitted pupils.


Weight: 150

Body Shape: well toned

Skin Tone: tan

Preferred Clothing:His trademark white jacket, with green, gray, black, dark blue, or red shirts, black pants and white shoes.

Acesseroies: One back pack with medicine and a medical pack and one large gym bag with food and water..

Clothing After Outbreak: A black skin tight no sleeve shirt, with two leather straps forming an X while holding a bow and a quiver of arrows, black elbow length fingerless gloves, black pants with two trench knives holders on his thighs, black ninja boots, and a domino mask

Night Clothes: Black basketball shorts, blue 3/4 longsleeve and black wristbands

Scar(s)/Piercing(s)/Tattoo(s)/Birth Mark(s): Two piercings on the left ear, a horizontal scar on his right arm, and a red claw tattoo on his left cheek.


Location: Fujimi Highschool

Main Weapon(s):Metal Sharpened Hockey stick and trench knives.

Secondary Weapon(s): Bow and arrows and a dagger.

Place in Group: If he is in a group he will be a fighter and a planner/thinker

Personality: He is mostly brash and acts before thinking, he will mostly be reckless if someone is in trouble, he will speak his mind when he needs to and will refuse to leave anyone behind, he will protect the weak.

When Fighting/Killing Them: If someone or a friend is killed he will go ballistic and start slashing at Them

Any Personality Changes Since the Outbreak?: He will be more calm and calculating, while also being nicer to the group

Likes: Cheeseburgers, cookies, dogs, friends, his perverted books, parkour and freerunning.

Dislikes: Them, traitors, loud noises, getting hit on the head, and when people make fun of him

Peeves: Power hungry people and manipulaters.

Strengths: Great sense of smell and hearing, great aimer

Weaknesses: Too many noises and smell will confuse him.

Skills: Cooking, throwing things, and parkour.

Habits: scratching the back of his head when nervous, embarrassed, or confused

Addictions: Mostly has an unlit cigarette in his mouth and will light it when a friend dies

Any Sports/Activities/Clubs Attended in School:(if they're a student)Archery club and hockey.

History:(Can be dark can be happy, just something maybe for foreshadowing or character development through out the story
Other(s): (Anything additional you wish to add about your character that couldn't be placed in the other parts of the form)

Pg chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
Name: Alice white

Age :17

Gender : female

Personality: how is he of a person?

Nationality :-where are they from?(can be outside of japan)

Family :- does he/she has siblings? And if they do how is their condition? (dead or Alive)

Father : Arthur – dead
Mother : Sakura – dead
Grandmother : unkown

Background: Alice was born in London her mother (sakura) died when she was 5 in a car accident in japan so she return to England with her dad (arthur) she who was head of police department he used to take her with him to his work place a lot ( she insist on going there with him so she know every one he work with ) she learn how to use guns there and her father taught her how to fight . when she became 15 he gave her her own pocket knife . when she became 17 her dad passed away so she moved back to japan to live with her grandmother . And to this day Alice always carry the pocket knife with here every where she go

Description : olive skin tone , thin , curvy , C cup

Hair : soft long blond hair in high pigtails with bangs (her pigtails tied with red ribbons)

Eyes: green emerald

Height : normal 17 years old height

Clothing :-

first : the school uniform with white thigh high socks and black lace up knee high flat boots
second ( if they will have another thing to wear) : mini black plaid skirt , sleeveless england flag top , black thigh high socks , black high knee combat boots with heels , black 3\4 sleeve jacket ( open ) and black leather fingerless gloves with studs
Sleep Clothes: bra and panties

Weapons :-

In school : metal tonfas

Main: metal tonfas - CZ 75 hand gun ( she have gun holster on her right hip)

Secondary: combat knife

Strengths : martial arts ( close combat ) , flexibility , fast runner

Fears : having to hurt kids ( zombies ) , thunder storm

Likes : sweet things like ice-cream and cake and drinking tea

Dislikes : rude people , ' them ' , coffee , bitter food or drinks

Sexuality : Straight

What kind would they be paired with : strong guy who will love her for who she is and never want her
to change

Misc.: she always keep her mom and dad engagement rings with her to remember them

i hope that you'll like her :D