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Bromance chapter 26 . 6/28
Holy crap this story is amazing. I had only intended to read one chapter and give it a chance... well now im on 25... this is an amazing manuscript. I would love to see this happen IRL, but it probably wouldnt. Still, i love the story and what you did with the characters. Super sad that there's no airbenders left, but maybe that'll change?
Handsome Smoothie chapter 13 . 6/22
mako is susaku
Handsome Smoothie chapter 12 . 6/22
sensu is latin for 'in meaning of'
Handsome Smoothie chapter 12 . 6/22
uh dude Niska is the word short in polish
RashestRumble16 chapter 63 . 6/21
WOW... FINALY an update. Great to hear from someone on this site that can actually write and doesn't just spew out the first random daydream that pops into their head (I'm looking at you 'Twist of Faith') . I think you've made a lot of your fans very happy to to hear from you again, very few of the good ones are putting anything out lately. (...Even fewer than usual.)

Surprised to see what happened to Yakone, that was not what I expected. And now I'm just itching to see how things go sideways on the Zuko/Azula end of things. (Seriously though not trying to push but it is hard to stick with a story when your coming back after such a long pause, I struggle to remember where the heck everything is at) So the kyoshi warriors were all brainwashed and forced into Azula's service, yeah thats not disturbing at all (...I'm being sarcastic in case that was lost in text form).

In response to your author's notes: yeah you did have a lot of sections in this that seemed like they were stitched together with words missing (were you writing this on a late night with no sleep?) Shit must be getting really hectic on your end with the amount of that I'm seeing, the point of what's happening in the chapter still gets through though.


And on another different note I recently found out about something called the MBTI personality test, decided to take it and see what I got, turns out I fall into the INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) personality type (which only makes up 2-4% of the population). I got curious to see what characters in fiction line up with that type and decided to start with Avatar characters... and I'm not sure if I should be disturbed or flattered with the results... turns out that there are at least 2 characters from ATLA and LOK that fall into my personality type... and their names are Azula and Amon... juuuust great :(
(well at least this explains why I ended up using Azula as the model for the main character in my story) ...thoughts?
Guest chapter 12 . 6/17
This is awesome please finish this fanfic.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/12
Please continue this story. It's so amazing!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/9
I just want to say this is literally one of the best avatar/korra fanfics. I have read a ton of both and I AM BEGGING YOU TO COMPLETE THIS MASTERPIECE! I have read the chapters you have posted at least 3 times already. I was wondering how often do you update? Thank you for writing this amazing story. Also, are you planning on making Zhenjin, Asami, and Mako switch sides or should I see them entirely as enemies?
Meathouse chapter 63 . 5/16
Glad to see this going again. One of my favorits and just gave it a total re-read
Fejstroll chapter 63 . 5/15

I've missed you so much, please never leave again. I need my fix, man.

Solid chapter, though I do want to get back to the current timeline.
lamia.lamia chapter 63 . 5/14
This chapter was as good as all your previous one ! I love to know more about Zuko's side of the flashback but guess I'll have to wait till next time.
Lemniscato chapter 63 . 5/13
So so so happy to see an update!
This story always stayed in the back of my mind, I love it so much. I knew you wouldn't give up on this.

The whole flashback was interesting, but also a bit confusing. There were times when I had to read the two previous chapters to understand the most recent one, but that's fine. I've already read this story three times, so what's a couple more am I right?

Very excited for Korra to come back in the story. She's so fun and spontaneous. I love it. Also, more awkward Noatak wouldn't hurt, haha. It's refreshing to see him as a teenager, and not being on the bad side.

Good luck with your next chapter!

no more names are left chapter 63 . 5/12
What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger and hopefully free of writers block. :)

An excellent update, I only hope that the next one doesn't take as long.
Jozern chapter 63 . 5/12
Sweet, so very awesome. Such small differences can spell great changes. I'm looking forward seeing what will happen to our darker Katara. How will Aang die? Betting it's either mercy kill or desperate Katara does something risky. She's definetly got the mindset now. But one must not forget our favorite psychopath, oh Azula how will you finish things I can't wait.

Great to have you back here Deathschyte. Don't worry, RL stuff comes first. Maybe hopefully the next ones will be just couple of months away, pretty please with ice cream and cherries on top?
splattermusic chapter 63 . 5/12
Wow, never thought I'd actually feel bad for Yakone. But I lived how you tired in the show but with a different ending to show what direction Katara's character is going to go now. I wonder if we'll get to see more of that ruthless side of Katara once Aang is gone.
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