Reviews for Scorched Earth
FutureShock chapter 66 . 11/17
This was another great chapter, especially the reunions and the end! I can't wait for the next chapter!
axel100 chapter 66 . 11/6
This is my review for chapters 65 and 66. First of all, its great to see you writing again. Hard to believe its been five years and this story has steadily grown. So Azula has finally finished her coup. I'm surprised Zuko didn't remind her that he had been more than willing to stay in Ba Sing Se before she convinced him to return to the Fire Nation. Also, I know Azula gave him a promotion at the Academy but it has only been a few months since then correct? How is Chan an Admiral? Maybe a Captains sure...

As for this chapter, no complaints. It was brilliant. Korra seems to be getting closer to Tarrlok and Noatak so her reaction to their impending arrest should be interesting.
Mogor chapter 66 . 11/6
More chapters please. And soon.
lamia.lamia chapter 66 . 11/6
It was great to go back to present day and follow korra around. I really like how you are advancing her relationships with multiple characters, showing her progress naturally.

"I'd rather not wait till I'm a old man before meeting you again in your next life."
This made me laugh out loud.
Jozern chapter 66 . 11/6
Aaaah, and there is the drop of the other shoe XD Oh boy I wonder what happens next. Looking forward for it.
Mastermind4892 chapter 66 . 11/5
I just knew he was going to do that. Well done, Unalaq. What a great first impression you've made on welcoming back the hundreds of newly liberated prisoners to sanctuary... by arresting their rescuers.

Typical self-absorbed man, always confusing personal goals for power with humanitarian expeditions.
Scout017 chapter 66 . 11/5
I guess I'm finally keeping up with your updates! And it was a greaaaat chapter, I'm really impressed on how well you manage to get all of the characters... well, on character. It's really amazing and it's something that can be admired. All paths are coming together now, now everything's starting to make sense. But it seems that I sort of forgot Noatak and Tarrlok were still alive since they're the good guys now and they're young until I read it, hehe, whoops. Anyway, keep up the good work.
spencermalley935 chapter 66 . 11/5
Really good chapter.

Hope to see more.
Jokermask18 chapter 66 . 11/5
Another great chap.
61wisampa chapter 65 . 11/4

that whole arc. That whole friggin arc. Wow. Took me a while to catch up because i forgot what happened in the previous chapters XD but man! This is good. Looking forward to Korra though! And idk why but i'm still kinda hoping Korrasami will be a thing hahaha sorry trash here

Will wait for the next one!
lamia.lamia chapter 65 . 11/3
This is another great chapter. I love Azula in the canon and I love your take on her here, showing how far she would go for total power. You are amazing, I will be waiting for the next arc !
Jozern chapter 65 . 10/28
Sweet a new update. Awesome work. What decrease of quality? This has been awesome. Never sell yourself short. Keep up the great work and remember to pat yourself o nthe back and take breaks to keep the spirirt going. Looking forward for the next installment :)
FutureShock chapter 65 . 10/28
This was another intense chapter, and I look forward to the next one!
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 65 . 10/28
Holy mother of Akatosh. Tgar xhapter was a real something. It’s nice seeing you back st this. I wish you the best of luck with this.
The Elements Lord chapter 65 . 10/28
The Elements Lord here. I'm glad that you are back. And great chapter.
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