Reviews for Skullgirls: Origenes
Guest chapter 7 . 4/16/2015
Esto seguirá? ... Espero que si, es una muy buena trama jeje
Luke Gallant - Black Egrets chapter 6 . 10/15/2013
Gracias por las reviews n.n la verdad estoy sorprendido de que te guste y lo continuare de ahora en adelante cuando tenga tiempo...
27haruhichan chapter 6 . 10/9/2013
¡Maldita sea! bueno, que se puede hacer, a todos nos llegan problemas con los fics ewe, esperare tus contis u otros fics, salu2
27haruhichan chapter 4 . 10/9/2013
Voy a llorar, wn, voy a llorar ;-; ¡Pero de la alegría!, para ser un fic de trama simple (por así decirlo), es bastante interesante y... bueno, de todo un poco jeje, ¡a por el siguiente!
27haruhichan chapter 3 . 10/9/2013
ok, ok, ok, ok, me dividiste en partes.
1: te juro que me reí con la escena del restaurante y el alcohol de Samson XD
2: Nunca vi a Parasoul tan enojada, en serio y como que ahora la odio menos :/
eso es todo :)
27haruhichan chapter 2 . 10/9/2013
Sin palabras... nah, me sigue gustando XD
27haruhichan chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
Es oficial, ya me enganchaste, voy a leerlo TODO y a dejar reviews en TODO el fic ¡Viva Skullgirls!
P.D: encontre muy original eso de poner el soundtrack :3
MyMobius07 chapter 4 . 1/9/2013
Uhhh se vienen buenas historias me muero por la segunda parte y por todo lo que se viene. Procuro estar al pendiente de cada cosa
Me imagino viéndote en el mundo de Skullgirls. Tal vez a lo mejor también quiera meterme a conocer a Peacock pero lograría solo meter la pata. Te seguiré en todas tus historias.

Nos vemos.
Roxe77 chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
Muy buena historia, a medida que la leia me la imaginaba y ya quiero leer como sigue la historia...
Guest chapter 3 . 10/11/2012
love it!
happymanjrface chapter 3 . 10/13/2012
this fanfic is better

“Let me GO!” Ms. Fortune screamed from between the fingers of two giant hands. “I’ve got to avenge my friends….No, my FAMILY!” Her individual parts struggled trying to pry apart the hands of Cerebellums magical hat, but to no avail. “With one wish I can end the Medeci Mafia!”, She shrieked at her captor. “I can’t let you make that wish!” Cerebella growled, “That’s my family you’re talking about now!”. Slowely she began to force the giant hands of her hat to clamp down tighter on the cacophony of limbs that made up Ms. Fortune. “With or without my wish, I’ll destroy them!” Ms. Fortune screamed. “As long as the life gem’s power flows through my veins, no one can stop me from avenging the Fishbone gang!” “Flows through you’re veins eh…”, but before Ms. Fortune could even finish processing what Cerebellum had just said, a high pitched shriek interrupted her thoughts. “WAAIAIIIAIIIAIIIIIAIIIHUEHUE HUEHUEHUEHUE!”, Cerebellum wailed as she looked down to find 2 full feet of bloody steel sticking out from her chest right in between her breasts. “Yeah, titty fuck my sword bitch.”, said some random voice from behind her. The giant arms of Vice Versa immediately dropped Ms. Fortunes body parts and shot down to utterly decimated whatever had spoken, only to be cut down in a flash of steel. As cerebellas lifeless corpse slid to the ground, Ms,Fortune’s head looked up to see a figure standing over her. He was a young latino male, of an incredibly fit build with facial features similar to that of David Caradine. He was dressed exactly like Tommy Chong, and he had the biggest bulge that Nadia had ever seen throughout all her 20 years of life. He looked down at her while simultaneously wiping the blood off of his Hattori Hanzo, My names Andre, He said, in a voice smoother then Nutella. “Who are you and why was that snatch napkin trying to crush you?” . “I’m Ms Fortune”, she cooed, “but you can call me Nadia.”. “It’s a really long story…But basically I was trying to avenge my family.” “..Things didn’t go so well though…” She muttered as she glanced around at the assortment of limbs surrounding her that made up her body. “Ill, say!” said Andre. “It looks like whatever plans you had really..” a pair of sunglass slipped down from off the top of his head, falling in place the very second he uttered the final word of the sentence, “…Fell apart.” At that moment a tidal wave of mouisture began to seep out of Nadias pussy and her loins went ablaze. “I NEED TO SUCK YOUR DICK!” screamed her head, “NOW!”. Her head leaped up unto the air grabbing Andre’s zipper with her teeth and undoing his pants in one swift motion. Then she bit through the boxers he was wearing with her teeth and began aggressively yet sensuously sucking his cock. “MUHMMMHMMMMMHMMM” she moaned as her head bobbed up and down in Andre’s lap. She intimately messaged his dick with her tongue in little swift motions leaving Andre in utter bliss. Suddenly Andres eyes shot open as he realized something was wrong. As he did he witnessed Timothy Green running off with the lower half of Ms. Fortunes torso. Nadia, was completely unaware as she utterly devoured Andre’s huge brown cock. Andre shot up and ran after him, Nadia’s head still franticly sucking away, and unsheathed his Hattori Hanzo. Before he could reach him however, Timothy shoved his cock deep into Ms. Fortunes anus. Her head shot up off of Andres cock, spit flying through the air. “What the fuck is your problem!” she screamed. Timothy smirked at her with an enormous shit eating grin. “Butthurt, hunh?” he said as he shoved his cock deeper inside her asshole. Andre leapt up into the air, his dick flailing in the wind like the tentacle of a giant squid, and brought his sword down directly in the middle of Timothy Green’s head, slicing him perfectly in half. “The Pools closed Faggot. “ He said as he grinned down at the bloody mess that just a second ago was Timothy Green. “Lets go back to my place girl.” Said Andre as he began piecing together each and every sexy part of Nadia’s body for her.

Back at Andre’s house, Ms. Fortune laid on the couch, finally back in one piece. It was the comfiest couch she had ever sat on, and Andre had told her that was because it was made from the pelts of over 1000 cats that belonged to all the redditors he had killed. It didn’t bother her though, because Andre had said that they had needed to die; Something about being infected with cancer or something….. She didn’t care. What mattered now was making her new boyfriend happy. “Thanks again for saving me.” She told him as he came walking back into the room, “From now on you can consider me, your permanent sex kitten.”. “Unfortunately that’s not good enough for me.” Said Andre, “I need you to be my sex COUGAR!”, “But first, lets get blazed.” He picked up the bong off of the tray that he had carried into the room. “Are those gourmet super supreme burritos?!” said Nadia excitedly. “Of course they are WOMAN!” said Andre confidently, “I only eat the FINEST.” Nadia eagerly tore into the burrito as she waited for him to finish packing the bowl with the absolute dankest looking green she had ever seen in her life. “No way!” she exclaimed. “…And you have Katnip Kush!?”. “I don’t just got it sweetheart, said Andre in between a fat rip, “I GROW it.!”. As he exhaled he pointed out the window at the 3 massive greenhouses that sat in the backyard of his estate. “OH DEAR LORD…” squealed Nadia, “I think I’m in love..!”. Andre passed her the bong and flipped on the T.V. “Nigga you GAHY!” cried a little black boy from the screen of the T.V. “Ahhhh the Boondocks…” said Andre. “Ten out of ten, would watch.”. “How about instead of watching the Boondocks, we kill Bill instead?” asked Nadia. “What do you mean,” said Andre, “You want to watch Kill Bill?”. “Noooo Sexy!”, purred Nadia, “I mean why don’t we kill Bill Cosby?”. She got up from off of the couch and opened the nearby closet door. Out fell Bill Cosby bound and gaged, wearing nothing but a pair of pedobear boxers and a shirt that said ‘I liek pudding.’. “That’s a great idea!” said Andre, “I’ve always wanted to murder that filthy nigger!”. Andre pulled out his black dynamite 44 magnum and put it to Bill’s head while unfastening the gag wrapped around his head. “Any last words you filthy baby RAPIST!” asked Andre. “Has anyone been far really as decided to use even go want to do look more like?” cried Bill as he cowered on the ground. Andre pulled the trigger and splattered his jello loving brains all over the wall. “Swag.” Said Andre. Nadia looked up and smiled at him. She had finally found her soul mate.
let me know what you think
Guest chapter 2 . 9/18/2012
i can read this
MyMobius07 chapter 2 . 9/20/2012
Espero qu aparesca Peacock en esta historia
es mi favorita de todas las personajes de
Luke Gallant - Black Egrets chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
La musica