Reviews for Shark in the Leaf
Fairywm chapter 12 . 12/6
I like it. Thanks for feeding my addiction.
Guest chapter 12 . 12/2
Greatly enjoyed this, bit sad that it's been abandoned.

Do wish to note that you have an nasty error in chapter 9. You had Shika defeat Lee, but then had Lee scheduled as Shino's ppponent. Whereas Shino should've gotten a bye for his first match in the Third Round.

Side note, did you ever consider making Harry's maternal grandmother or even great grandmother a Senju kunoichi, who went missing on a mission?

You could place the Elemental Countries in a pocket dimension that leads to the Dragon's Triangle.

Have her found by a British warship and fall for doctor that nurses her back to health, a doctor with the last name of Evans.

Would help explain the plant name 'tradition' in the family and would lead to Harry being a Mokuton user.

If she were a great grandmother, then she could be an aunt to Tsunade, whereas a grandmother would lead to her being a cousin.

Perfect excuse to get Tsunade back early to Konoha. Plus, she'd be able to claim guardianship to Naruto, what with her being a quarter-Uzumaki courtesy of her grandmother Mito.

Who could always be Kushina's great grandaunt.
court chapter 12 . 11/29
This story is simply wonderful. Every chapter has kept me in stitches. You are simply a fantastic writer and I hope you continue to write!
Lord Kuchiki chapter 12 . 11/26
OMG, loved it
IgnisFelicis chapter 12 . 11/25
Hilarious. Inspired. Evil. TEASE!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/13
Please update this story soon!
huskielover94 chapter 12 . 11/14
this is great.. you should continue it
Lady Syndra chapter 12 . 11/13
Looking forward to the next chapter!
hamsterville chapter 12 . 11/10
Still fun but not as good as 1st few chapters
KagomeGirl021 chapter 12 . 9/12
It's been over 3 years since the last update. Will this fic ever be finished? Please write more as I want to see the chaos Haru, Naruto, Haku, Hinata, and Karin get up to in the next few chapters. Please please update soon! I want to see the shinobi pwn voldemort and prevent Cedric ' s death. I also wanna see them continue to put the idiots of the wizarding world in their place. Please please please update soon! I just gotta know what will happen next and how this fic ends!
shadewatcher chapter 12 . 9/6
SQWEEEEEEEE! OMG that was Awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more!
shadewatcher chapter 9 . 9/6
Bwahahahaaa! #gasps# XD OMG this is freaking hilarious!
shadewatcher chapter 8 . 9/6
shadewatcher chapter 6 . 9/6
Bwahahahaaa! XD
loretta537 chapter 9 . 9/3
i miss this story and hope to read more soon
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