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Guest chapter 68 . 9/17
Moar! I've read this story over a period of three days, and my sleep-deprived brain is entirely engaged. This is a unique and beautifully-written story, and I can't wait to read the conclusion.

I also can't tell you how much empathy and respect I have for you continuing to write through all your trials. My mother suffered multiple significant strokes, and it carries its own special sense of terror. You're a star. I'm glad she's on the mend. Writing is a healthy form of sublimation, and it's to your credit that you don't let yourself be deterred; I'm ashamed to say that I folded entirely under my mother's illness and eventual loss. Keep writing, keep being strong, and stay fierce. It's the best thing you can do for yourself, for her, and for your loved ones.

And yes, I totally agree with your desire for autumn. The Season of Perpetual Sunburn is the absolute worst for me, although my asthmatic friend assures me that Floral Sperm Ejection Season is horrid in its own right. I guess it's down to preference: would you rather not breathe or be always on fire? Either way, I wish you the speedy onset of the Time of Glorious Cloud Cover and Leaf Colors, and a joyous All-too-brief Period of Frozen Water Fluffies.
alreynolds13 chapter 32 . 9/14
I LOVED this chapter! I was already squealing with joy a few chapters ago when you mentioned Crookshanks sitting on Snape's boots and him being unwilling to move the furball, but then THIS chapter happened and omg, my cat lady heart is soaring. I love love LOVE when authors include Crooks as an important character, and his silent companionship with Snape is adorable (as is the way he kinda takes care of Snape a la the "hey bro, we need to eat" moment).

And the scene on the Astronomy tower! *swoons* I definitely enjoy those little romantically intimate moments just as much (if not more than) the smut scenes. There's just something about the scandalous-ness of touching hands that is so sexy to me (reminds me of that scene in Pride & Prejudice when Darcy touches her bare hand for the first time). I've been purposely reading this story sooo slowly because I never want it to end. I'm also terrified of where the last chapter you have posted ends, and don't want to be left on a cliffhanger, so instead I'm eating up this fic a tiny nibble at a time, even though I want to just gorge myself on it until I have a belly ache. Your writing is superb and this has quickly became one of my favorite Snamione fics.
bunnyobelenus chapter 68 . 9/12
alreynolds13 chapter 26 . 9/9
Omg, this is by far my favorite chapter (at least so far)! That story about Mr. Henry broke my heart, and I knew that it had to be at least partially based off of someone you or a relative/friend of yours actually knew (then I saw you validate my hunch in your author's note in the next chapter).

And then omgggggg we FINALLY get some Snape insight about his feelings. It kills me that he's never known genuine affection, but you pieced it together so beautifully right after the Mr. Henry story that it made total sense why Hermione would be the one person to see beneath Snape's bitter exterior. And it's like he wants so badly to believe her affection is real, but he's also so scared to accept it and so lashes out. He reminds me of one of those abused dogs that growl and snarl at everyone, and when someone comes along who extends their hand in a nonthreatening way, the dog wants to be petted so badly but is also too scared and so continues to growl until it slowly sees that this person isn't like the others. And once you win that dog over, it's the most loyal and loving companion...Yea, that's right, I just compared Snape to a dog...but it's the metaphor that popped into my head haha.

Also omgggg about their interaction at the end. Wtf is that supposed to mean?! There's subtlety and then there's being a douche, Severus! You can be the former without also being the latter! Le sigh...our poor smol bean still has a long way to go, emotionally. But I think Hermione is up to the task :D (I also got real emotional when Snape thought about how he'd love to prove himself worthy of her if he survives the war... *side eyes the author* he BETTER get a chance to make that a reality!)
The guilded woman chapter 64 . 9/8
brilliant once again
The guilded woman chapter 64 . 9/8
I honestly can't remember the last time; or even if I've ever cried during a story before, be it online or in printed form. but by christ you've got me blubbing a goodun right now. It sure speaks volumes that you can take me on a journey so thoroughly. well done indeed, I do hope you finish this story xx
gentledove2 chapter 2 . 9/5
Hermione missed something, I think. She said it was a "he" who grabbed her but since she was able to use polyjuice, shouldn't she give some thought that her assailant having used polyjuice too? Meaning, she can't really be sure of the sex or the age or the appearance of the person who grabbed her!
krennicsorrento chapter 4 . 9/2
There's so many chapters left but aaaaah, I'm enjoying the ride so much
leahelizabeth26 chapter 68 . 8/31
This story is absolutely wonderful! I haven't been able to put it down. I am new to this ship and have completely fallen in love with Hermione and Severus! I hope you update soon! Thank you for this amazing journey!
Shanaila Khan chapter 68 . 8/28
So this is my first time reviewing any fiction...but this is so heartwarming i cant even tell u..i hv been binging on this fic since 3 days and I can't even tell u how emotionally attached i was to each and every feeling of Hermione and Severus. Im a Dramione fan but this is something beyond comparison.
Totally fell in love with Severus..for the first time in forever liked Filch and absolutely loathed Bellatrix.

Is this ok to feel so turned on about fictional characters? Because Gods it felt so great. . The smut is very well written and voice of Severus during intimacy like 'Shussh Girl Im Yours' ... *Arghhhh* Turned On
I dont usually get so attached to characters but my heart ached while reading St Mungo's Scenes because I literally felt the pain which Hermione And Severus were going through.. Kudos to the Author for such amazing story (love your author's notes and extremely sorry for your friend)
This story is not updated since May but going through the notes its obvious to know you dont abandon your stories (sigh *relief* ) please please update Soon

Lots of love,prayers, cookies and truffles your way ; )
alreynolds13 chapter 9 . 8/27
I finally am able to take a breath from binging this fic and leave a review! Hoooly shitttt, this is AMAZING! I have to admit, I usually struggle to read Snamione fics where there's a sexual aspect right away, since it usually feels OOC to me. But you somehow made it so believable for them to up the heat at a quick pace, yet still keep their characters canon, and I bow down to your writing skills for that!

I also thought this whole chapter was one of the hottest I've ever read of the pairing. Snape trying to be patient with her since it's her first time, then finally giving in and letting loose while still being as gentle as he could was just *clutches chest* It also felt more realistic than so many other fics where I read the guy just pushing in easily the first time and the woman immediately having an earth shattering O. Not that a first time HAS to be super painful, but there's gonna be at least some maneuvering and trial and error and awkwardness at first, and I love that you took the time to really piece out the smut and left no stone unturned (praise Jesus, because I love me some detailed smut). And then their second time...god DAMN! I think I lost count of how many orgasms he gave her...or maybe it's just because I blacked out a bit while reading XD

I'm SO excited to see where this fic goes, and also jumping for joy at the huge word count of it. Hopefully I can tear myself away long enough to leave sporadic reviews, because you so deserve them! *settles in for a long week of reading*
TheDoctorShadow chapter 68 . 8/26
My eyes are bleeding *show the eyes*

I love all your funny ranting at the beginning of ending of each chapter *snort* but most of all, your story.

I have been "literally" eating fics for almost a year because of my weak health and it had been comforting, and liberating.

I am both on ao3 and , and I have found some treasures, "fictions" like yours and some of your friends :D

Thank you for writing, *avada some haters*
*big hug* *throwing kudos*
Llaisidhiel chapter 68 . 8/14
Between studying, planning and general life nuisances, it's taken me a few days to read this, but I have been solidly binging this story since I found it and I am completely and utterly in love. Your writing and characterisations are so beautiful.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and I am sending you all the well-wishes and love - even though it's been a few months since this chapter was posted; I eagerly but of course patiently await the next.

SSHG have gone from a guilty pleasure to a stubborn down-right openly shipped couple. Can't help it. Now, to reread again!
Bookwormkat1 chapter 68 . 8/13
Oi! I thought this was finished! come on, please give me something more to read! I've been glued to this for three days damnit.
Krashby chapter 49 . 7/22
Totally not bawling my eyes out at 1:15 am reading a sex scene... holy hell this was so well written. Thank you for the catharsis.
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