Reviews for Unintentional Inveiglement
LissaDream chapter 70 . 5/12
Devoured this in days. I’m solidly on board. Hope you’re well. Update when you can.
Dancing Dragon Gurl chapter 70 . 5/2
Omfg! This is one of the most incredible stories ever! Please continue this! I have been staying up super late reading this! Please continue it and I’ll send you e-chocolates!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/15
Aline Snape:
Hey! A friend recommended your fic to me.
I am not in the habit of reading in English, as I am Brazilian and have a perfect command of Portuguese. I loved the first chapter! Severus Snape being himself is very good to read. I'm an avowed fan of this character. Congratulations! I will read all these long chapters, as I am sure they will be worth it! Wait as you read, more owls will appear!
NobleRose104 chapter 70 . 3/31
Wow, I really have enjoyed your story. Can't wait till you finish. Thanks for sharing!
TigramIngrow chapter 70 . 3/15
Cieszę się, że jest już po wszystkim i liczę, że kolejne 70 rozdziałów będzie opisywało ich, miejmy nadzieję, spokojne życie i leczenie traum.
TigramIngrow chapter 42 . 3/13
Ah! Jakież wspaniałe jest to opowiadanie! Podoba mi się niesamowicie. Tak bardzo się cieszę, że Hermiona jest mądra dziewczyną i rozmyśla nad tym, co się stało i stara się wytłumaczyć Snape.
BurningRosesAmongstLilies chapter 70 . 3/2
Awh! A whole year? Will you ever finish this story? Filch, Severus and Hermione are adorable together! They can be The Cat Squad, lol. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this, and I hope you continue!
ecags chapter 70 . 1/31
I've re-read this story again and it is so good! I hope you update again soon, I know you've mentioned earlier on that you don't abandon fics so I hope everything is well! Been following this story since 2013 :)
MissPersephone1 chapter 70 . 1/28
Please please give us more.
HermioneSnape394 chapter 70 . 1/21
This is an awesome story I must say, but great stories deserves great ending too,we are eagerly waiting for a proper ending, there is still so much left in this story like How Hermione's voice will be back,how they both reveil their relationship to everyone, their future plans etc ... pls update
HMRoberts chapter 70 . 1/16
Oh, dear. An entire year.
Will this fic continue? I have my doubts, I fear.
Yet, even so, I re-read whilst gently-falling snow
crowds the pre-dawn darkness from my window.

Missing your delightful tale-spinning.

Your Constant Reader and Friend,
Heidi R.
loveJupiter chapter 40 . 1/16
I'm shaking. The anxiety omg.
loveJupiter chapter 37 . 1/16
why is crookshanks my favorite character
Lurkerlover chapter 42 . 1/14
Sweet baby cheeses, I wanted to vomit and sob at the same time. You are brilliant for wrenching me all over the place. Thankyou!
loveJupiter chapter 16 . 1/13
It's nearly 7 in the morning and I can't put this down. I blame your brilliant writing for my fucked up sleeping schedule
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