Reviews for Unintentional Inveiglement
Nyxdolor chapter 35 . 7/18
In the beginning I didn't enjoy all the smut, I felt like there was no story, since the formula is usually tension build up then comes the sex scene but here we have it in reverse! I like it.
Hope you wont drop this story~!
TheFoundersDaughter chapter 68 . 7/8
It took me like 2 weeks to read this story in it’s entirety, and honestly rn I am a little broken, like can you please fix these two? I need my babies while and loving and having babies themselves haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
The.Ragwort.Butterfly chapter 9 . 7/6
AHHH! I just start3d reading and I'm hooked. Gahh it's so hot and beautifully written. Chapter 10, here I come
moonlightstriking chapter 10 . 7/6
You...said.. c..word? XD omg. It must have been embarassed :'D I particularly like the shower scene... My face is so much flushed right now xD *sigh* severus is so sexy when he murmurs...I want him to be MINE ONLY!
gryffinpuff23 chapter 68 . 7/5
love love love this chapter!
moonlightstriking chapter 8 . 7/2
Why did she put her blood in the phial? :s
HAB63 chapter 68 . 7/2
Lovely update. Sorry to hear about Savva's passing. She was both an amazing artist and writer. Thanks for sharing both the update and news about Savva.
moonlightstriking chapter 7 . 7/2
All i can now think is what the *thing* would be look like... :'D
moonlightstriking chapter 6 . 7/2
God I am too nervous. What if they get caught? I wonder what their reaction would be like xD
moonlightstriking chapter 5 . 7/2
I am glad he stopped. I like slow-built relationships :) though it would have been made more sense if it were more slow. Because severus isn't an easy man.
moonlightstriking chapter 4 . 7/2
I felt like i couldn't dare to read more xD Omg you are a telanted writer! Slightly ooc but it is reasonable! Being kept in the house it's no wonder she has gone mad xD
moonlightstriking chapter 3 . 7/1
They are sleeping in the same bed...too fast in the process ;P
moonlightstriking chapter 2 . 7/1
Aw it's cute. They are sleeping in the same room xD
Jamelia098 chapter 68 . 6/30
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 68 . 6/23
I'm so glad that they can be together at Severus room. I want them to get better already. Hope you update soon
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