Reviews for Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon: M1N470
N-Lorin chapter 31 . 7/20
Against my better judgment I ended up coming back to this story after dropping it about a year ago. To my surprise, you appear to have changed, or at least attempted to change, the aspects of the story that I disagreed with. The harem stuff is really weird, and the tone has severely shifted, but weird is certainly better than boring. It appears you've grabbed my attention again. I'll be looking forwards to seeing how this story develops from here.
Riddle Wraith chapter 11 . 6/19
You know, I never got Obi-Wan saying "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" since that, in itself IS an absolute, which means that a.) He's lying or b.) He doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. I'm pretty sure it's b as that seems to be a common thing among Jedi.
Riddle Wraith chapter 7 . 6/18
If for some reason I found Junpei crying in a convenience store, I would point, laugh and probably rag on him for the rest of his life about it. Of course, I'm an asshole so I'd hardly do much else.
Mingyu chapter 33 . 6/5
And the tension builds. Well done! The fight with Junpei seems like it will be a heart-tugger. Thanks for the chapters!
BloodTrinity chapter 33 . 6/4
Revolver Jesusnitor? o3o
Mr. Haziq chapter 33 . 6/1
I kinda feel bad for Takaya here...
WhiteRoseSummer chapter 31 . 5/12
Minato's Harem is for real 0.o Damn.

What would happen if Aigis even falls for him, Yukari too.

I'd love to see more of Akihiko, Aigis, Sho and Junpei (Whatever the heck happened to his head )
Yeah Way chapter 31 . 5/8
Glad I decided to check back on this story. Great updates! I'm so relieved you've returned from your secret training and haven't given up!

I'd definitely love to see more of Sho :)
PuppetofL chapter 31 . 3/24
I am loving this to death. The fact that Aigis literally dressed Minato up as a girl for this chapter was just downright hilarious. Even more hilarious is the fact that he seems to pull it off well, by what the text implies. Not to mention Mitsuru and Labrys planning to have him cosplay while he still is 'Minako'. I can't wait to see the other member's of SEES as well as the member's of CYFR's reactions to this change, even if it is temporary. I also see you are making some of the vanilla social link's into enemies, as Akinari already has been made into one and is now gone(though it seems the Sun might have maxed out too? Still confused on that though also quite saddened by his passing.), and Chihiro now seems to be on Strega's side as well. I remember that Takaya is now a Social Link, so I'm kinda curious if you plan on having Minato cure him and Jin too, and somehow get them on their side as well. To be quite honest, I wanna see what it would be like for Chidori, Takaya, and Jin would be like if they were on Minato's side, we already have Chidori so it's possible, but who knows. As for characters I'd like to see more of, the Reaper and Distorpheus I think. We haven't seen the good old Reaper in a while I believe, also would be pretty funny to know how Aigis feels about him being one of Minato's SL's, if she's ever run into the guy in Tartarus. As for Distorpheus, well, from what I remember he's practically fused with the Emperor I think, so would be nice to know how the Forge has changed, as well as how the hell that happened and how Minato feels about it. So yeah, that's about it for what I have to say. Though I'll end this with two question I'm quite curious about, how powerful WOULD Minato be if he had a Max SL Persona equipped? And what would the Kohryu and Alice armor look like on him? Kohryu since he's a freaking dragon, and Alice since I believe it would look quite funny maybe.
NuruNu chapter 31 . 3/24
Long time no see huh?
I honestly love this story to death so much that I've read it quite some times. Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope to see more of you now that you have returned to this place.
As for the question of the chapter I would love to see more of chidori (I really wanted you to make this story a MinatoxChidori 7-7)
Mingyu chapter 31 . 3/12
Yes, that was a very fun chapter! The Minako bit seemed to come out of nowhere, but I have come to the ultimate conclusion that Aegis is awesome. Now. Who took pictures and how much are they selling for?

And once again, good job setting up the villainous foreshadowing. It definitely feels like we are approaching an epic fight. Thanks for the chapter!
Alfonse08 chapter 11 . 3/12
This makes me curious if you have any plans on actually saving the lives of the members of Strega. After all, despite being evil anyone could tell you they got the short end of the stick in life.
Alfonse08 chapter 10 . 3/11
Well this took a turn for the worst, but it's things like this from which bonds can be forged anew, stronger than they were before.
Mr. Haziq chapter 31 . 3/11
Answer of the Chapter: Either Chidori or Shinjiro. We don't see them much after their... purification? Whatever.

Good to see another chapter up!
crymblade chapter 31 . 3/11
"That's sexist, I'm not a man!"

Well...neither is Minato. *cough*bothofyouarerobotsanyway*cough*
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