Reviews for Bonds of Time II: Fighting Fate
Shiki120 chapter 2 . 7/20
Ummm stupid question but is their suppose to be a large gap I between book 1 and 2 or did I miss something?
katraj0908 chapter 30 . 7/10
Damn it Ron.
katraj0908 chapter 16 . 7/10
I thought Bill wasn't working in Egypt anymore.
LoveEvangeline chapter 105 . 7/7
Well you did it, you made me cry. And I don't even like Snape and Dumbledore! I've teared up a few times during this story, but I'm genuinely crying now. I'm just worried because I think the third story is unfinished and probably abandoned, so I'm unsure if I want to read it or end things here and imagine a happily ever after. But I'm a bit too curious about their bond and some other things. I'm also surprised you didn't kill Krum since you hate him so much for an unknown reason. Also, since Harry didn't see the creepy little baby voldy in the limbo place, I'm worried the horcrux in him wasn't actually destroyed. It probably was but without that detail I'm unsure.
LoveEvangeline chapter 101 . 7/7
I'm not happy about the alternate reality bit. It makes it seem like a hollow victory, a pale imitation of what came before. It's not really fixing anything, it's f!cking more things up.
LoveEvangeline chapter 100 . 7/7
LoveEvangeline chapter 99 . 7/7
I knew it was Krum! I knew it! And I also knew amy would give birth. She's a smart woman but honestly. Going there was foolish. It'll have some interesting symmetry though.
LoveEvangeline chapter 90 . 7/7
I love Hackney. What's sad is that I liked Ebony too!
LoveEvangeline chapter 85 . 7/7
Now I'm even more convinced that it's Krum. Idk why Harry hasnt considered that yet considering Krum's use of advanced magic with the first task.
LoveEvangeline chapter 81 . 7/7
Poor Fleur ):
LoveEvangeline chapter 76 . 7/7
Two assassination attempts. And things always seem to come in threes...
LoveEvangeline chapter 75 . 7/7
Motherf!cker! If Lucius doesn't die soon I'll kill him myself!
LoveEvangeline chapter 74 . 7/7
LoveEvangeline chapter 72 . 7/7
Barty crouch Jr. is going to impersonate victor Krum!
LoveEvangeline chapter 65 . 7/7
Noooo! Not Susan's parents! I don't give much of a shit about the rest, but poor Susan.
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