Reviews for An Opportunity of Fate
coronadomontes chapter 36 . 1/2/2015
interesante -interesting
Quathis chapter 36 . 1/2/2015
Time seems to be inching forward, as slowly and surely as a glacier, carving its way. Some very good insights into the characters and how they see their situation. A lot more worried for Arturia at this point, but hoping the figure that one out without too much damage. Not much hope, but some. Until next time.
Reishin Amara chapter 36 . 1/2/2015
incidentally, I have a new idea for you...What if the during the Fuyuki fire, Gilgamesh stumbled across shirou...and contact with shirou's fragmented soul caused Gilgamesh to be accidentally and suddenly absorbed into shirous body. (And yes, we are talking about a shirou whose hair becomes sunlight red kinda like Shana from Shakugan no Shana in her with blonde glow to it..)(but imagine when he suddenly uses Gate of Babylon infront of Archer...LMAO...Kiritsugu may actually have an actual Jaw Drop if he saw the gate used by his son...And Rin...the less said about her wanting to jump shirous bones for having the VAULT OF EVERYTHING the better...Hell,Shirou could give Ayozaki an a legendary bow and maybe an permanent enhancement elixir after teaching her basic reinforcement and congratulations, NEW Heroic Spirit level character...)
ultima-owner chapter 36 . 1/2/2015
It's good
reality deviant chapter 36 . 1/2/2015
good chapter. good luck. Happy new year
polarpwnage chapter 15 . 12/5/2014
Eh didn't durandel have 3 miracles and not a wave slash attack? You getting your ideas from Highschool DxD or something -.- grammar and sentence structure is really awkward. None of the characters sound remotely like themselves but rather one person's speech patterns used for every single character
polarpwnage chapter 10 . 12/5/2014
Durandel isn't able to cut everything, it's just blessed to be forever sharp
Datenshi Aoi chapter 18 . 10/28/2014
So I've gone 18 chapters in very quickly, and one thing stands out to me above all: How is it that you've managed to make a teenaged Shirou speak more pompously than any of the Heroic Spirits? Even Gilgamesh, with his self-centered nature sounds less pretentious. You've probably explained it somewhere, but...GAH.
Quathis chapter 35 . 10/20/2014
Good upswing from all the lows everyone has been having. Especially liked seeing Taiga start to get out of her funk. Though it looks like Sakura is starting to lose to her own demons. Hopefully they all can pull through, even if some of those involved would rather not. Like Cassandra and Luvia, for instance. Until next time.
ultima-owner chapter 35 . 10/20/2014
interesting protection
Jouaint chapter 35 . 10/20/2014
Great chapter. Please update soon.
reality deviant chapter 35 . 10/20/2014
interesting chapter.
awaiting for next one eagerly
coronadomontes chapter 35 . 10/19/2014
maravilloso, me párese interesante que haya guerra civil entre los magos
Rakaan chapter 29 . 10/8/2014
I don't get why this Arturia loves Shirou. They haven't really interacted all that much in this version. That being said, I am loving this story.
Last Comma 1st chapter 1 . 9/29/2014
I like the premise but I'm not sure how I feel about the way you're representing Alaya and Counter Guardians. It clashes vastly with the impressions I got from the visual novel. Regardless, I will be reading more as I am eager to see how you take this situation going forward.

Last Comma 1st
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