Reviews for Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything
Angela Nguyen chapter 1 . 8/13/2013
another thing: i just want to say how much i appreciate Wicked Game being mentioned in the first chapter. it just depicts L and Light's relationship here so accurately.
Carla chapter 29 . 8/8/2013
When I first saw this was updated I was happy and couldn't believe I read sooner. Since it was killing me to know what exactly happened to Light in the accident. I was glad he didn't die although I'm sure that can become fact later. I was surprised that Light dreamt two unique dreams regarding L and himself. The first with him kissing L in public which when I got to that point I knew couldn't be real. Then Kiyomi's dead body next to him and L's could care less attitude. Reading the actual moment (after Light and his employees get out of the damaged car) Light and L are arguing about the trip to the hospital was heart wrenching. L has already lost people close to him. Losing Light would most definitely break him in an unimaginable way.

Then after returning back to L's place Light decides to go in insane mode. Telling L that his indeed is the the cause of the deaths that have happened. No wonder L goes in despair mode with Light's rant. It did make me wonder that he may be involved but through Ryuk and not intentionally. It was hard for me just reading how the intensity raise up and L's reaction to all of it. Ryuk you bastard! Light is now locked in the bathroom with Ryuk and L's can't do a thing. He unfortunately can't see him which does make difficult for Light to convince him. I guess that is the reason Light chose to isolate himself to the bathroom. Thanks a million for updating. I will be sad and happy to read the ending. And wished I reviewed from the start. Better later then never.
me chapter 29 . 8/5/2013
WHAT THE HECK! do we say your name? have i said your name on here? i dont' know but i want to scream your name at you half in shock and half in a bit of an ecstatic state that involves sexing. mmm. the dialogue and lawyer things were a as i've already informed you and i just about had an affair with your words because PRETENTIOUS DOUCHE BAGGERY IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER especially when it involves both L and law and mmm.

so that distracted me quite a bit and i screamed about it to people on the internet and copied and pasted quotes telling them to LOOK! they all loved them and hopefully take me advice and love you as a whole.

anyways, i had totally forgotten about the car crash and so when it was there i was like 'oh yeah!' and L's reaction was a bit heart breaking because you could tell he was a bit in a shock because other people die, yes, but not Light you know? i know you know. and then Light's entire maniac spiel about being a murderer? god...GOD. what in the world are you doing to my heart woman? all this death is like morphine to me in that it makes me feel a bit numb and yet very light and floatie and like i want to read it all again. is it weird that your writing gives me a rush? thats a bit weird, hmm...well it does. L and Light are so poisonous to one another and i can see L getting more and more depressed as time goes on and Light's being quite lovey dovey? in his head at least.

it's interesting how Light's going a bit mad and i love how you wrote it escalating after he got a head injury. a bit like you wrote it escalating when he was drugged by B. patterns?

i feel like it's near the end now and i'm terrified, you know how terrified i am. ahh...i'll message you a few things but BASIICALLY you are a genius and i want to weep at your feet and have you script my life. you can be my consultant for future court cases mkay? we'll plan shitty dialogue, no.

my heart broke at this chapter and Light's going mad and L is depressed and fucking fuck. ily the end
Angela Nguyen chapter 24 . 8/3/2013
i'm the kind of person who only reads oneshots or really short chaptered fics, and i've been reading nothing but this fic for 3 days now. your way with words just plucks my heart out and stomps on it and puts it back just so it can be broken again. you know them so well and everything is just *there* so subtly - this is true brilliance and one of the best things i've ever read. thank you for writing this; my world is now a better place because a Death Note fic this perfect exists.
Fluoxetine chapter 29 . 7/27/2013
I love how you started incorporating canon in here and how it all makes so much SENSE.
RMSE chapter 29 . 7/27/2013
Mother... fucking... Fuck. Brilliant. Fuck.
Carla chapter 28 . 7/4/2013
L's reaction to Stephen's death was something I should have known would happen. After what happen with his father's death. (Light was correct on that fact) It's rather bizarre that I times like when L acts pretty crazy with his own moods but then dislike it when concerning their abusive relationship. They both just are alike in your story its like they are two half's from one whole. A point I did like (that L was going through his plan) even if Light was totally upset and disliked it. Light's reputation would be negatively affected if word spread he had issues. But Light your hallucinations are a sign that you a crazy! (And obsessed with L, Penber's death, and the list continues.
And right back to L (whom surprise misses Light and what he can to to him) forcefully fucks (excuse my language) Light in his old bedroom at his parent's house! And I just couldn't resist smilingly when L kissed Light. But then the ending comes and I'm yelling "what the fuck!" Watari is involved with a conspiracy and the car gets hit. O.o. Pinched myself hoping I was seeing things and it didn't end there. But I will have to wait and the end of this story is drawing near and I'm both sad and happy to get more drawn to the conspiracy, Light and L, and Ryuk. I'll conclude with a congrats to Sayu whom has want a child since who knows when. Oh and a big Thank You XD
ElizabellaLight chapter 26 . 7/3/2013
ALRIGHT LAURA, I got drunk JUST FOR YOU! Well no, it was for several reasons but i'm here and this is going to be a shit review because I can only recall hald the chapter. BUT!

Alright, so...first off, this chapter is completely them with the death and the bruises and the resentment that turns into what it turns into and the funeral talk. It was reminiscent of both Light's birthday party and NaomixMatt's wedding. shit i can't type anything, nevermind. gah. i'm going to have a terrible evaluation and i've already forgot what i was going t say about the second part. ahh i'll leave this for you to see and write somethnig proper tomorrow1!
ElizabellaLight chapter 27 . 7/3/2013
FUCKING HELL I FORGOT ABOUT FUCKING GUNPLAY FUCK! I wonder if fanfiction is ever going to ban my reviews for cursing. Does it do that? ANYWAYS! GUNPLAY! I loved that so much and it was quite possibly better than the blowjob thing. Like really. L's so absolutely twisted and though Light chokes L, hits L, wants L to hit him, perpetuates weird death talk between them, I think it's funny how the gun actually made him uneasy. When L showed Light the lamp that had been shot, I thought he was going to fire another round. L is just seriously...

he's a demented little shit and he's always going to be my favorite L. I miss the brief rp we had of horribly convoluted and rude dialogue. LAWER L! Gosh, he'd just about the most terrifying thing about this story I think and that's amazing of you because my favorite L is an evil L. 3
ElizabellaLight chapter 27 . 7/3/2013
Why don't i just call myself Michelle, I mean really. Anyways! Your authors note is hilarious because you told me AND because even if you didn't tell me i was an idiot and didn't realize that you updated and went to go read chapter 28 thinking it was this one and BAM hit with Stephen's death right in the beginning. Imagine my confusion. I was like...this...isn't...the right chapter, and I had to back track. THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Anyways, you probably want an actual review and I can tell you in advanced that though my review for chapter 28 lacked in rambling and nonsense, you'll get it here because A GIRL TRYING TO BLOW L?! HAHAHAHA. I don't think you understand how much I loved that little scene. I think that you should just make THAT the chapter title. Oh and before I forget again, L KISSED LIGHTS CHEEK IN CHAOTER 28 IN FRON T OF EVERYONE! ahh. i love you. i also love how everyone was just like, well L's gay and Takada was like, people kiss Light all the time. ANYWAYS. back to the blow. I think that was just my favorite thing ever and Light's comment about how he thought the one thing he could count on was that L wouldn't blahblah, you know? That was gold. Good inner commentary Light, you're a real winner.

Aside from that, I think that this chapter shows a lot about Light that we don't really see very often. We see his superficialness and such, but the way that L kinda points out that he's losing himself, he's losing his pep and his genuine's kinda like real life ya know? Everyone always looks and feels so much more tired in tandem with the amount of responsibility that they receive. I didn't REALLY see it before, but I think that the first part of this chapter and the last part really show it. By last part I mean when Kiyomi and light are talking to that gal that he's moving to Foreign? I mean, I never thought he was a complete ass and really very transparent in his dislike for his employees or whatever you call them, subordinates. That entire conversation where he was just being unnecessarily harsh, and when he was being cruel to Watari in the next one, that just really paints how cynical he's gotten. And while he's always painted he government as a bleak thing, I don't know that he knows how bleak he's gotten himself and L POINTS IT OUT to him...and he brushes it off.

Then there's also more ironic humor in that Light tells the truth to Takada when she asks who he's having an affair with...he says that they're tall dark and thin? Well..yes, they are. Though he didn't exactly get away with it.

THE OTHER THING that fascinates me is Light's genuine dislike for Kira. I really wonder why it is. He doesn't just dislike the baby, he literally wants nothing to do with it. L gave it more attention at the hospital in the next chapter than he does. Do you know how alarming that is?

OH! THE OTHER THING! MORE time skips. I'm noticing them more now and it's odd that he's just kinda accepting it as a fact that happens sometimes now?

Also, Ryuk. I think it's safe to say Ryuk. You write him amazingly his dialogue. IT's so different from everyone elses that I wonder at your ability to so accurately grasp everyone's character. Ryuk though. Light's actually not teetering into as much insanity as he was before. The fact that he sees him and TRIES to come up with some logical explanation for it is actually good, I think. It shows that he's not accepting it as something he sees like he does with the time skips. He's unnerved by him and knows that it's not normal or natural and he tries to escape from that in a way with the whole pinching thing.

This review probably isn't that long but it's feeling like i'm getting a little ridiculous now so LET ME WRAP IT UP! Okay, so finally, L's plan for Light as far as regaining his PM seat goes, I think it could actually work? Maybe I'm just naive, but I think that it's a fairly good plan. I like how Light goes to say it's morally wrong and such...i think that's what he said, so he can't do it, but in the very next chapter you see him weaving some terrible story to make the deaths look like Nate Rivers fault because of competition. He's a complete hypocrite. This plan would benefit L the most, but L was genuinely looking out for Light and trying to find a way that he could be happy while simultaneously destroying Kiyomi's rep...which I think is a bit of a factor for him...and Light thinks it's unacceptable and ridiculous. But Light comes up with something that would ruin someone's LIFE and that's okay? I don't know...I just.

Right. so..that wasn't wrapping it up. So! I love you, I'll write the other three or so later today but my hands hurt right now. THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!
ElizabellaLight chapter 28 . 7/3/2013
Okay, i wasn't sure which one to type out first, because I owe you, what, five? Anyways, I'll start out with this chapter which ohmygosh, I have been waiting all my life for these things. I don't understand how you could have thirty more chapters in between this and the final one but i mean hey, keep that word count coming because i don't love anything quite like i love your dialogue.

ALRIGHT! SO! L IS a HUGE shithead. like wow. I thought that he was done being a shit head, but there you have it? I am 100% on Light's side actually because fuck man, the sorry bastard didn't that kind of treatment and don't worry Light-o! I'm here rooting for you and petting your arm, I'm here buddy. That's amazing actually cause I almost never side with Light and yet I did just now. What are you doing to me? L's amount of shitheadedness nearly made me cry yesterday because I felt so bad for Mr. PM. it was EXACTLY like that time he got drunk because his father died, but like Light said, he's not drunk so he just kinda went a little bonkers...which I don't actually blame him for.

Stephens death is bittersweet. You made me like and value him more as a character, but he was in the way and he had to die all things considered. L's a bit sad here as well. Like...i'm not JUST mad at him for being a dick to Light. I'm sad at him because he CRIED. Like, this chapter reveals how much L's falling apart and much Light DID ruin for him. Stephen made him human and Light kinda blots out the humanity in him. So the part of him that's mourning over Stephen's death and saying that he cared, those things are real...and those things are the parts that Light was kinda, I dunno holding back. He had a human love for Stephen, i think, and I'm seeing that now. Whereas his love for Light is very psychotic and unhealthy and I prefer it a lot more but it's wholly destructive.

I felt like L's mental process here was a sped up version of what happened with his fathers death.

He gets mad at Light and says stupid things. He asks Light to leave him alone. Avoids Light HIMSELF, gets upset that Light didn't make more of an effort to talk to him, then rapes Light in an inappropriate place. Okay, maybe it wasn't completely rape in his old bedroom, but I kind of saw it like that because Light pulled away and L forced him, didn't he? Was I imagining that?

I miss Beyond, but this is a different arc of your story.

now then, Watari...ACK. I see it coming. I didn't see THAT coming, but I knew that was happening and sheesh. I'll have to message you. I love you very much and i'm sorry that this review was all analysis and no humor but i mean i love you Laura and I can't tell her how much this chapter messed me up, and my own L for that matter. You make him a bigger bastard and I love you for it xoxox
A Lonely Peace chapter 28 . 7/1/2013
God, so there's no reprieve for them, is there? I'm quite floored how you manage to make the love L and Light have in Chap 27 seems like a bubbled dream that has burst. For a while now, since I read the Cure, I've the thought that Light cannot possibly love L. That it doesn't meaning anything, because Light's a narcissist, and narcissist doesn't think/love anyone outside of relation with his identity. No matter how much Light pretends he's otherwise, he's the kind of guy (a narcissist) who has a trophy wife like Kiyomi, who fucks his way to the top, who has a sexual relationship with his intelligent PR guy for 5 years now, and he'll never change. Not unless something kills him, of course. His narcissism is self-preserving, always. Love doesn't change him, because there's no love.'s too late for L to leave the sinking ship now. Even if there isn't any car crash and everything goes smoothly, and L tries to make Light leaves his job...Light will most likely have a narcissist fit and goes against that.

Ultimately, there's no happy ending. L tries to see behind the mask, and he thinks he sees something behind the mask, but there's nothing. The mask is Light. L has loved a grandiose doll, and now the light is turned off, there's nothing on the stage but his bleakness.
A Lonely Peace chapter 27 . 6/30/2013
Eh, was trying to do one of those "read and run" thing, but it seems I can't neglect in reviewing at all. I like this chapter very much (mostly b/c of all the warm&cuddly feelings Light shows for L). The end's a bit of a curve-ball though. Hopefully Light and L will have a happy ending.
Lestatash chapter 10 . 6/29/2013
Time to review.
Can't say much because it's still very good. And I also observed that you have talent for reading ppl (psychological content). Scaaary.
It's one of the top three DN ff on my list. I'm generally more into Matt/Mello stories but this one 'convinced' me from the very beginning. I'm happy I gave it a try. Cutting it between chapter 10 and 11 wouldn't be that bad...probably. I like the end of ch 7. That was unexpected, in many ways.
Even though it all takes place in Japan. Everythime you mentioned 'the lady', my imagination placed the whole scene to England. Regarding the humour: I had a shitty day yesterday and decided to read a little as a poor attempt to change my mood and hallelujah it made me actually smile. No surprise here though.

Good job.
Carla chapter 27 . 6/4/2013
I apologize for leaving another review but I wanted to comment on L and Light with their can I call it gunplay? I just thought to myself what a safety hazard. What if goes off L? Thankfully it did not lead to that but I did wonder its role. I hope I'm not reading too much into it. I definitely feel there is message hidden or implied. That's all I've got to say before I start writing even more nonsense.
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