Reviews for Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything
ElizabellaLight chapter 22 . 3/3/2013
So, oddly enough this chapter reminded me very much of something round eight? or so. Like, it's coming full circle. I think it's because a majority of the interactions were out in public rather than in someones private residence or Light's peep box of an office. It's really funny how much their voices change depending on where they are, but it's realistic.

As ALWAYS I looooved L. He's so freaking vindictive and brutal and god, i just want him to talk forever. When he was talking about suing whatever and yes. Also, love his relationship with Mello. I don't think i've ever said that before, so yay for not repeating myself. But they're very funny together. He seems to be the only one that's not overwhelmed by having L as his boss.

Then, there was Light and...I'm gonna go ahead and say that he was imagining the sex, because we know he's prone to psychosis. The fact that it looked like L and Kiyomi, and how he kept comparing L to Kiyomi in this chapter...poor baby.

Beyond was absent in this chapter for the most part, and I expect that it was either him or Stephen on the phone...I'm very indecisive.

Hmmhmmmm, that scene! Where L grabs Light by the testes and my god they are so bad for each other and wonderful and just brutal and unforgiving and abusive, i love love love it.

Finally, Light's bill. Wha da fu?! Oh my gosh, Kira, crazy Kira man. Holy shite...that stuff is for like, underdeveloped countries. how can L even say it's good? waaahhh. Not that I don't like it, because it makes sense for Light to come up with something like that when he's in the position to. It's just, in real life and with my ideals...I'm cringing. I would have raised my hand ten pus times in opposition of him and just tried my very best to tear him apart.

That is all, great work, great writing! I'm tired, night!
youremyqueen chapter 21 . 2/26/2013
GAH MY HEART/MIND/ETC IS BEOKEN. They should all just have a threesome, yes? I generally don't see why any fictional people don't have threesomes in these sorts of situations, but especially them.

I really think you could write a chapter that is just all B talking and it would be brilliant. Or one that was just Light having really fucked-up thoughts. But then that's most chapters I guess?

Anyway, breaking news, I know, but I seriously love this fic and you. It's legitimately better than a number of novels I've read in the past year and I read a lot of novels. I would buy this in hardcover if it were for sale, no joke.

But Anyway, whenever the next chapter comes around, I will be here waiting here by the phone! (this is the part where I'd make a heart symbol if ffn didn't fuck them up.)
plannedbyReaperLight chapter 21 . 2/25/2013
Loving it!

Aw, c'mon, Light-don't chicken out now! The answer is so simple—fake your own death and run off with L. (Well, it worked in the movie "Dave.")
libbygoof chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
Love it!
Carla chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
That was some dream Light. I mean the whole fire starting and Light panics because he wants to find L. B must be right (I'm sure he like L have to be right) about Light which makes me angry. Light happens to do that a lot for me.
I'm loving that B and Light got more time for interacting and discussing about L. Even though Light is terrified since B has a knife. Its clear that B and Light want to upset eachother in a race off of sorts. With B in the lead (in my opinion) so far.
Light and L kicking the crap out the camera was awesome and such a thing they would do. I don't mean to seem bizarre but I find myself rereading this story because that's just how much I enjoy it and when I listen to music at times of think back to this story.
ElizabellaLight chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
Two things I forgot! This is why I need to annotate...

First thing is about the chapter before this...i'm bad, I know. B hitting himself, was that supposed to be in a Fight Club kinda way? Cause that's exactly how I saw it. With Edward Norton in the office with his boss...yeah? yeah? Okay...moving on

That LAST SCENE HERE! With Light slapping him, "because you're a bitch" oh my gosh. oh my gosh. perrrffffect. They NEED to either have sex with B or in front of him, I AM WITH LIGHT!
Carla chapter 20 . 2/24/2013
Starting with Light's visit with Kiyomi which I was not surprised by how it ran. Typical of him to not want to overstay like normally people would do. I found it rather interesting regarding his thoughts on how those in Cabinet Office and their lack of actually caring for Kiyomi when he could care just as much as they are about her.
Stephen can be funny and annoying at once with his comments. The moment that was just waiting to happen arrived. Stephen again props to him for not believing L entirely and fighting back. And B (oh my gosh) when he got angry towards Light I was cheering. (man I just can never pick a side) Making sure that Light is not going to hurt L in the plan to stay together. It was crazy that B was able to inflict harm to himself in order to make Light appear to be the bad guy (which he is in a way). I desperately hope that Light doesn't end up hurting L I just wouldn't be able to stand it. I wonder what L who know can't deny B's feelings towards him are serious and shouldn't be taken lightly.
I apologize with the shortness of this review and the delay.
ElizabellaLight chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
Okay, I'm going to review before I read your notes, because that's only fair, yes? yes.

Before I do a general overview of this fantastic! B centric chapter, I'm going to comment on my little things I took note of, because, well, I'll forget. So. Many. Thoughts.

Oxytocin. Hah, I looooooved all the neuropsych in this, I seriously seriously did. B is like a wannabe Monist/Materialist, but he holds so much value in situations and experiences and his story telling! that he could never quite make it. Nonetheless, something that you really may not care about, maybe you will. You probably already know. Oxytocin is wonderful, and while it can cause intense bonding and feelings of understanding between people, it can also be there for so much bad. Examples! Post-partem depression, goodness, those mothers go into some crazay psychotic episodes because of their levels of oxytocin after giving birth. Also, they did some study with the Nazi regime and oxytocin...something like, that's why they bonded so much. Elevated levels, I don't remember. I'd have to find out about it, but isn't that interesting? It's quite honestly one of my favorite neurotransmitters/hormones (because it's also one of the few that can be both!)

Kay, biopsych lesson done, the whistle! Does B have a whistle with his S's! Oh my goodness, that is quite honestly one of the most endearing traits I've ever seen in a person. My 62 year old ex-FBI professor has an extremely pronounced one. Can't you just imagine an interrogation with that guy? Ssso Ssstan, where were you Ssssaturday morning? Sorry, I just...I love whistles. If your B has one, oh my...

Final specific note, "I'm very clumsy" - by B. Oh my gosh Beyond...looove me. Throw me down, talk at me, PLEASE. He's just...his dialogue is always so so good. He's like a blend of L and Light, because he has those fantastic one-liners and heavy heavy douses of sarcasm, but he gets stuck on little things and goes on tangents. Like, his conversation with Light about what model L would be, and like...god, the poor poor sap. He's so perfect in every way and I just want him.

Now, beginning to end. Wah! Light's monologue was crazy. Oh my goodness, I thought he was in a meeting for reals, and then the table caught on fire, and wowie. It's very very depressing. This chapter is actually depressing, there's so much dark foreshowing here that I wanted to...I don't know what I wanted to do. Uhmm...Light's monologue isn't usually so depressing. Then again, we don't really get much politic talk from Light, which is a bit ironic...

Then B was watching him sleep! Oh my goodness, Beyond is ALWAYS the truth teller in this story. He always says everything no one wants to hear, and the fact that Light was internally agreeing with him has me worried. I want LxLight so much (Even if I am rooting for BxL everywhere else). The fact that we got so much backstory on L via was amazing. I was cheering! Hip hip hooraying. B has so much insight into everything L does because he pays way too much attention to him. The fact that we kinda got to see what L was doing this entire time, it's like every question answered, and B, the doll that he is is the delivery man.

The knife! I like that he's so subtly mad in this, like, homicidal tendencies are hanging by a thread, because that's how he IS! He's not just batshit, he's just got some issues like everyone else, and he's a genius! Like I said, AAALLLL the biopsych, mmm.

Uhmm...kay, so I'm going to skip down to L, that camera man thing, it's exactly how Light saw it. That was dangerous, things are getting so dangerous. But I'm going to ignore all that in favor of talking about the things I loved. I'm better at that. I'm a shallow gal, I guess, hah. Their weird methods of foreplay, oh my gosh. They're so perfect, that's how it was in canon, I swear. But the fact that L loves Light whenever he's being merciless is so intriguing to me. It makes me wonder about poor L.

Then Light aluding to BxLxLight! YES! THAT right there is my real OTP. This line in particular. "I'd love to see him collapse into L and L only doing it because I asked him to." yessss...I wanna see it happen. or I want him to say something, or have a dream. He won't, but hnnggggggg.

In other news, Light's plans for L-isolation and getting B the fuck outta there is sad. Because I love B, and I love that he loves L so much to a really really really unhealthy degree. The way Light described it, uh...something about homicidal, I dunno, that's exactly it. This chapter made me love you more than I already do.

Over and out, I feel like I'm not saying anything anymore.
youremyqueen chapter 20 . 2/21/2013
Not going to lie, this is the chapter I have been waiting for for solong. It's the 'L you are obviously sleeping with the prime minister' special! Is it wrong that I'm going to miss Stephen when he goes away? He's hilarious and kind of a good sport besides. And B! Please tell me that B is never going away because he's excellent and my existence wouldn't be quite the same without him.

My thoughts when reading this chapter were along the lines of: "wow, Light is really such a shit to Kiyomi" and "wow, L is a terrible boyfrind manfriend partner person." So at least L and Light can be horrible together! happily ever after.

I will be here, gnawing on my laptop screen, waiting for the next update.
ElizabellaLight chapter 20 . 2/19/2013
Bytheby, I have a friend who apparently called out of work to continue reading this. Win.
youremyqueen chapter 19 . 2/19/2013
I just found a chance to read this (because I am slow and also the worst) and I'm on my ipad so I can't do a proper keyboard smash the way I like to when it comes to your fic, but basically my heart/mind/souls/body/etc is screaming and laughing and dying becau you are excellent.

And now onto the next chapter
ElizabellaLight chapter 20 . 2/13/2013
Ohhhhh! I adored this chapter so much. Here I was, biting my nails as I opened it up, and by the end I was smiling like a fool. I really really really just love their fucked up ness. Is that bad? Does it point to something in myself that I think that their relationship is bootiful and that they're just oh so purrrfect.

Anyways, B! Oh my goodness...Beyond, he's so absolutely...hah. I love his relationship with Light, because it shows so much insight on his relationship with L. Which is just so very very sad for B. When Light told L that B loved him...I wanted to just go to B, wherever he was in that house, and love him to make up for L being selectively blind. The funny thing is, as much a B wants him to be with someone good for him, B would also be bad for him, I think. L really really really needs emotional stability, which was Stephen (and he knows that), and neither Light NOR B provide that. But yeah, nice love...pentagon you got going here. ME-ow.

Okay, what else, the argument with Stephen! Wowie, Stephen shows his true colors and suspicions and CIA observatory/deduction whatever skills. Good for him. I really liked him in this chapter and quite wanted to give him a thumbs up. He just seemed like such a pansy, much in the way Light saw him (but...I guess it IS through Light's POV), so when he was sticking up to L now...and accusing him, and interrogating him, very well done Stephen. For some reason, I found the little bit about climbing mountains to be funny...I annotated that at least. Other favorite parts, when Stephen said "Close. It was Tom," or something like that. That made me laugh. It also was very telling and we got a nice peak into what L's like when Light's not there...which is still obsessed with him. Whee.

Also, I'm sooooo glad that you included the FBI, I clapped a little like the fangirl I am! (I even like them on Facebook...) Uhh...few things! Kudos on Stephen saying that they use a "friendly face" or something like that. It's true. Their primary method of investigation, and subsequently the most effective method, is called "rapport building." They literally sit you there, become your friend in like ten minutes, and then make you feel comfortable enough to talk to them. It produces honest answers, and will more likely than not be successful in getting them to wave their Miranda Rights. Now...Lawyer!L made a mistake. This doesn't really matter, because no one even knows this anyways, but! a person does not have any right to have a lawyer present when they are not under arrest or in effective custody. In order for Miranda Rights (right to counsel in this situation) to be applicable, the person needs to be both under arrest or unable to leave for an extended period of time...implying that an arrest will take place, AND they need to be participating in behaviors that would illicit a guilty statement.

Phew, okay, I don't I said, SUPER nit picky, I talk like this to study and remember my lessons. I'm also getting my law degree, so sorry again. wah.

Now, finally! ending on a funny note, I think I will at least. When Light looked at B, and in his head said "you're next" that was brilliant. I mean, sad, and I hope untrue, but funny to me none the less. I actually found this chapter to be very full of laughs, even if it wasn't meant that way.

But plot comes next, so...yay for that as well?

I love you and your writing as per usual. Kudos!
thebarstool chapter 19 . 2/11/2013
Annnd, that's when you know you need to shut the hell up when ffn cuts you off. Last part of last review: Again, major progress in that fact that L openly admits how angry he is and how he wishes they had worked this out sooner. Emotional honesty is hell of a big step here boys.
THE LAST LINE. I SOBBED AND DRY HEAVED. Man, this chapter was a bouquet of knives to the face. Hurts so good, and such.

CONTINUING REVIEW SPAM. I was very upset when you told me you think that this sucks, so I'm spamming you with my feels. FEEEEL THEM AND BE TERRIFIED.

Anyway, excellent decision, the intermission (sorta rhyming? sorry). We're gonna need it methinks. L hosting a dinner party, the horror, the horror.

HAHAH, sacking your driver for daring to eat in front of you like he's a human being. Light, I love you.
I imagine that B had to be tranquilized once they found him in the park and caught with a net what with how manic he was in the box. I googled the Rodarte collection you mentioned and nothing has ever been so perfect for a character who would feel at home literally wearing the skin of a homeless man he killed. Hell, I want one of them sweaters. B, you got style. Euro trash style, but style nonetheless.

Mega awkwardness between B and Light, although Light, is, as always at his best when he's hated. He drinks it up. Guess B is just focusing on seething at this point too.

“I haven't felt it since Jeevas died, and the sense of burning hatred emanating from B, who's unable to say or do anything because of L rather than any notion of social standards, kickstarts my heart. Inner tranquillity which cannot be found by any other means, surges through me because I am hated. My righteousness gorges itself. I feel reborn in a dark room and I am unafraid.” Love it.

“B is at the head of the table...I find a new kind of pleasure from it.” OH YOU POOR BASTARD.
Aaand of course B would be part of the human voluntary extinction movement. He's probably a card carrying member.

HAHAHAHAH STEPHEN'S MORONIC JOKE AND MIKAMI'S HALF-WASTED SCREAM. This dinner party is such a clusterfuck, I love it.

It's hilarious to me how both L and Light institute the same strategy of provoking a pointless random argument so that they can duck out and hump each other with an excuse re: Light's hyper-vigilant disciplinary policy. Only L's is the one that sort of succeeds. God, they're so obvious it's ridiculous.
And L being mega-douche to drive Stephen away. Is it the kinder option? Maybe. Yeah I think so. It's probably the sort of stupid passive aggressive behavior I would engage in, anyway. Did I mention Stephen is sort of hot when he's pissed? Yes he is. L must be having the time of his life, a bit. Yay, picking a fight over steak in order to sneak away for some semi-covert humping. Have to say, after the cute French and the giggling and promise of illicit sex, I was not happy to have B horn in. Then again, if they're stupid enough to leave the door open, well. Oh the jealousy, the hatred, the judging, the moral hypocrisy. (monogamy is for the ugly and the stupid hahahaha) Kills me. Light vs. B is brilliant by the way. Example:

"Why aren't you in a mental institution? Why hasn't someone killed you yet? Where are the assassins when you need them?...I've seen nicer faces."

This whole exchange, I had missed Light's insulting/being insulted exchanges. B is leagues ahead of Jeevas but because it comes from that really dark place it doesn't have the same levity that Jeevas did. Because we're in big league sads, gentlemen.

"You do know that alcoholism is a valid addiction, not Lcoholism, you -" OH GOD NO. LIGHT SHUT UP.
SIGH. Yes, B, you're going to have to let L screw up on his own at this point.
Back to steaks, where L is more of a bastard to Stephen and he breaks Limoges. Oh the Limoges. Like Light, I'm always vaguely depressed when valuable glass/porcelain-y things are killed.

“He turns his face to look at me as though he's astonished that I exist. Maybe no one has ever fully accepted his turbulence like I do..."I'm sick of you leaving," he whispers. I can't help but smile at his sadness.” OH MAH HEART. Yup, Light sees him clearly and still likes the wreckage that he is. You don't get that too often. Also, coats, I always mean to ask for coat porn. Is there such a thing? Well, damn it, I have a coat fetish. There I said it. Anything you can do to help me out would be great.

“"I'll go when you do," he tells me. He's very perceptive and fearless. You could have a conversation with him without anyone actually speaking.” Oh man. That quote's going to bite us in the ass, isn't it?
I love Kiyomi when she's miserable. She's hilarious but three months in a hospital? Really, really really don't want to be pregnant, never because I guarantee that's going to happen to me. Nooo.
"If it's trying to kill her from the womb then imagine the kind of relationship they'll have after it's born.” HAHAHAA. And also many laughs at their sacking roleplay. Damn you Kiyomi for interrupting.
Light is forever the opportunist, having his gay bit on the side move in with him while his wife is in the hospital pregnant with his gremlin. It does make me nervous that L hasn't dismissed Stephen yet. He's hesitating. They're both hesitating but what else is new. This is going to be a knife in the guts. Even with how hilarious this chapter was, you see it coming. Choices need to be made and fast. ARGH I can't take it. But you know me, I love melodrama and the agony, emotional masochist that I am. You rule, as always.
thebarstool chapter 18 . 2/11/2013
Moar reviewering!

Ha, of course L is displeased with the haircut. We all know he likes him as a twink.

Oh God, it's this moment that I realize how screwed that child is going to be with Light and Girl!Light as its parents. Who needs radiation to mutate you into some sort of blood-thirsty monster when you have those genes/environment?

“The day after I won the election, he slapped me on the backside in some congratulatory but lecherous way in front of everyone in the club...was still badly behaved and his reviews are quite a common occurrence in my office.” AHAHAHAHA. 'dude I know you're gay but stop spreading your gayness around' is all I heard and I die.

“I can't actually stop looking at him. It's quite sad really...Myself four years ago would see a long streak of piss topped with black hair in a mediocre suit. Hindsight is a terrifying thing.” Eeeeeeee, Light you poor bastard, you kill me with your feels.

This whole scene is fantastic. The descriptions of how desperate bars like this are, the people in them, the general sordidness of it. Excellent. The transvestite! At first I was like, “...B?” because you know I see that bastard everywhere but false alarm. I love that Light wants to give him fashion advice as a form of charity, that he feels bad for him because he's alone. That is seriously the most adorable he's ever been, to me for some reason.

“he's surprisingly disparaging...before all things, a class A bastard.” ahhh yes, the mommy issues.

They're such reckless dicks, they might as well be screwing each other in front of Mikami for how subtle they're being. It's a good thing Mikami's done all that cocaine. But as you sort allude to, Mikami probably picks up on something but just sort of assumes that Light is straight in general.

L's history lesson raises some interesting questions about their relationship. On some level, L did cast Light as Hephaeston when they first met and then found it hard to discard him. But then, he possibly never got what he wanted, really. He says when they meet for dinner “I just want to understand you.” and Light's response was: “To understand me would make me dead.” Hilariously enough, they're on the same page. Here are two people used to using and discarding others, it makes sense that their worst fear is someone else getting to the bottom of who they are, deciding its boring and then discarding them. L has probably been discarded in these serial man-boy relationships. So his intent is muddled by that sort of drive to use and discard, as he has been in the past and this instinct that he's found something special, a soulmate for lack of a better word. But Light sort of sees it differently now than he did, as a sort of mutual, assisted evolution. The best relationships change you a bit, for the better. John Steinbeck said this to his son: “There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you — of kindness and consideration and respect — not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable.” I think Light is there. He feels like he's been made better and he wants to do the same for L. L is sort of struggling with the petty kind that feeds the ego. However, Light may help him out of it. For better or worse.

“I could teach you how to be selfless even though I'm not selfless. How to want things for someone other than yourself. Because it's right.”AHHH alarm bells. I won't say anymore but know that I'm biting my nails right now.

OH THE GAZING THING. My romantic self flails.

Yay, box sex. These two are so unbelievably messed up and perfect. Not that this hasn't been said before but it's always on my mind. The whole need/kneed me thing, excellence. The difference now is that they seem to understand each other quite well now. That these sudden resentments pop up from that place of being overwhelmed by their feelings for each other. There's compassion and sympathy as well as acceptance of the other's depravity/insanity/emotional retardation. Also, L is very bendy. I feel like that's canon, somehow.

“Part of me knows that we're weird fuckers and I hope that we never stop and become totally vanilla and boring and talk about non-biological detergents. It makes me laugh but I haven't enough air to do that.” I'm grinning right now. And crying inside.

Aaaand, enter B, stage left. I had a panic attack reading this (a little one) because I've been interrogated like this before and it is not fun. You captured the collapse quite well. It's like your brain empties itself completely and all you feel is guilt and shame. Actually, not even, all you're focused on is avoiding the hammer of punishment that is about to fall on you. Which is what happens to L.

One of the troubling things about caretaking friendships is that at a certain point, the caretaker feels entitled to make all of the decisions or at least that their insight is the most valuable viewpoint in a situation. So when the cared-for friend disregards the advice or disobeys, it shoots the whole dynamic down. This is why B engages in these sort of shout downs, I think. In addition, he is relentlessly jealous because he loves L. And in some fashion that love means that he despises that L makes terrible decisions and is hurting himself because he cares. But there's also the darker side to that love.

Yes Stephen is good for L technically. He's a good person, he'll be an excellent caretaker but he's also no threat to B at all. He's there only to perform manual necessities and basic companionship. B would still be the one to understand L the most. Light is a threat because he would be willing to be a caretaker AND the intellectual emotional equal. B and Stephen are similar in that they live with an ideal version of L in their heads. Stephen can't fathom the type of bastard L is yes. And B can, he knows L all around but still romanticizes him and is in turn bitterly disappointed when L doesn't meet his lofty moral standards. Because L is his god. At the same time, their relationship is predicated on L being a mess. Even if B is more messed up, more morally bankrupt, their dynamic only works if L believes in his own inadequacy and B as the voice of reason. On some level, B believes this is the only way to maintain a large presence in L's life, above all others. B wants to be the only and if he can't have L completely, he'll harvest the most important parts to himself. That's why he's threatened by Light, because Light will take everything with him and leave nothing for B. So B's love for L is on some level, the one born out of ego. It's territorial, it's tied into his self-worth, maybe.

“His voice runs down like a record player with a dying battery to a hollow, slow, deep conclusion. It's as emotionless as his face, and though his words started so pleasantly and rushed in delivery, it ended with a last word said with so much venom that it sounds like an accusation.” Incredible stuff. God the writing man. The dialogue is so good and terrifying. This is terrifying, to watch L fall apart like this and Light scrambling for something to do.

Side note: I wish I knew more about perfume/cologne. Also, Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco VanilleHomer Simpson drool. Got a wiff of it at a department store once and I wanted it so bad. Unfortunately, then they would have cut up my credit card.

“I've known you since you were eleven years old and you cried at night but you didn't make a sound and when I asked you why you cried you said that you didn't and you looked the same as you do now because you were lying then and you're lying now." Jesus. The history.

"You were the most brilliant thing...I know why, I knew why, it's because now you've found someone who'll finish the job haven't you someone to kill you that's what you want isn't it what you've always wanted you want to die." OH GOD THE DESPAIR. This is why I made that playlist. Because there is so much here and you are brilliant and I am so sad right now. Because he's insane but to want someone that badly, for that long. Ugh. Kills me. I'm of course assuming L the slut slept with him once. Actually, I'm not sure. It's quite possible B stopped it before it went too far and L took it as a rejection. But maybe not. B doesn't seem to be the type to deny himself anything unless he wanted L to be of sound mind during.

Damn. Is it just me or does B's anger extend to the fact that L is intentionally putting Light in a terrible/difficult position of looking forward to a future that's doomed. Or a role that might just break Light down. B empathizes with Light here, doesn't he? He hates him, but he looks at him and knows that he really truly loves L in a way that's selfless and purer than what B feels. Then again, B is probably the most self-aware of all of them so it would make sense in a way.

Jeez, the whole god thing I still don't know if I get. My next stab is that L is attempting to rectify years of political moral bankruptcy by bringing Light into his full empathetic leader potential. Brings it back to the type of love L feels. Is it born from the ego or the selflessness that Light already is beginning to display? AHHH, I'M DYING.

Oh and back to the lovely between them. Light is so supportive. Yeah, he could be an excellent caretaker AND shitstirrer. THEY'RE SO HORRIFICALLY PERFECT. DEATH THROES

I just held my head in my hands at L's desperation while he's trying to talk to B again and B is just on the phone not saying anything. Again, I have been L in this situation and it's perfectly done.

"No. Just nothing. You know when you're leaving a message on someone's machine and there's a moment when you actually hear yourself? I mean, you really hear yourself and you sound so fucking stupid. No, you've never had that. It's ok." YESS

Again, major p
thebarstool chapter 17 . 2/11/2013
Damn so first of all, very relieved that Light is defending himself this time. Frankly, it would have continued in the same vein of disturbing power play if he hadn't. Yup retrospective anger is my forte also. Sometimes you don't realize you've been taken advantage of until after.

God Light gets it. Empathy is a wondrous, terrible thing. L spends his life trying to punish the people that made him into a douche, the ones that withheld affection or abandoned him etc. Implicitly he uses it as an excuse for everything terrible that he does and that's shitty not only because the intended recipients never get it or actually care but most importantly, all he is doing is flailing around in the dark. It ultimately just backfires on him, impeding his growth, his relationships, causing him to do stupid shit that he regrets later on.

I love how Light can't even look at him though, pretending he's working so that he doesn't show how difficult it is to stand up to L at this moment. Or maybe he just hates admitting that he can't stand the sadistic games anymore.

"I want us to be how we used to be. Not hate fucks everywhere." Um excuse me, what? Light, you stupid, it was always like that.

This whole conversation was very much needed, otherwise we'd sort of be left with this really terrible taste in our mouths about the whole thing. Well, more of it would remain. It hit me, reading this, that we never really got much evidence of those loving moments until Light starts giving it to us in retrospect once he processes his feelings. That's makes his new unironic glass office-case of emotion (Anchorman, always relevant) so brilliant to me. Because even though first person Light gives the appearance of complete openness (by virtue of that fact that we're sort of in his head and privy to all the lovely psychosis), he's completely shut us out of his emotions because he doesn't understand them. So we don't see those moments of romance or understanding between them. We see them after the fact, dressed, angry, fighting about things that happened behind closed doors but we're always missing something. We're standing outside that damn office thinking we can see inside but we can't. Super neat, dude.

I love Light and Kiyomi. I also never ever want to be pregnant.

Ah the Lexus LF-LC, miss, you know your sexy cars. I was reading some story a while back and L was driving a Nissan Skyline and I was like 'seriously?' all that money and that's the car you pick for him. It's hideous and looks like a drag racing car some meth head would buy. No ways. Dude had a gigantic phallic tower built for seven people. He's not going to drive that shit. Granted this is Light driving the Lexus but L is clearly drooling/aroused by it.

I'm terrified that L lost a case, BTW. Sign of the end times.

Oh car sex. You've lost your sex scene anxiety. I am extremely happy about this.

The greatest line ever: "Light, before you bang my head against the door, I just want to say that I love you. I always have. Now go ahead and dislocate my hips." If letting someone dislocate your hips isn't love, I don't know what is.

“I said that while we were waiting...We rarely have more than an hour together at one time, so we don't talk, and it's their fault.” Be still my heart, it's lovely-sad.

Light and Penber. Interesting, he was a mentor of sorts and a guy Light genuinely liked and looked up to. It's crazy to think about it but it's really clear in that scene that the Light we meet in chapter one is not the one that always was. He's the one who's been worn down by the depravity and locked himself away in order to keep him self alive in a way. He was more of a person once. Sad. And L sees this in Light's conversation with Naomi, how he can't talk about it really because he's a bit destroyed by it. I wonder how L feels about that.

Yay, L-Stephen meet cute. Not really. Stephen was like: oh he's sort of nuts, I like him and L was probably exhausted emotionally and angry as hell at Light and totally underestimated Stephen's interest. I was damn curious, though.

I MUST know what this Dali film is, like now.

I am terrified by your knowledge of Frankie Goes to Hollywood songs but then it makes for yet another hilarious exchange. Yay! They stop in the middle of hallways to gaze at each other. Yay, dinner. Yay they're lovely together again. Although, I always see the shadows in everything. Is there some ominous foreshadowing put in there in the fact that L goes up and Light goes down? Ugh ignore me, too many damn Lit courses. Anyway, I'm super glad for the confrontation it was needed! And as always, handled tastefully without excess melodrama or gratuitous sobbing which is how it usually goes in this fandom. Well done you.
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