Reviews for Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything
ElizabellaLight chapter 13 . 12/23/2012
I'm going to throw up. Oh my goodness, I feel clinically depressed right now. I'm actually crying, this isn't fair. What are you? I feel absolutely out of my mind bonkers crazy right now because this can't be real. I'm going to bawl my eyes out. This is a chapter I absolutely can't re-read. Oh my goodness. You've broken me! I'm too emotionally tied to fanfiction, I swear. But bravo! This was fabulous, really, Light is...well, wow. He's kookoo off the rocker now, isn't he? I'm not talking about L, I can't. I, ah, words, where are they? breathe! breathe! i need fluff. i need it like water. i'm sorry if you think i'm upset with this, i'm not. this is fantastic and i really did love it, and if this was the ending i'd likely murder you, but it's not. I feel like Light right now, that's the problem.

Okay, new review! nope, can't do it. you broke me.
youremyqueen chapter 13 . 12/24/2012

"Since I met him, part of me has wanted nothing more than to kill him."

I want to quote every word you have ever written ever, because it is all perfect. Someone should bottle your dialogue and sell it. I am repeatedly at a loss for words with this fic, because seriously, it's just such a good story. It is the epitome of GOOD. I mean, it is fucked-up and crazy, but in all the right ways, and it hits hard, and manages to be hilarious and poignant and about six thousand other things all at once, and seriously, THE RATE YOU CRANK THIS SHIT OUT. It's incredible.

I am consistently and unbelievably impressed by you and everything this story is. Just, thank you.
youremyqueen chapter 12 . 12/21/2012
youremyqueen chapter 11 . 12/21/2012
I mean to send a strongly worded letter or something, because they're not sending me my notifications, man. helpless flailing

That aside, let me say this several weeks late: I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO HAVE YOUR CHILDREN. Everything you write ever makes me want to die in raptures of joy. I'd put in details but I really don't want to be going on for hours and also kind of want to get started on the next chapters. So, like, what I mean to say is

thebarstool chapter 11 . 12/16/2012
I've stopped drinking but I'm still unwieldy so more rambling.

Light and Kiyomi's relationship is hella interesting to me because as you describe it, she thinks of him mainly as a prize. She's everything he aspires to be but failed at: soulless, self-absorbed, strong. He's almost hurt by how removed she is. He chose her but in the end is baffled by how correct his choice turned out to be in terms of convenience and compatibility. Probably because in the end she is correct for his facade rather than his true self. As shriveled as it is. Also, it seems like he's kind of jealous/resentful that she is completely detached. Or is this all a misinterpretation? Does she regret her marriage to him and is suffering too? Or is she rational enough to accept it as the way her life has to be? She is definitely awesome in this chapter. I'm glad for her, Naomi and Sayu as representative of women in this world was bumming me out.

Near in a white suit. BWAHAHAHA I seriously can only think of Colonel Sanders, the kentucky fried chicken guy. I really really can't get it out of my head. I spent at least ten minutes laughing about it.

Light watching L leave the building. Oh lord. Sad. I sincerely hope he bugs L's house at some point. I'm counting on it.

Light and L's exchange in the house: sympathy again for Light. He's so flustered, as if this whole situation could be avoided out of sheer will. Moron. L is mature and happy and super hot, that is the best thing you can ask for when running into an ex. Sucks for Light so I'm all for it.

Floating bar restaurant! L wearing a red tie Stephen gave him as a gift so as not to upset him. Lord, he is happy.

"I'm amazed by how pleasant we're being...The Tokyo skyline at night has always flattered me with a soft glow." If any paragraph foreshadows just how batshit Light is going to get it's this one. That he would think about murdering L during sex is brilliant. Utterly.

I realize that B must hover over the story like a phantom of awesome because in the flesh he would kill us all with the snark and overdiagnosing but I need him like water. I was inspired to write a crappy one shot background history of the two of them in my stupid morning journal. B likes knifeplay, by the way.

Light's diagnosis is pretty much dead on, of course, with the malignant narcissism slowly encroaching in. I wonder if B takes himself seriously or if he just does it to screw with people. He is a psychologist and some of them do tend to be sanctimonious dicks. I imagine him to be a Lacanian mainly because Lacan used to hold his sessions in a taxicab and then throw them out of the moving car once he was finished. Seems fitting somehow.

"He returns my smile...I want the love and the sorrow even if I'm broken by it." ARGH my romantic side had a stroke.

"For a minute there he knew that I was right, but he turns his face away from me suddenly to look back at the water, destroying the moment like it was a piece of paper he's just ripped up." This whole scene in front of window goes on to destroy me basically but the main frustration with these two is that they're never on the same page. Is this a brief moment when L allows himself to accept the truth, albeit how pointless it is, of Light's feelings? Nah, it's an almost not quite, really. L can't really allow it at this point, he's decided to save himself.

OH THE BELLS. I have such a hard time wrapping my head around L's story about the vacations. I just think about the anime and the whole scene on the rooftop. It's literally the only proof of L's humanity that we got. He's sort of desperate, vulnerable but angry and resigned. Bells aren't some supernatural sign but some connection to a yearning, uncertainty in him I guess. The fact that he remembers it after Light tells him what will be the closest thing he can get to a genuine admission of devotion, it's him telling himself that he yearns too much as to almost trick himself into believing it. He's scared of that happening so he doesn't believe anything at all. It's safer that way? I don't know.

L's reply to the invitation. HAHAHAHA. Love it.

This dinner party is a trainwreck and therefore perfect. I almost wish that Light, L and Kiyomi were in christmas sweater situation. They are fantastic.

Is Halle the reason Mihael is giving L the silent treatment? Does it have to do with Jeevas? Insulting each other in various languages. I die.

'L mirrors the pose and everything about him is beautiful with hatred. To stop myself from making an embarrassing noise which would probably make me sound like a chicken running into a wall and climaxing," Light you are a mess. A serious mess. And his fantasy of killing Matt? Perfection. dynamic stochastic general equilibrium: I went to wikipedia and I still don't know what that is.

I have to disagree, buddy. I cannot stand the last name Gevanni. It always reminds me of how misspelled the American names were in the third arc and how much I hated the third arc in general. And that people tend to ship him with Near. Which is why I am now dead, sexually. Loud is somewhat preferable to me. But that's like choosing cyanide over arsenic, really. Doesn't mean he isn't hot though. He totally was.

Light, you are a husk. Hilarious that he mentions how bored he was when L first spoke to him about Vertigo and the after where he assumes the interests of the person who left him FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS. Cray-zy.

Light is such an asshole but I love him deeply. I SO wish we could get L and Stephen as they are, lovely and happy. Bug his house, Light, you know you want to. But I guess it wouldn't matter, we'd still get Light's douchery.

This one makes less sense than the last one. I'm crashing, probably. I'll just stop now. Favorite chapter so far but it's really actually like Sophie's Choice at this point so disregard.
thebarstool chapter 10 . 12/15/2012
Ok so I owe you three reviews and you shall get your three reviews in order. Though I am not typing on a phone, I am drinking heavily and eating some incompetent stew I made as I have the sniffles and I am out of Nyquil. Tis the season to get fucked up on cold remedies, apparently. You are seriously going to get tired of me after this, noone should have to read so much of me rambling but this is what you get for ruling so hard.

"L is a man who personally hunted down a pregnant woman who accidentally smashed the brake light on his car while reversing and drove off without realizing, just to shout at her...He's also a man who shed an unashamed tear when his favourite pastry chef died, so I find it hard to accept that, if his own father died, that he would skip the grief process and go straight to not giving a shit."

OH GOD, I died so hard at this. yes, this basically sets the tone for this review, me quoting at you and guffawing/sobbing like a loser. It was sort of easy to forget that L can out-bastard Light because Light has sort of been ahead for quite a while. Just absolutely shameless, our L.

This drunken spectacle was pretty heartbreaking. L is constantly in conflict with being the lying douche lawyering machine. It makes me wonder again how much he is a product of a loveless environment and how much would have been in his nature, anyway because he's always fighting this core that yearns for love and validation but I guess he wouldn't crave it so much if he had gotten it in childhood. Or he'd look for it from someone who wasn't more screwed up than he is and thus unable to give much of anything.

"My God, you're gullible. You know what people are to me, Light? They're just like this bottle of whiskey. When they're finished, I just get a new one. You're finished. And so am I."

Yup, mutually assured destruction. They are so perfect in that horrible way that no one ever should be because then everybody dies.

Oh God, Light you sat up all night. And the fact that he pretends that he was sleeping, just makes me sigh with sadness. I want to pat his head.

"What? Are you a vampire now?" I ask. "Do you need an invitation? Come the fuck in, Edward."
HAHAHA I missed this the first time. Brilliant.

"the incredibly depressing tone...pass on my disease." Two things, one, you have such a feel for describing these snippets of human behavior that are hardly acknowledged because they're so recognizable. You're just excellent with words, precise but affecting. Two: this is a moment of loveliness coated with Light's terrible self-concept/minimalization/unreliable POV. L thinks Light is sometimes a sack of crap but noone believes it more 24/7 than Light does. Light doesn't walk away from him and allows him the apology which is very kind and demonstrates a lot more than he wants it to. He empathizes with L's shitty situation and cares in albeit a childish sort of way, enough to want Lord bastard's head on a pike. But he reduces it to a perfunctory sort of obligation because it removes him from the fact that he is invested emotionally. I imagine there were a few of these moments between them over the years.
I wish we had seen them because as much as I'm a cynic, I'm also a bleeding heart romantic.

"What I know of love is that it's rage; a sort of floundering seizure of rage without direction. It will not be put in order. It will not listen to reason. I think, perhaps, that it wants to kill you. I don't know when it changed me, but I miss who I was before. Maybe the trick of living a long life is to be loveless. I can almost feel the years seeping away." That's it, you are light years ahead of me. I will kill you if you don't enter that creative writing module. This also reminds me of what one of my emotionally stunted friends told me: that the only real emotion men could feel was anger. Just varying degrees of anger. He is also a raging narcissist so well done you.

Curious, did L lose his virginity to Astbury?

Oh the languid peace of this conversation kills me. They're being so kind and lovely to each other while still being themselves, of course it's the end.

Screw editing, I love backstory, give me all the backstory. L's musings on David really demonstrate how they're two halves of the same coin. L is maturing, maybe has a chance at being a decent human being and Light is an idiot and will remain so I mean look at this: "I yawn away from him and smile at how stupid he is. He takes on other people's meaningless tastes for sentimental reasons, formed by nurture rather than nature. I wonder if any of us are ever truly original if even L can't make his mind up for himself." Bitch please. No one has ever had less self awareness, ever.

I guess the fundamental difference is that L lucked out by getting the lesson from a good person and Light had the misfortune of falling in love with the only person who rivals him in bastardy. Have to say, really sort of felt for Light when L is laughing at him. It's the absolute worst to try and try and fail miserably to express yourself to someone and have them dismiss you constantly. He is partly to blame for being dismissive and usually a liar. But in this case, while he may not understand what exactly he feels, he does love L in some fashion. It seems like L won't allow himself that final weakness, that faith because he knows it would mean the death of him. It is pretty stupid to trust Light. Hell neither of them should trust the other. It takes strength they don't have.

"Light, never forget that if I'm anything, I'm a liar. I lie constantly, and only to amuse or save myself." And this makes my head explode because on one level, it justifies Light's defense mechanisms and detachment towards him because who willingly trusts someone who is a liar and also highlights how much lying is a survival instinct for L. He'll swivel back and forth between truth and lies at the drop of a hat when he feels like he's losing and vulnerable. The act of saying you're lying is one in itself. defense that is. It completely saves you from taking responsibility for any emotional leverage you leave lying around.

"Don't think that I see what you're trying to do...It makes me think of all the funerals I've ever been to, and every open coffin." This whole thing. I'm dying. I died. I just don't even know what to make of that dream thing. Does it have to do with his desperate desire to have him even if he has to be dead for that to happen? Jesus.

"Existence crashes headlong into me when his mouth is on mine" I want to harvest your braaaaain.

Matt/Light insult contest! Did my dreams come true? Yes they did. I almost wished for a hate fuck there. They have such caustic chemistry. And toss in L and you have Stalingrad in a threesome.

Aaand back to reality. Oh Light, of course you're only worried about L throwing your blazer into the washer. Of course you are. L's family biography is brilliant. I have used 'hat trick of mutants' in real life, by the way, to describe the enclave of incompetent nepotism cases at work so thank you for expanding my vocabulary.

So the ending of this brought me back to feeling so badly for Light, in addition to the general frustration I always feel with him. He sounds so young and lost because he's a complete child. L is really expecting way too much from him but at the same time, he probably knows it's impossible but still feels the need to try to that he can move forward without doubts when Light inevitably fails. The whole "say the right thing" brought mixed feelings like it always does. It's sort of unfair to expect someone to have their thoughts together at the complete shock of watching you leave but I suppose all L wants is reassurance that he has a place in Light's world. Light of course doesn't understand this at all, he only knows how to parrot back behaviors, doesn't really know how to act in a genuine way. They kill me, these two. Always failing to connect completely. That L tries to save him by being honest is heartbreaking because we know its a hopeless endeavor. Light does not compute.

Oh Light. I bet he missed the meeting because he was busy breaking into L's house and crying into his suits. It's my headcanon now.

Office supply store to the face.

Also, is it just me or did this turn creepy somewhere? I can't even tell anymore.
S.K.Y cyrus chapter 12 . 12/15/2012
Great chapter, I was wondering if you could do one on Stephen and L relationship though just an idea :)
ElizabellaLight chapter 12 . 12/14/2012
ohmy. this was so good i can't even begin. I think it might be my new favorite chapter...I can't tell. Gah, you're just such a good person. I want to hug you, really, I do. Maybe take you out to dinner, I'd call you back for a second date, really, I promise. Gosh! Amazing, the argument, this whole chapter, it really was just an argument. I love that Light's the one chasing now, and the last scene here, god it's just perfect! That bit about L going on about how amazing he is, well, he really is just the best. He's fantastic, and I just love every bit of this. Everything that Light feels, all the jealously, all the confusion. How he didn't understand that L was SERIOUS about Stephen. But when he hugs Light, and tells him that he DOES still love him, your story is El Dorado. A city made of absolute 24 karat gold m'dear. And I do feel better, thank you. (:
Carla chapter 12 . 12/14/2012
Ahhh gosh so many emotion are racking me as whole as I finishing reading this chapter . I am furious at Light for being an asshole in my opinion. Yes I want Light and L together but then Light has to become idiotic (really its you Light that's idiotic not Stephen) . I have begun a love hate admiration for this story. I apologiez if my review is not helpful or just weird but I'd like to commend you for such a great story you have conjured up.
Fluoxetine chapter 12 . 12/14/2012
I love the contrast that last line makes.
Rin5o chapter 10 . 12/10/2012
I admire your writing, and I think it just keeps improving! I don't know how you do it! Some very powerful imagery in this chapter.
"I slaughtered that complete shit," I say, the glory sliding between my teeth.
I really like how you put it. And Jeevas skiffle concert! Hilarious! What starts with Jeevas must end with Jeevas))
Love descriptions, love dialogue, more than ever love L-rants.
"He made me realise that I was born to be a horrible person, so I should thank him for that" lol, best quote ever.
I love the mood of this chapter - melancholic but not depressive, it's actually hopeful. It's not over yet!
Just now listened to the Manics' Motorcycle Emptiness on repeat))
Your joys are counterfeit/This happiness corrupt political shit/Living life like a comatose/Ego loaded and swallow, swallow/Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness. Somehow fitting, or not, mood and everything?
Fluoxetine chapter 11 . 12/10/2012
What are these socks you speak of?
ElizabellaLight chapter 11 . 12/9/2012
Ah, right, here I go for real now. Gevanni! I've never much cared about him, but I'm so glad you included him in this. Mostly because, well, he's quite the attractive character, and he can definitely hold a candle to Light. Mmm...only the best for L, L's so very very perfect. What's nice is that L really didn't much of anything, nothing more than he said he would or was hinting at this entire chapter, and so when you read Light's inner monologue about what L's "doing", it's fantastic, because he's not doing...anything. It's interesting how you can tell that he does feel slightly. ooh, i don't know that i can actually tell anything. maybe he DID plan all this out. Part of me hopes he actually really likes Gevanni, and that he talks to Light about him, and that Light's jealous like how he is with B, and that Light actually ends up having to try or something. I don't know. I really really like this chapter and the turn of events. I'd write more, but my head is so stuffy. This is what I get for going to bed with my hair wet when i have a cold. I hope YOU feel better, my dear, and I can't wait to read more.
ElizabellaLight chapter 11 . 12/9/2012
okay, really quick before i actually read this and actually review. I DREAMT that you updated. In my dream, you updated! And then I woke up, and kabam! okay, now i'm going to go read it.
youremyqueen chapter 10 . 12/3/2012
"Hello! You look very dashing in a political way."

TBH that is how I want to greet everyone forever and ever now. I love L's ridiculous drunkenness and also his ridiculous past. This has got to be one of my favorite AU characterizations ever, because he's just so much fun.

"You've never heard it and you have no soul, so be quiet."

Hah! I think that should be the implicit argument against everything Light says ever. "You have no soul and are therefore wrong." It's sad/hilarious how true it is.

"His trousers smell of rain, old whiskey and me."


Jesus fuck, that was some good swearing.

Like, I love the scenes when it's just the two of them being hot messes, but fuck, do I love ensemble scenes, too. Everybody is so awesome and JEEEEEEEVAS. Jeevas is, like, the physical representation of my soul. That sounds terrible but it's true.



I tend to word-vomit onto you often and without much sense, so just in case it's not actually clear: I seriously think you are a terribly good writer. You have a talent for dialogue that I find kind of overwhelming, and your humor is so consistently excellent, I'm really amazed. I wish you would write all the fic ever, because I can't think of a single thing you couldn't make enjoyable.

Just, guh! You are very awesome.
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