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thebarstool chapter 20 . 3/9/2013
So I'm vaguely terrified that I'm up this early on a Saturday morning but whatever until the library opens up so that I can get my trunkload of graphic novels, it's review time!

Though it ended centuries ago, it looks like the honeymoon is truly over. I mean this opening scene man. Light you reckless douche. A couple of things crossed my mind: 1. Stephen, seriously I know you're nice and everything but is this all you have to do, be nice to L's morally absent not-friends that he just invites over when he wants to screw their husbands? The answer is more DIY I think. 2. I am definitely sure that Kiyomi is probably the number one monster patient of all time and that every nurse has sexual fantasies about killing her. 3. smoking in a hospital? Jesus christ. Light you are too swag for me. 4. “I have a prepared list of things to say to Stephen if he says one critical thing against me, but he doesn't, so I must scatter my annoyance elsewhere.” Yeahh I do this, but once you queue up that list of' clever/devastating things to say the universe conspires to not let you use them. God, you know people so well man, and write this horror of a person so well, I can't even.

Y U NO INCLUDE TEAM SACKING? I would have loved to see L and Light getting off (psychologically and then eventually later on physically obvi) on sacking this poor slob and the poor slob having no idea that this is an aphrodisiac to these insane fuckers.

I spent a really long time laughing at this: “Instead of asking for a fixed appointment on another day instead so he could...sits back down to ponder his useless existence while I alphabetise my bookshelves and remove dead people from my contacts”

Re: Light's gangster suit: talk suits to me baby, all day everyday. I wish I knew this much about clothes in general.

“I feel angry at Kiyomi for latching onto my life. I feel like I've been forced into marrying her.” Sort of capsulized proof of Light's remaining douchery. How do you resent someone else for a decision you made? But then look at who we're talking about. In some ways, it's like he's ceded responsibility for a lot of the shit he did while his old, (more) emotionally stunted self. Like he doesn't even remember the neural pathway that lead him to that decision. I feel so bad for Kiyomi because she's not some empty-headed shrew or emotionless bitch. She's very clearly struggling here. He constructed the fantasy, she helped and neither of them really expected the collateral of ACTUALLY having to live it for reals. God, that kid of theirs is going to be a biter.

“I think that every second we're apart, I'm missing out on such useless gems, and maybe I'll still...bora bora on TV” OH MAH HEART. They're so lovely I die everytime. It's not that he cherishes everything L says because L is full of shit but he just wants to be around him, just wants to hoard all the moments that he's alive and THAT'S SO ROMANTIC. The cynical bitch in me is scrabbling at the door I locked her behind.

Light's manipulative word choice in the car: L is sort of vaguely aware (probably) that he's being manipulated into ceding the power for this round but he doesn't even care, he's so lovesick. Manically depressed cardigan: HAHA!

It's game time, yo. I loved Stephen in this quite a bit. Nothing really gets past him he's just the type of person who chooses to see the best in people but when that person is Light you might as well just put a bullet in both of your eyes cause that shit ain't gonna happen. Compartmentalization is a girl's best friend and it's so funny that L and Light, the kings of this kind of a life are shocked that Stephen is sort of the same way. You have to be with a career like his. He's very trusting in his personal life when he feels it's earned but that doesn't stop him from being an observer too.

"What have you done?" B says to me. "This is the fucking problem when there's a house full of” HAHA, I love you so much you stupid bastard. And of course, the knife in the chest when Stephen says 'it's obvious that there's no chance in hell that L would screw you B.” Or at least that's the way B hears it, the sad loser.

THEY TALK ABOUT SCENTED CANDLES? I just died right there. That is love. Talking to Light about scented candles. Character building exercise: what is Light's favorite scented candle? I'm thinking 'money' or 'sacked employee begging to be spared.' Diptyque makes those, you know.

This endgame exchange between L and Stephen makes me want to kidnap you and have you write all of my dialogue for me because after spending three hours staring at a blank screen in panic yesterday, it occurred to me that it has now become HARD AS SHIT for me to write it, so pack your bags hon, you're moving to America. The rhythm! The sound, it just seems so effortless, damn it. So basically, L is a conflicted asshole, and Stephen's illusions have sort of evaporated. It's perfectly viable that L is a better person with Stephen around. He's not perfect, he's still mean probably but in a sort of snarky, benign way. L is a multi-faceted thing that reshapes into whatever his environment/audience expects him to be and while there is probably some good in him, maybe, there is no joy for him in being good. He doesn't think he's good. He thinks of himself as this amoral piece of crap by default which is why he has so much fun with Light. There's no reason to try to be anything else than that default dirtbag. Also, obviously there's the exhilaration of pushing the boundaries of how horrible you can be until that other person stops accepting you. But we see that in the latest chapter the most.

“I knew you were...and I feel sorry for you.” This broke my heart man. Stephen has clear vision and these two idiots should be pitied because they are the worst and best thing for each other and that's just asking for the universe to stomp on you. And it will, because they are tragedyTM.

Aftermath: 1. Light you stupid bitch, of course you can re-heat cheeseburgers. You are brilliant because of course this pampered idiot wouldn't know that. 2. L's guilt just proves there's an ok person in there. He knows that he's hurt this good person and that they could have been content but instead he's choosing and will be happy with the impending disaster that is going ruin his life. 3. When Light tells him he knows that he can't be alone, needs surrogate TV noise: I fell off my chair and died. Not really but I love you. 4. Still don't understand why he bought this house if he hates it so much and why he refuses to move. Perhaps: the house represents this sort of melancholy tendency towards wallowing in unpleasant memories (lake! Water! Tropes from shitty childhood!) but at the same time he's not denying any part of himself which is why I like him so much I think. He knows every component of himself and likes them (hates them too obvi but doesn't everyone) and doesn't pretend they aren;t there but that makes for some conflicted bastard. To give up the house and move to the city to be near Light would be ceding too much territory. It would be giving into the fantasy that he loves but can't ever believe for longer than a few hours at a time.

HEY MAN cardigans make up 60% of my deranged nerd wardrobe. Screw you Light. We're divorcing.

I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Light badgering him for food and holding him the way he's holding him. Dreamy sigh.

B! Deranged twist on the protective friend, i-will-decapitate-you-if-you-hurt-them speech and I love it man. Obviously this is the sort of hilari-disturbing prelude to the lows of fucking lows that is the next chapter but damn, the seeds are planted. “I only like one person...” and the fact that he fraudulently beats himself up. JESUS. Something tells me he's done this before hasn't he? “But he's hurting me, what about me.” OH GOD. Ok man, I can't do this now, I'll leave it for the next chapter's sobbing.

“You're the sort of man you'd fuck behind a beer stall at a festival and pretend that you didn't.” I need you on a leash B so that you can insult my enemies for me.

This whole interrogation is brilliant. No words man. Seriously. DIALOGUE. And everything else too, I just don;t know man. It's so refreshing to see Light turned inside out with a reality check. Even before the next chapter, B and Light have a certain chemistry that's difficult to describe. At first it's like B would make a magnificent kill out of him but the temporary paralysis that Light goes into is an overwhelm of B's manic negative emotions. There's understanding there. An immense amount only thwarted by how much it interferes with Light's agenda. As an overly empathetic person I can only imagine how I would feel when confronted with someone as insane as B. My organs would probably explode. Light is completely thrown. “He's scared of losing you.” Dying, dead. And L looking after him after the insanity, BEAUTIFUL. Ok I did not expect this to be this long. I'm so long winded it;s ridic. I am so sorry. Ffn is going lock my account probably because of all the swearing.

TL;DR summary: you are magnificent.
taae chapter 22 . 3/7/2013
Okay, so I think it’s fairly safe to say you’ve managed to reach a whole new level of amazing writing. Like, I don’t even know where to begin describing my feelings towards this whole thing except that it’s intriguing and wonderful and probably gives me a lot more emotions than a piece of fanfiction should. It’s probably a bit unhealthy at this point but so is a McDonald’s, and everyone loves that apparently so I think I can get away with this.

Everything is wonderful. The plot is brilliant and although I see bits of foreshadowing here and there now when I read over old chapters, you really don’t have any plot holes that I’ve noticed and you just don’t let anything slip. Your attention to detail is superb, not just in terms of the plot but in terms of the characterisation and description of settings.

And on the topic of characterisation, oh my God. I don’t think there’s one character who suffers from being two dimensional, I really don’t. Everyone is just so multi-faceted and human and it’s really brilliant to read. Like with L, he has that really lovely side but then he has that terrible side and then he has that big side in the middle that doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing and sort of loves Light. And then there’s Light with his mind games and that big gaping chasm of a stunted personality between his two facades and it’s just sort of overwhelming because not many book authors can make such whole and diverse characters so to see it in a fanfiction is a bit too much for me. I need my inhaler.

The dialogue is often both poignant and hilarious at the same time and everything is very bittersweet but it’s just in a really nice way okay. Let’s not even delve into the suspense I’m feeling over this entire Raye Penber thing because I might go mad. As much as I’m praising you now please just note that if you kill off L or Light then all of the above is null and void. It’s not proper to say those kinds of things to an author, I don’t think, but this is very important so here I am.

I haven’t mentioned B! B. What is there even to say. You write him beautifully, let’s go with that. A lot of stories I’ve seen have him as this sort of delusional, unintelligent, exact copycat of L who goes around stuffing himself with jam when he’s not busy foaming at the mouth so it’s nice to see you doing it with a bit more sense. And a lot more intelligence in the actual characterisation, look at all that psychobabble and French and then psychobabble in French. Tres bien.

I think I’m about as excited as Light or L for the birth of the gremlin but at the same time I know that no matter what lies ahead you’ll make it amazing. I am, however, genuinely excited to see how the rest of the party takes to Light’s new controversial bill. And how Light takes to all of this change coming up. He’s losing it by the minute. Remember at the beginning, when he was just sitting around smoking cigarettes with class and feeling smug? L’s helped ruin him but it’s lovely to read about really, so I don’t mind.

I’ll leave it here by saying that you really have confused me because a part of me wants this to end in butterflies and rainbows and Light spending the rest of his life as L’s housemaiden, baking cookies together and reminiscing on the good old days where they could have afforded someone to bake cookies for them if they’d bothered with that at all, but then a part of me wants them to tear each other to shreds. More than they already have, I mean.

Just, ah, thank you for creating such a masterpiece and good luck with writing the rest of it, however long it may be.

- Pickettfence !
youremyqueen chapter 22 . 3/5/2013
Excitement! Intrigue! Ball-grabbing! You always write my very favorite things.

I seriously love Mihael to death. And Mikami. And Matsuda. Everyone is terrible and wonderful. And KIYOMI. Christ, I am way more invested in her and Light's relationship than I thought I would be - in that, I really don't want him to fuck her over and would like them to stay on good terms (or as good of terms as Light can really be on with anybody) as crazy twin assholes. The visceral disgust centered on pregnancy from both of them is actually something I'm really glad is in the fic, because yes, that is a thing that happens, a thing people feel, but in fiction it's always ignored in favor of OMG BABIES EVERYBODY LOVES BABIES.

Jealous, moody L is a darling. And a shithead. I really kind of like that he's always laying blatant physical abuse on Light. It's fucked, but honestly, who hasn't wanted to beat Light up at some point or another, the crazy little dear. I'm just really excited about everything to come. Also, holy hallucinations, Lighto. Christ, does he have a brain tumor or something? This is not conductive to ruling countries, not at all.

ALSO, FFGVHBJENGKLDR YOU REC'D ME WHY WHOULD YOU DO THAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. /HIDES FACE IN HANDS. Seriously, thank you, I don't know what to say. You're wonderful, and so's your writing.
Carla chapter 22 . 3/4/2013
Holy damn. What is to come with Light's bill? He has definitely taken the name God to a whole new level. I can see the chaos starting to bloom. What a speech Light gave although im sure he is going have to do a lot more work with convicing people. Liked how L's mood from the bar scene fluxes from angry to not pissed any longer. In addition L over reacting with Light getting bumped into one of the female employee and Light freaking out about it. I'm getting both excited and anxious with what is to come with the bill and plot.
ElizabellaLight chapter 22 . 3/3/2013
So, oddly enough this chapter reminded me very much of something round eight? or so. Like, it's coming full circle. I think it's because a majority of the interactions were out in public rather than in someones private residence or Light's peep box of an office. It's really funny how much their voices change depending on where they are, but it's realistic.

As ALWAYS I looooved L. He's so freaking vindictive and brutal and god, i just want him to talk forever. When he was talking about suing whatever and yes. Also, love his relationship with Mello. I don't think i've ever said that before, so yay for not repeating myself. But they're very funny together. He seems to be the only one that's not overwhelmed by having L as his boss.

Then, there was Light and...I'm gonna go ahead and say that he was imagining the sex, because we know he's prone to psychosis. The fact that it looked like L and Kiyomi, and how he kept comparing L to Kiyomi in this chapter...poor baby.

Beyond was absent in this chapter for the most part, and I expect that it was either him or Stephen on the phone...I'm very indecisive.

Hmmhmmmm, that scene! Where L grabs Light by the testes and my god they are so bad for each other and wonderful and just brutal and unforgiving and abusive, i love love love it.

Finally, Light's bill. Wha da fu?! Oh my gosh, Kira, crazy Kira man. Holy shite...that stuff is for like, underdeveloped countries. how can L even say it's good? waaahhh. Not that I don't like it, because it makes sense for Light to come up with something like that when he's in the position to. It's just, in real life and with my ideals...I'm cringing. I would have raised my hand ten pus times in opposition of him and just tried my very best to tear him apart.

That is all, great work, great writing! I'm tired, night!
youremyqueen chapter 21 . 2/26/2013
GAH MY HEART/MIND/ETC IS BEOKEN. They should all just have a threesome, yes? I generally don't see why any fictional people don't have threesomes in these sorts of situations, but especially them.

I really think you could write a chapter that is just all B talking and it would be brilliant. Or one that was just Light having really fucked-up thoughts. But then that's most chapters I guess?

Anyway, breaking news, I know, but I seriously love this fic and you. It's legitimately better than a number of novels I've read in the past year and I read a lot of novels. I would buy this in hardcover if it were for sale, no joke.

But Anyway, whenever the next chapter comes around, I will be here waiting here by the phone! (this is the part where I'd make a heart symbol if ffn didn't fuck them up.)
plannedbyReaperLight chapter 21 . 2/25/2013
Loving it!

Aw, c'mon, Light-don't chicken out now! The answer is so simple—fake your own death and run off with L. (Well, it worked in the movie "Dave.")
libbygoof chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
Love it!
Carla chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
That was some dream Light. I mean the whole fire starting and Light panics because he wants to find L. B must be right (I'm sure he like L have to be right) about Light which makes me angry. Light happens to do that a lot for me.
I'm loving that B and Light got more time for interacting and discussing about L. Even though Light is terrified since B has a knife. Its clear that B and Light want to upset eachother in a race off of sorts. With B in the lead (in my opinion) so far.
Light and L kicking the crap out the camera was awesome and such a thing they would do. I don't mean to seem bizarre but I find myself rereading this story because that's just how much I enjoy it and when I listen to music at times of think back to this story.
ElizabellaLight chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
Two things I forgot! This is why I need to annotate...

First thing is about the chapter before this...i'm bad, I know. B hitting himself, was that supposed to be in a Fight Club kinda way? Cause that's exactly how I saw it. With Edward Norton in the office with his boss...yeah? yeah? Okay...moving on

That LAST SCENE HERE! With Light slapping him, "because you're a bitch" oh my gosh. oh my gosh. perrrffffect. They NEED to either have sex with B or in front of him, I AM WITH LIGHT!
Carla chapter 20 . 2/24/2013
Starting with Light's visit with Kiyomi which I was not surprised by how it ran. Typical of him to not want to overstay like normally people would do. I found it rather interesting regarding his thoughts on how those in Cabinet Office and their lack of actually caring for Kiyomi when he could care just as much as they are about her.
Stephen can be funny and annoying at once with his comments. The moment that was just waiting to happen arrived. Stephen again props to him for not believing L entirely and fighting back. And B (oh my gosh) when he got angry towards Light I was cheering. (man I just can never pick a side) Making sure that Light is not going to hurt L in the plan to stay together. It was crazy that B was able to inflict harm to himself in order to make Light appear to be the bad guy (which he is in a way). I desperately hope that Light doesn't end up hurting L I just wouldn't be able to stand it. I wonder what L who know can't deny B's feelings towards him are serious and shouldn't be taken lightly.
I apologize with the shortness of this review and the delay.
ElizabellaLight chapter 21 . 2/24/2013
Okay, I'm going to review before I read your notes, because that's only fair, yes? yes.

Before I do a general overview of this fantastic! B centric chapter, I'm going to comment on my little things I took note of, because, well, I'll forget. So. Many. Thoughts.

Oxytocin. Hah, I looooooved all the neuropsych in this, I seriously seriously did. B is like a wannabe Monist/Materialist, but he holds so much value in situations and experiences and his story telling! that he could never quite make it. Nonetheless, something that you really may not care about, maybe you will. You probably already know. Oxytocin is wonderful, and while it can cause intense bonding and feelings of understanding between people, it can also be there for so much bad. Examples! Post-partem depression, goodness, those mothers go into some crazay psychotic episodes because of their levels of oxytocin after giving birth. Also, they did some study with the Nazi regime and oxytocin...something like, that's why they bonded so much. Elevated levels, I don't remember. I'd have to find out about it, but isn't that interesting? It's quite honestly one of my favorite neurotransmitters/hormones (because it's also one of the few that can be both!)

Kay, biopsych lesson done, the whistle! Does B have a whistle with his S's! Oh my goodness, that is quite honestly one of the most endearing traits I've ever seen in a person. My 62 year old ex-FBI professor has an extremely pronounced one. Can't you just imagine an interrogation with that guy? Ssso Ssstan, where were you Ssssaturday morning? Sorry, I just...I love whistles. If your B has one, oh my...

Final specific note, "I'm very clumsy" - by B. Oh my gosh Beyond...looove me. Throw me down, talk at me, PLEASE. He's just...his dialogue is always so so good. He's like a blend of L and Light, because he has those fantastic one-liners and heavy heavy douses of sarcasm, but he gets stuck on little things and goes on tangents. Like, his conversation with Light about what model L would be, and like...god, the poor poor sap. He's so perfect in every way and I just want him.

Now, beginning to end. Wah! Light's monologue was crazy. Oh my goodness, I thought he was in a meeting for reals, and then the table caught on fire, and wowie. It's very very depressing. This chapter is actually depressing, there's so much dark foreshowing here that I wanted to...I don't know what I wanted to do. Uhmm...Light's monologue isn't usually so depressing. Then again, we don't really get much politic talk from Light, which is a bit ironic...

Then B was watching him sleep! Oh my goodness, Beyond is ALWAYS the truth teller in this story. He always says everything no one wants to hear, and the fact that Light was internally agreeing with him has me worried. I want LxLight so much (Even if I am rooting for BxL everywhere else). The fact that we got so much backstory on L via was amazing. I was cheering! Hip hip hooraying. B has so much insight into everything L does because he pays way too much attention to him. The fact that we kinda got to see what L was doing this entire time, it's like every question answered, and B, the doll that he is is the delivery man.

The knife! I like that he's so subtly mad in this, like, homicidal tendencies are hanging by a thread, because that's how he IS! He's not just batshit, he's just got some issues like everyone else, and he's a genius! Like I said, AAALLLL the biopsych, mmm.

Uhmm...kay, so I'm going to skip down to L, that camera man thing, it's exactly how Light saw it. That was dangerous, things are getting so dangerous. But I'm going to ignore all that in favor of talking about the things I loved. I'm better at that. I'm a shallow gal, I guess, hah. Their weird methods of foreplay, oh my gosh. They're so perfect, that's how it was in canon, I swear. But the fact that L loves Light whenever he's being merciless is so intriguing to me. It makes me wonder about poor L.

Then Light aluding to BxLxLight! YES! THAT right there is my real OTP. This line in particular. "I'd love to see him collapse into L and L only doing it because I asked him to." yessss...I wanna see it happen. or I want him to say something, or have a dream. He won't, but hnnggggggg.

In other news, Light's plans for L-isolation and getting B the fuck outta there is sad. Because I love B, and I love that he loves L so much to a really really really unhealthy degree. The way Light described it, uh...something about homicidal, I dunno, that's exactly it. This chapter made me love you more than I already do.

Over and out, I feel like I'm not saying anything anymore.
youremyqueen chapter 20 . 2/21/2013
Not going to lie, this is the chapter I have been waiting for for solong. It's the 'L you are obviously sleeping with the prime minister' special! Is it wrong that I'm going to miss Stephen when he goes away? He's hilarious and kind of a good sport besides. And B! Please tell me that B is never going away because he's excellent and my existence wouldn't be quite the same without him.

My thoughts when reading this chapter were along the lines of: "wow, Light is really such a shit to Kiyomi" and "wow, L is a terrible boyfrind manfriend partner person." So at least L and Light can be horrible together! happily ever after.

I will be here, gnawing on my laptop screen, waiting for the next update.
ElizabellaLight chapter 20 . 2/19/2013
Bytheby, I have a friend who apparently called out of work to continue reading this. Win.
youremyqueen chapter 19 . 2/19/2013
I just found a chance to read this (because I am slow and also the worst) and I'm on my ipad so I can't do a proper keyboard smash the way I like to when it comes to your fic, but basically my heart/mind/souls/body/etc is screaming and laughing and dying becau you are excellent.

And now onto the next chapter
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