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thebarstool chapter 39 . 10/12/2014

Ok so irrelevant background: I read this first the day you posted it. It was a fucking horrible day and i was in those moods where you feel like everything is wrong and nothing will comfort you. I was curled up in fetal position when I got the notification and I said 'no i can't even read anything I'm too miserable' but I opened it anyway because this story has essentially become an integral thing I genuinely look forward to and admire which is possibly awkward to admit but at this point you should know that i don't consider this just a regular fanfic i'll obsess and yell at but ultimately have a business relationship with but a legitimate work on it's way to completion that has had an impact on me in terms of it's nuance and complexity and just sheer QUALITY. And it's a strange thing too for a WIP because my interest in characters wanes so easily sometimes but nope every time I get a notification for Those my brain goes YES I'M STILL INTERESTED IN THOSE TWO FUCKERS.

So I opened it and I started reading it and it yanked me out of the self-indulgent despair and made me laugh deep from my fucking gut. Like one of those long, can't breathe laughs because it's so perfect.

chapter title: YOU KNOW I LOVE BLUR AND I LOVE THIS SONG. i just kept hearing: IN SO MUCH TROUBLE in my head the entire time because obviously there is a part of Light's brain that even as he is drowned in the reality of his feelings and feels them acutely he is also TERRIFIED AND DONOTWANTDONOTWANT constantly. That will literally never change.

I could send you a document full of quotes that I want to have tattooed on me (if I weren't so afraid of needles) but i'm pretty sure i'll have a moment where i'll walk into a tattoo parlor with a printed copy of this fic and ask them to choose a font small enough so I can just get it ALL tattooed on me. Clearly, I have not grown sane since my last review but worse.

The first paragraphs are the greatest treatise on self-hating reluctant love I've ever read. Light is always struggling with this desire to give into the threat of annihilation via L and his overbearing selfishness and the fear that constantly screams at him to neutralize the threat. he is one or the other, himself or another. he can possess only those who he doesn't see as people. He puts a wall between himself and others because ultimately the feelings of others are either remote/pointless or overwhelm him. It's when he seeks to understand L that he is truly fucked. He'll never possess him, he's drowning.

His constant desperate re-assertion of his distance is so beautifully rendered. how are you so good.

this line is probably why I'm dead right now: "But I'm doubting whether he said it at all. It has the insubstantial feeling something imagined or misheard; created by me to fill in the blanks I need and believe." If I could be sure that would fuck it up, I would copy and paste one of those emoticons where it has the arms/claws spread out in askance at the universe because there is literally no point, you are ultimate writer I GIVE UP.


Light's horror at L being sexily embarrassing and an eternal source source of shame. Him coming to terms with his idealized version of L versus the daily irritations/shame of actually being around him for more than a few stolen hours is the greatest. Light is so black/white. either he hates you, you don't exist except at an object of sadistic enjoyment or you are the Light (hahahahahahahaha i'm sorry please still talk to me) of his life. this is a major emotional hurdle for him. he has to reconcile the sacrifice of his "kingdom" for the not so perfect singing asshole stationary gyrating next to him.

"He's not getting to me. i'm an open field of barley and there's no sound…No I'm not. I'm in a car and L's driving and there's some crap I'm being subjected to."


God, that's some fucking bullshit isn't it? That being gay is 10x worse than all of the awful shit most politicians do on a daily basis? I grok you Light. now granted he would only sort of give a shit if it didn't involve him but the frustration mounting under his skin is understandable. THIS WHOLE CHAPTER IS A MASS OF WAITING FOR THE NEXT CHANGE OVER IN LIGHT'S HEAD. MY HEART. IT CAN'T TAKE IT.

"Now that's gay 87" 9459468

"It's not helping that I'm with L, more to the point. he's hard to defend. If only he was a war hero instead." seriously. morally bankrupt gutter lawyer who faked his own death and was sleeping with the prime minister while he was married and killed a whole bunch of people, possibly. what's not to like?


is there actually an argument about Light being a bishonen? that's the biggest duh of all time. I consider it an evolution vs. creationism type argument where there's only one right answer.

Your characterization of Kiyomi and her relationship with Light is so nuanced I'm dead. They are rather twin-like in that Kiyomi, conniving and selfish as she is, also has a very high empathy level. She sees Light deteriorate emotionally without L and ultimately makes the decision to let him go. Not that i would have blamed her for gouging him in the face with a stiletto he's horrible but she's too fucking awesome to waste her time like that. Kiyomi for Prime Minister. That being said, I also wouldn't be surprised if she decided to step over his corpse at the end. It could go either way: either L is paranoid and doesn't get that Light and Kiyomi have an understanding or that understanding is only temporary until Kiyomi decides what to do next. And I don't even think Light would blame her. He might even be proud as she gutted him like a fish. They're cute.

"And being an interfering bastard will get you killed, L." *SIGHS DREAMILY*

Have I also mentioned lately that you are brilliant and the complexity of Light's endless strategizing is probably the most impressive thing about Those? His mind never rests, he knows everything every weak point of his enemies and how to destroy. he's a shitty machine boy. I love him.


"I spread my shit everywhere until I've coated the walls." dhfkjhgf


As someone who has spent most of her life on forums instead of actual human interaction, the various personalities Light impersonates are too accurate and I am terrified of both his and your ability. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING AT ANY OF THIS. I'M SUING.

And the fact that it's actually plausible that Light would spend all night looking at bespoke fitted wardrobes means that I wish to move into a tent outside of your house.

Aaaand Light is a shitty father once again (or maybe always jesus). I mean he always was but fuck it's like he can only focus on one thing at a time, or person rather. L's quasi-concern for him is something I find fascinating given it's mediated by his own horrible childhood, his selfishness, his guilt, his distaste for children into a contradictory mess of inscrutable intentions.

The thing about Light is that he will never stop feeling that faint sense of dissatisfaction. He's always grasping for something else, something beyond what he has. He lives in the plan, in the process of attainment rather than the present of what he has. L too is perpetually dissatisfied and either that means they're fucked or they'll find their satisfaction in constantly navigating the other's resentment/dissatisfaction/emotional withholding.

The description of L's belligerent return to the land of the employed is exactly how i pictured it. That is a man who can't be slowed by moral crisis or a trifling thing such as fraud. then again. he is a lawyer and YES they would see his three year france fraud fest as a badge of honor.


It's true that Light is at his best when he has something to rail against. he's in his element listening to Tsukino red faced and yelling while he just smirks serene. but obviously this is his fantasy. I doubt he could keep the murder from his face.

THE KILO OF COCAINE. GOLD RAZOR BLADE. Have I mentioned lately that this is so fucking cinematic and I saw it in my head in all its indulgent, pre-kill foreplay glory. the shadows, the gazing back and forth. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS.

This whole paragraph is probably the most eloquent endorsement of cocaine use I've ever seen:

"The euphoric kick of real life magic in my head is immense, crossing the membranes to blood to brain. it's too good at what it does to be legal."

L and Light take turns poking at Matsuda as he roasts over an open flame is probably what they'll do as a parlor game when they get to the age of hosting pointless parties where everyone is half-dead on gin and Xanax instead of having sex.

I mean this "you know when sometimes you get so excited about Thundercats that you piss yourself a little bit? That might not always be piss." I can't live this life. I'm dead.

Ultimately, their saving grace is that they both know the other is a lying selfish piece of shit. That L isn't surprised when Light can't give it up is perfect but yeah he's pissed but he knows that Light needs to constantly claw his way through something in order to stave off the dead inside.

Brilliant show of Light's fucked up m
Angela Nguyen chapter 40 . 10/10/2014
you're best. ever. that is all i can say.
Lsexual chapter 1 . 8/7/2014
Holy linda your a amazing writer! I love how much detail you put in this, and the way the first chapter ends is perfect. Super excited to read more, and after this I'm going straight to your profile 33
WhiteLadyDragon chapter 39 . 7/29/2014
Hey-loo, Laura! It’s me again! Well I’m all caught up so now that I’m here I’d like to share my thoughts on what I’ve read, like I said I would. Sorry that it took so long.

Many of the points I made back in the last review I sent still stand, with a few changes. I’ll start with the pros. The amount of research you must have put into the working of the social and political systems is phenomenal, even with Light’s skewed perspective on it! There’s a special place in my heart for writers that care enough about their topics to do the research so as to flesh it out to the fullest extent that they can (even if it’s something I don’t really understand myself and I have to pause to take a breather and let myself digest the information). Your character study is just as extensive and I’m pleased to see that some of the characters, provided that they have not and will not die, did as of this chapter make a slow and steady crawl out of that proverbial gutter I mentioned last time, and at least TRY to clean up their act. Although thanks again to Light’s POV, it wasn’t terribly obvious. Special mention goes to Mikami and Kiyomi, the latter of which I find especially impressive in that you’ve managed to make her so much more sympathetic here than her canon counterpart. Not that I ever HATED Takada—I don’t hate any of the characters from canon really—but in the end I felt so much more for her and poor little Kira than I did for Light and L, more on that in a second. In the end, I think she did love Light and still loves Kira even if she’s not that good at showing it. It’s actually kind of amazing that she’s willing to let Light go so easily. And then there’s B. While clearly not without his own problems he’s actually pretty cool (if creepy) and almost as tragic as Takada in my eyes because of how much he was screwed over (literally and figuratively) by L as she was by Light. It’s a wonder the poor fella still talks to him at all. And he was probably the only character that could put a dent in those two with those speeches of his, even if the impact didn’t really last that long.

Now for the cons.

There is a heavy a heavy focus on character and relationships here, arguably at the expense of plot. Not to say that the plot revolving around Light’s rise and I’m assuming his fall of power and “the curse” isn’t interesting. It certainly is. Problem is, I think you developed something of a “romantic plot tumor” in that you focused too much on Light and L’s relationship when you could have spent time developing the political plot. Chapters and chapters go by where the setting may change, and new characters may be introduced, but the focus lies on those two basically doing the same old nasty thing while somehow never getting caught, and they keep going in circles about what they want from themselves and from each other. Essentially, the tires are burning and squealing but they are going nowhere. I will not deny that this is a common thing to see in real-life abusive or dysfunctional relationships, but gradually that gets tiring and frustrating to read and makes the parts where you do mention the A-plot abrupt and jarring. It’s like with the parts with Raye and Naomi (by the way I really liked those parts where Light and Naomi interact and I wish there could have been more of them, even if I don’t support the pairing) and I’m like, “Wait. Now suddenly you care about this? You didn’t give this any thought whatsoever those last 3, 4 chapters.” And then next chapter: “Oh. So you DON’T care about that anymore?” Same goes for the thing with the curse, where it’s revealed that L was behind all those killings after all using, what else, Ryuk’s Death Note. It would’ve been a nice development, but you spent so little time building up to it that it feels like it comes from out of the left field. Kind of like in Frozen where Prince Hans is revealed to be the real bad guy and not merely Anna’s not-true love.

While we’re talking about it, the Ryuk/L vibes I’ve been getting in the last few chapter are pretty sick, and yet given your L I don’t really find it that surprising. There don’t seem to be many if any lines he won’t cross. That’s just me, though.

I’d have to say that consistency and pacing are your greatest weaknesses here, especially where our protagonists are concerned. I get that they’re supposed to be mean and insane and evil, but neither Light nor L can seem to make up their minds about…well, pretty much anything, and even those rare more tender moments where it looks like they might be at least a little good in them, and that maybe they DO care about other people besides themselves, are immediately rendered moot somehow and thereby come across as insincere. (Stephen, my God! What’d he ever do you two?!) In short, I have become much less sympathetic towards them and this is where most of that darkness-induced apathy I was talking about before comes from, I think. And now that we’re nearing the end, I can’t see much of a chance for either of them to break out of it when they blew just about every other chance to grow up before this.

Having said that, I still want to see how you end this. I can’t tell if we’re diving into a “happy” or unhappy ending with the way you've left the end of this chapter. Either way, I’m strapping down for a monster of a last chapter and I hope it’ll be out soon enough. I also hope my rambling here had at least some speck of sense buried in it. Thanks, Laura! My door is always open if you have questions.
Crazy reviewer chapter 35 . 6/18/2014
Chapter 34 , so far, is probably the best the whole world... similar case for chapter 35... I don't understand what I'm supposed to do now...coz i feel weird... I've never read anything like this... it's so real and similar to practical life...I don't even know what to say...
PandaAlmighty chapter 38 . 6/10/2014
To be honest if you changed the names and took out the death note stuff this could be an absolutely well done scewed romance novel. Took me two weeks to read but really incredible. Good luck with future writing endeavours.
ladypiton chapter 38 . 6/2/2014
I wasn't expecting this somewhat "happy" reunion...and I'm so glad!
This chapter made my day,thank you very much.
Tai Black chapter 38 . 5/27/2014
sweet jesus! OMG

ok, after long months away of the online world, I'm back. i have no words to describe this chapter, or how surprised and scared i am, because knowing you and knowing them it would be expected to have loads of misfortunes in the last chapter and then they wouldn't be together and I'll die for crying my life out.

gah, just so many feelings! so beautifully exposed, ah Laura, I missed reading your brilliant writing, I loved it! I'm sorry I've been off for such a long time, I loved the three installments I hadn't read before, and you always makes me feel so much, and the feelings are always so real and strong.

You're genius, love, you're the fucking goddess of politics-yaoi-drama :3 YOU GODDESS, YOU HAVE MY HEART, WRITE DOWN MY NAME IN YOUR DEATH NOTE AND EAT MY SOUL lol hahaha sorry, I'm having an emotional outburst.

How are you dear? and the dogs? are the puppy big already? I promise I'll send you an email soon!

loads of love and inspirations your way!
loveeee, tai xxxxx
Inikus chapter 38 . 5/26/2014
Can it be... something resembling the beginnings of a happy ending? I was steeling myself for all the heartbreak and gore and now I'm just melting with joy that the two beautiful murderers can be together ... it's very immoral of you to let them live happily after and I'm begging you not to change your mind in the final chapter.
As usual I'm blown away by your style. I know I've said it before but I also know the fragile state of a creative ego so I feel the need to repeat it. Kiyomi's party was hilarious, and who would have thought that Light can feel something like love for his little anklebiter? It makes me question just what name Light's mental condition should have, as he's clearly not a complete sociopath (are there degrees?)
I absolutely loved that moment where Light's hand hovers over the death note and his concern for what he's done to L suddenly overcomes all his greed and he turns to L instead. I think that must have done more than words to convince L of his true feelings. Even if it was somewhat inconsistent with his past behaviour, but never mind! Light is so good at deluding himself that a bit of inconsistency is only to be expected, I suppose.
I wonder what that removal man thought when he saw the prime minister kissing a man on the landing.
I'm looking forward to the final chapter, but if they're not together on some beach massaging each other with sun lotion I don't know what I'll do.
Angela Nguyen chapter 38 . 5/24/2014
oh my god this is so fluffy my heart can't take it. but then again this fic has played with my heart so many times and in so many ways that it must be permanently damaged already - but in the BEST way, i assure you.

(these assholes are going to be together for good and i'm so happy whyy)

thank you so much for this amazing chapter and i can't wait for the last one. *kisses*
violins chapter 37 . 5/7/2014
These chapters were so good. I cannot describe how much I loved them. Light, you are a dysfunctional insane bastard and I have missed you. And L! L had less tact than Sherlock in The Empty Hearse! How he expected Light to react differently is beyond me.

The part with Ryuk and L was adorable. I am in love with your characterization of everybody in this fic. And little Kira was the best thing ever. Poor Kira and Kyomi though. Light's screwed them over pretty badly and I hope they'll be okay. Also Light being an oblivious jerk with his mental breakdowns and emotional issues was brilliant. Not to mention that little paranoid monologue about vasectomies. My god, he is out of his mind.

I love this fic so much, it is my favourite fanfic of all time. I hope you keep writing- not just this fic but many more in the future as you are so talented. I was so happy when I saw your response to my review, you're so kind and an insanely good writer. I'm going to stop babbling now, but I hope that the rest of the fic gets updated soon:)
thebarstool chapter 35 . 5/4/2014
Ah and we are back to buy yet another kitchen. Do people tend to buy kitchens more when they are grieving for their dead gay lovers that they deny that they care about but are secretly spending tons of money spy on and/or trying to find abroad because they can't live without them? Is it a stage of grief? After Denial? It should be, jesus. Anyway, terrible jokes aside, I LOVE LIGHT WHEN HE IS FALLING APART IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. When he's bitchy and asking about a suicide aisle, it's a beautiful thing. So he's paranoid, not going anywhere, Kiyomi's afraid he's going to kill himself too, AND SHE SWORE. God, I really do love her. May she find happiness elsewhere. She's too good to be in love with him, honestly. Overall, Light is just attempting to wall off any and all emotion and bury himself in work. What a shocker. I love these awkward hilarious scenes when they're in public, I die laughing. And of course Light pops a caffeine tablet so I yelled out "I'M SO EXCITED IM SO SCARED" like Jessie Spano in Saved by the Bell when she's admits her addiction to caffeine tablets and cries in Zach Morris' arms. if you have no idea what I'm talking about it's because I never tortured you by sending you the video. So I'm going to do that.

FLASHBACK. "big death metal drummer" HA! This whole scene is great and panic inducing. L fucks around with his brain yet again, you manage to do amazing things with first person and I have a question here: so has Ryuk been touching Light with the notebook all this time? I really wanted to put molesting there but i'll pretend i have class. Knowing Ryuk in a personal way like we do I'd say most likely yes because he thinks it's hilarious and inspires all sorts of dish throwing from L. all evidence points to, hey even Ryuk ships them. so that's the last time, Light sees him, huh? Talk about lack of closure. Not that you get much of that in suicide but a note or something would have been nice at least that's probably part of Light is so screwed up about it.

LIGHT THE NYMPHO PART 1000. LET ME QUOTE AT YOU: "In a way…fade out like some songs do." I feel like my life would be lesser without this fic my life. FOR REALS. God bless this psychotic fucker. Yeah sure Light, doing it for work. Not because you're lonely. This reminds me of people who refuse to talk to anyone they know for whatever reason and instead ambush strangers in supermarkets and tell them all about their problems with "I have this friend who had this other friend who died and he's super torn up about it and so he's sleeping with random people, crazy right? What do you think he should do. Tell me so I can tell him." Idiot. This whole interaction is hilari-sad. Stupid Light fishing for answers and being a jerk and Mai reading way way too much attachment into a person who is essentially a husk. UGH AND SHE CALLS HIM LIGHTY. Actually, I love that because it causes Light pain.

If life were just Light's monologues on how empty he is, I would be in heaven for some reason.

GOD THIS IS GREAT. When I read this the first time, I was like, Light what the actual fuck are you doing? What is the point of this? He's really so emotional and stupid but buries it under a layer delusion so it's like he blindfolds himself and then continues to take a sword and stab around in a dark room killing some people and then takes off his blindfold and is like WTF why did you get in my way? I didn't want to stab you you got in my way. He's got emotions and so very often acts on them but totally refuses to understand them so he's just clusterfucking all over the place. I LOVE THIS STORY.

The dialogue is beautiful. So so beautiful. He's being very sincere in his horribleness but I think it's a question of people never actually daring to be so horrible so she's seeing it as a front or she doesn't actually give a shit at all and is just obsessed with the fact that she's banging the prime minister in this grand affair or some shit.

In this week's episode of: Light seduces some idiot for his personal gain, Karina tries to come up with a number of exactly how many blow job's Light's given throughout his rise to power. I'll say like 200. It seems like a fair number. i can't tell you how much I died at Light wheeling in this old dying MP in an ambulance for one vote. BEAUTIFUL. And then I was sad because Light acknowledges that he misses L's underhanded asshole corralling. That's as good as him admitting that he loves him eternally because he's usually so FUCK YOU I'LL DO IT MYSELF.

Ah, the seizure of the bank. Insane. despotic but you have to admit that Light's at his best when he's shaking someone down and then rubbing it in their face.

TEH FUNERAL! ah, so he doesn't buy it or doesn't want to. GOD I've been so dead curious about L's mother! Did they reconcile that time through Stephen? Someone describing L as a decent human being? I wish I could take a picture of my face in disbelief. Guilt? It might be guilt or something. But then you know parents.

THIS PART IS EXCRUCIATING. MAH EMOTIONS. "My feelings towards him also changed with a frighteningly illogical violence from minute to minute, though most of the time I wouldn't think of him at all" AHHHH

This exchange between Light and B is the greatest thing. THE GREATEST AND MOST PAINFUL THING. They are great and horrible together.

"I was just thinking that if I squint my eyes a lot, you look a bit like him."/ "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me," he gasped." BOTH SO PATHETIC. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I died for five minutes at L's will. Perfection.

"The reason I went there…He'd still be here now." WHY ARE SO GOOD AT KILLING ME. LIKE WHAT THE HELL DUDE.

This whole exchange is incredible. While B is clearly in the know, he is also grieving in some fashion like he always is because once again he's in charge of taking care of the shit L can't or won't deal with and in the trenches in regards to everyone's roles/emotional state. He knows everything, he can't escape knowing. He knows that L is alive that it's all fake. He also knows all the terrible shit L's done is true. He also knows that L's escape plan is two pronged: L doesn't have to face the consequences of his actions, but he also saves Light from self-destructing on his account. B does all the work and reaps no rewards has to watch these two asshole love each other in the most fucking moronic way and he's outside of it. So you bet your ass he's going to torture the fuck out of Light while he still can. This whole scene he's prodding at Light, getting him to break both as punishment and a sort of self-comfort because it's not just B always dying in L's wake, now it's Light too. B feeds on Light's guilt while also reinforcing L's cover. GOD, the part where B talks about identifying the body. Kill me dead.

NO NO NO. THE ONE THAT ENDED ME WAS THIS: "Light? I understand now. I'm sorry for your loss."

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. YOU CAN'T JUST DO THIS PEOPLE. B hits upon that nerve man. Light hates everyone. He sees them all as chess pieces or trash by the road. Then along comes his douchebag soulmate, a man so horrible he understands and accepts Light the way he is but also seems to see and believe in parts not so horrible. And they have an exciting combative relationship and red string of fate blah blah blah. Point is, he knew what it was like to be known and accepted albeit in episodic ways. He's never going to have that again and he's confronted with that and the loss is incredible. B doesn't know what it's like to have it. But he knows, desperately what it's like to want it like you've never wanted anything else. And most of the time he's consumed with resentment that Light found it in L but in this moment he realizes its way way worse to have found it and then lose it. And that;s when we get this beautiful moment.


Light's reaction to L's death: so very sad. He's very psychosomatic a lot of the time, isn't he? Kiyomi realizing that Light loved L in a homo way on the bathroom floor is the big league sads my friend. This chapter is agonizing I hope you know that in a lot of ways. You're probably cackling but ow my heart. He just enters this state of numbness and starts sleeping with random women. AND CALLS B'S HOUSE DESPERATE AND SAD. KILL ME NOW.


I just really can't with him anymore.

OK so now Kira. Usually, children are train wrecks for writers. But you do everything well, jerk and guess what Kira's fucking adorable and accurately kid-ish. Light's interactions with him are beautiful in the mix of obligation, exasperation, begrudged affection, amusement, sadness. I love this kid, he's already making people feel like shit like a pro.

AHHHH AND LIGHT TELLS HIM ABOUT PAPA L. (Not going to lie I do harbor a fantasy of Light and L inadvertently raising him to be the greatest serial killer of all time because they'd make terrible parents and it would only ever result in fucked up human being).

Also, I get super psyched at have Light use the name I gave you for L. I AM PATHETIC.

This convo shattered me a bit. HE KEPT THE PICTURE OF L WITH HIS DAD. KILL ME NOW. "Yes he'll always be my friend." DEAD

AAAAND wham ending GUESS WHAT L'S ALIVE. This has been such a ridiculously unhinged review, I don't know. I just know that I'm very invested in this story and that you're brilliant and Light needs therapy. LIKE WHOA. And I'll even say that you deserve all the reviews and I'm working on it. I hope this cheers you up a bit instead of scaring you because I feel like it should probably do the latter.
ladypiton chapter 37 . 4/28/2014
I really can't understand why your fanfiction has got so few reviews...
It's gorgeously written and incredibly of the best LxLight I've ever read.
ohdeariemegoodness chapter 37 . 4/26/2014
Yes. Thank you for continuing this story! I'm so attached to the characters it's a little ridiculous. I'm glad you're taking the time to give them a complete ending!
Fluoxetine chapter 37 . 4/25/2014
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