Reviews for Surprises from the Past
Lord L.H.J chapter 2 . 8/22/2013
LOL, I hope you don't quit!I love it!
W8ing4U chapter 2 . 6/18/2013
I really enjoyed the beginning of the story, are you going to continue it?
CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur chapter 2 . 12/16/2012
rotflmfao! ! ! ! I really enjoyed this and I hope that you continue it REALLY quickly! ! ! !
criminalminds19 chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
dreameralways chapter 2 . 11/28/2012
We so need the rest of this story.
MH96 chapter 2 . 11/14/2012
Please continue :)
Reader128 chapter 2 . 11/2/2012
I like where this is going (I've had an idea sorta like this stuck in my head ever since Dharma & Greg started rerunning on TV). I hope you continue this. I think Dharma and Garcia would get along famously once Garcia got past the fear that Dharma's original call created.
fanficlover chapter 2 . 10/30/2012
Please update soon. This story has me intrigued and i can't wait to find out more. Thank you.
BrandiIndigo chapter 2 . 10/27/2012
I like the idea of this crossover. I hope you continue it.
BuffyRowan chapter 2 . 10/26/2012
I can't wait to see another chapter! I've always been a bit surprised how few CM/D&G crossover fics there are.
ncis4ever21 chapter 2 . 10/26/2012
Great story hope you update soon
Guest chapter 2 . 9/27/2012
awesome so life like
mmmm chapter 2 . 9/23/2012
I can just see Larry talking to Reid in the bull pen.
14hpgirl19 chapter 2 . 9/23/2012
Hehe, oh Dharma. I love how she's unaware of the tension. I can't wait to see her meet the team. Nice chapter!
14hpgirl19 chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Yes! I love CM/D&G crossovers and I can't wait to read all of this one. Please update soon!
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