Reviews for Unfolding a Plan
Guest chapter 84 . 8/30
This was such an amazing story! You should be so proud of this!
M chapter 21 . 8/10
A LIGHT FUN CHAPTER?! O.o how long has it been since you've written one like this? how long has it been since I last read one like this?
no, I'm doing this for pancakes. (smart man this David)
and maybe a kiss, when you don't taste like flour.' I bet he prefers whipped cream with Regina :p
and my fav goes tooooo...:::::: Henry's intertwined fingers in hers. gaaaahhh! loved it
m chapter 20 . 8/10
this was sad. and happy. and painful. and beautiful. aaww
fav line : you smell like her
m chapter 19 . 8/10
it started so sweet! and this ending. ugh! these were the good days. now it's death and blood and pain everywhere. I miss this kind of pain. you feel bad but not devastated.
'She was just glad she wasn't alone.' this is so beautiful. and sad because it implies the many times she had shit happening to her and she was alone! hhh... you keep sucking
meral chapter 18 . 8/10
hahhahahahahahaha Grumpy is my favorite from all the dwarfs. and you write him spot on.
as for the rest, they are just so adorable and they never get tiring. I can read this fic a thousand times and still enjoy it as if it was the first.
meral chapter 17 . 8/10
I love everything about this chapter but my favorite is the part when he wraps he arms around her and tries to convince her that everything will be alright. ugh! he just makes it sound so easy and I want that moment to never end. I wanna be Regina...
guest chapter 84 . 8/10
This is probably the... what? Fourth time I've read this? Idk. ;) Anyway, I think u have a gift. A downright ( probably, I mean what do I know ) award winning gift. I feel like I lived through this story... and now it ended :( But I'm serious it is hard to find a really good fic and I found like a jackpot from you. Just like u said in your A/N for chapter 84, I did cry with you and laugh with you (especially cry, I mean like the last, like, ten chapters practically killed me *sniff, sniff*, but like the casual fic it has " the feels".

P.S: never stop writing...ever :)
ReginaEmmaMills chapter 84 . 6/11
Oooh my god, this was SOOO good.
Literally could not stop reading this! Have never laughed and cried so much. Absolutely amazing story and you are such a talented writer.
Brilliant. Loved every second of it, even the heartbreaking moments. So so so good.
evilregal-lana chapter 1 . 5/23
Write more and please don't delete
I love it!
Anne Silva chapter 84 . 5/15
Very good, wonderful! I was following the Twisting Tale. I do not know how I found essa.É very long, but very good baby evilchaming only in epilogue.
WoolGrillRegal chapter 9 . 4/28
I am rereading this finally. This was the first fanfic I ever read and I love it. Plus I have been thinking about it a lot lately, even more so since Sundays episode. I need a break from OQ.
God'sgirl21 chapter 64 . 4/28
I love this story. :)
I can't remember the chapter where Snow sees bruises on Regina's neck from David loving her. That part is so funny! It is in this story, right?
If you could help me out that would be great!
SilviaZed chapter 1 . 3/30
I never thought I would enjoy a story with Regina and Charming as a couple but this story was amazing! Thank you for making it believable!
thaistrajano chapter 84 . 12/2/2014
This is amazing! My favorite Evil Charming fanfiction just congratulations. I love it how you made it real and smooth, and how you could express Regina feelings with perfection! I hate that it has to end, but I love how it ended
IvyMil chapter 84 . 11/21/2014
Wonderfull, no words, I loved it! Awsome! Thank you for this great Love story!
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