Reviews for A Clean Slate
Somewhere In Time chapter 73 . 3/1
And yes, I guessed it right! At least I think I did. I hope everyone that's been experimented on can return to a semi-normal life. I really enjoyed the interaction between Rose and Eddie this chapter too. (One vote for RoseEd!)
Somewhere In Time chapter 72 . 3/1
I adore pangolins. :)
Also, I seem to remember a certain mansion that is currently unoccupied..
Somewhere In Time chapter 70 . 3/1
I love how throughout your story, Blackfire changes and grows. And this chapter is a crowning moment. I prefer BB with Raven..but this is great too. :)
Somewhere In Time chapter 69 . 2/28
Never guessed it at all! That was a big reveal, and I loved every bit of it. I never liked Mento very much. Not sure if he's like that in the comics, but he was an uptight ass in the TV series. He's a bit of an hypocrite, isn't he?
Somewhere In Time chapter 68 . 2/27
I don't blame the mutants, Sam is getting as good as he gave. Not everyone is as forgiving as Gar. (Not even the other members if Tartarus.)
Somewhere In Time chapter 67 . 2/27
Blackfire's really changed, hasn't she? I'm hoping she won't take it too hard if Gar ever decides to leave.
And when did Rouge die? Is it from the comics?
Somewhere In Time chapter 66 . 2/27
Hi! I've been reading this story for a long while now, but on an app. It didn't have a review button, and I admit, I was a bit lazy. Also, the N.O.W.H.E.R.E arc wasn't very interesting to me. ; Exceptionally well-researched and well-written, but somehow the characters weren't appealing to me. Anyway, I'm loving this new arc, how things aren't as black and white as it seemed at first. And also (even though you probably already know) I wanted to tell you Sam Register is incidentally also the name of the President of Warner Bros Animation, who was involved in Teen Titans! I just realized after seeing his name in Superman: Unbound.
Guest chapter 73 . 2/25
great story and please more RosEd
Guest chapter 73 . 2/25
good story continue
FF8cerberus chapter 73 . 2/24
Aw man. You had me going on this one. I thought I was about to read the full version of her vision. I was really excited. Oh well. Still an awesome chapter. With this my last review question is answered. Neron. That's his name. Thanks. Until next time.
patattack chapter 73 . 2/24
yeah, Devager is a pretty bad name for that pairing. RosEd does seem a little better.

That aside, the fluff with Eddie and Rose was pretty cute, and that moment where Duela revealed she got candy for interrupting them was funny.

Keep it up!
Forgotsurname chapter 73 . 2/24
I think it would be interesting if you could introduce a romantic potential for Duela. I think a few reasons why you haven't by now: she's already dealing with the massive clusterf #$ of MPD, so who has time for another person; everyone on the team seemingly paired off with one another, dont know if that's weird or cliche for some people; and the fact that she's still young.
Maybe just make her's cutesy, instead of lustful? That might work.
Mobiusman3 chapter 73 . 2/24
Careful about where you put those scars. I don't want the cops coming after me or you lot for anything involving minors being described doing things minors legally should not be described doing.
Sturm and Drang chapter 73 . 2/24
Your representation of gar is fantastic. The scene with the elevater and the smoothly was really well done. I truly enjoy ready this story and I can't wait to see where the story goes next.
dhorvat chapter 73 . 2/24
great story please continue
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