Reviews for The Mary Spence story
Randi K chapter 2 . 5/29
Very good story. Appreciate the clean language.
hearthandhomeauthor chapter 3 . 4/23/2016
I just found your series and decided to begin reading it. I must say I am enjoying it very much. I have seen so many westerns and am a western-lover at heart. Wagon Train is a new western to me as of these past few months, yet I am a definite fan now! Flint, Wooster, Hawks, and Major Adams are just wonderful. Taking a break from writing, I decided to look up Wagon Train here at FF and am so far very pleased with your story. It has drawn me in, and I can't wait to read more. It's just like watching an episode of the show. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 25 . 3/25/2016
kalico chapter 25 . 4/27/2015
OMG that was such an awesome sad about the major but happy he ended in peace and somewhere to call home...thanks for sharing

SNHfvr chapter 25 . 7/9/2014
I absolutely loved this story. Thank you so much for writing it. Awesome!
SNHfvr chapter 5 . 7/5/2014
Awww oh my, flint could get with this women and raise three sons maybe have some kids if his own w her. Aww... Reading on! Thank you!
SNHfvr chapter 4 . 7/5/2014
I love this story :-)
Melody Fairchild chapter 23 . 5/31/2014
I am really enjoying your story. Thanks for including the beginnings of the game of Baseball in your story.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/10/2013
"...we loose and old and dear friend"
That's okay, so long as we don't lose him.
jecollins201 chapter 25 . 2/18/2013
Love this story and the Trails end story. Would like to see more stories of the Mccullough's family soon.
Rislanderinks chapter 25 . 1/16/2013
I so enjoyed this story! Your characters felt very real. I am sorry Major Adams is gone though. He could have been a wonderful grandfather for the boys. I guess ol' Charlie Wooster will have to fill those shoes now.

I hope you post the sequel soon. I'm jonesing for another good Wagon Train story . . . ;)

Thank you for the entertainment.

Annie Jones chapter 25 . 1/16/2013
I absolutely loved loved loved this story! Im so sad to see it end but glad you promised to revisit this family. Please write more!
gaben chapter 25 . 1/15/2013
A great story and plot idea reagarding both the fate of the Major and Flint exit from the series. I would have liked to think that flint found a home and love and contentment, though with those three boys, contentment may be a little bit of a stretch. I'd like to hear more about Flin't growing family, especially the baby... a girl I hope.
gaben chapter 24 . 1/15/2013
They so desrved that. Fire is a killer. Its a winder the rest of the Wagon train didn't have them skinned alive.
Guest chapter 25 . 1/14/2013
you are a good story teller, you have to write more soon. please.
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