Reviews for Of Monsters and Men
Duckie chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
“It slowly builds momentum from fragments of worlds and things and places which he will never come to see in his life and weaves into a haunting tale of light dancing against dark, of fire streaking across the land only to converge in a ritual pyre of crackling and hissing, and sizzling, and screaming. When he wakes up, his breathing erratic, a scream stuck in his throat and tears spilling from his eyes, there is a moment when he thinks he'll never be able to move. That he'll stay forever frozen, choking on the smoke and the acrid reek of burning flesh. His ears are still ringing, deafened by the howling of dying men, women, and children, but it's always only the silence drowning his senses. There's nothing for his eyes to see but the wasteland and his miserable, barren abode in the dawning light. And he doesn't know which is worse – reliving the nightmares in his dreams or living a barren life which shows him at every turn just what he has lost.”

I had to quote that part because I think it’s my favorite in the piece—my breath caught in my throat, I had to reread it several times because it was just such a vivid, wonderfully written passage. You’re really good at that—you can take a moment that’s so terrible like Kul Elna and describe it in such an incredible way.

I’m always so impressed by your passion for the source material and how you use canon in your stories, and I think it definitely comes across here. I love how you wrote Dartz and TKB—the references to the Light of the Orichalcos and the Darkness of Zorc were really nice, I liked that tie between them. And when you described TKB as a broken ragdoll, I had this amazing Dark Necrofear moment in my mind, that was awesome :D

I think you could have added more dialogue to the story to balance it out a little more, visually on the page (to break up the bigger paragraphs) as well as to balance the descriptions (Instead of telling us “He is a skilled conversationalist” I’d love to see some of that dialogue in action), although you do write the description very well. I also really enjoyed the Kisara and Set cameos, and how they tie in with Dartz… I LOVED “He makes play at being the most noble man she has met in her brief life and he offers her safety and a place to belong to” …it’s so Dartz, I loved it xD

You’re such a great writer and I really enjoyed reading this story, and all of your stories this season! Congratulations on making it to the Finale, and thank you for writing this!

OxEyed chapter 1 . 9/22/2012
This was a really interesting mesh of the two backstories. You mixed all these canon details in a way that shed new light on their relationship without detracting from what we know of canon. I found it very impressive.

Congratulations on making it this far in the contest; I've really enjoyed reading all the stories you've come up with these past few months.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
nice its very intresting thank you for this I hope you would continue/ make more of it