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Dustchu chapter 2 . 8/25/2013
Whoa, This was even more interesting! :D I am loving it! :D great work and awesome job writing it my friend.

I'm liking this Reaper character greatly, he's intriguing.

Freaking Phazon man, Freaks me out. and this war, even more so.

I sensing a great amount of darkness to come, good job on this story and I cannot wait for the next chapter, keep it up and till next time, stay frosty my friend. :D

I rate this story... UBERAWEPICDARY! :D

-Dustchu: May the Aura be with you. *Salutes*
Dustchu chapter 1 . 8/25/2013
I could probably do that maybe, draw Reaper I mean, I can try a bit later in the day. but given the fact that I don;t have a scanner I'll try on my computer.

Well, awesome chapter and good job writing it. I love it! :D

This takes place after Uprising and somewhere before the Zenith league? hmm.

Reaper, is a little scary, damn. good job on his part.

and now I know a little bit about the character Kellyn. I like him! :D awesome work on him.

Poor Starly, Damn you Team Rocket. I'll hunt you all down! *Grabs SPAS-12*

and Keith is a Lucario? Interesting. very interesting indeed. I am liking where this is going.

good job and awesome work.
Twilight- The Moon Spirit chapter 2 . 4/19/2013
Heh that makes a lot of sense name wise. I did really like this chapter and how long it was is amazing. The whole double world thing was confusing for a while but otherwise it flowed quite well. I did dislike a few ways the words were typed out but that is just me being picky.

Still this could really be awesome and I'm adding this to favorites. If you want a more detailed review just pm me.
The Fan Fiction Writer chapter 2 . 4/13/2013
I'm going to be honest, I found this chapter quite difficult to follow, personally I'm not a fan of alternative realities in literature. It is just my own opinion though, its your fan fiction and you can do whatever you want. Also, I was slightly confused by the plot-line of the chapter, but I suppose that's because I haven't read Soldier's fan fiction.

Never the less, as always the literary structure of this chapter was top-notch. I really enjoy your writing style, everything is explained in great detail even if its just a minor point. Therefore, it is extremely easy to mentally visualise the events of the chapter unravel, its a very positive piece of your writing style and is what sets apart your stories from other ones.
CaptainPrice chapter 2 . 3/24/2013
Holy cow, I finally finished the chapter. I definitely see that you put a lot of work and interesting material into this chapter to make it appealing to the reader, which you successfully managed to do to me. One thing I noticed in this chapter was your forte with expressing darkness in the story and the characters. I'm not usually one for dark characters but you always do a good job with making them interesting.

So we see that Kellyn's got a terrible memory of a comrade dying to protect him while he's having a near death experience in the between dimension. Then he finally encounters Reaper and they have their long meeting about the key points that will take place as the story progresses. I actually enjoyed the little fight they had and how Kellyn managed to counter back to point the gun at Reaper's head. Nice work with his mental agility for coming up with a daring plan. The tension that followed between them was great too.

Now it was a lot of information to take in and retain and I think I will have to go back and read it again just to be sure that I understand everything correctly. The biggest bits of it being the ancient war, Arceans and the Phazon. We also see that the Rangers are treated with hostility in Puel City which is a bit of a bummer. To top it off, Keith is infected.

Overall, great chapter Tendou. One thing I would suggest criticism wise is to possibly make these longer chapters into two parts since 20000 words is a lot to read in one sitting and it can be really easy for some readers to get lost and forget some of the things covered in the chapter. That's my suggestion but do whatever works for you. Keep up the awesome work man. Once again, great job.

Narcissus.Icy.Wings.of.Will chapter 2 . 3/17/2013
Hah, I can see you have thought everything through, and thoroughly. Haven't you? I mean setting-wise. I like that in a fan-fiction. (Of course, if it were a published work it -should- be a given, but, eh.)

I noticed in this chapter that you write your (mono and)dialogues in a rather literary style, most prominently in the dialogues between Kellyn and Reaper. Is that a part of your world? Can't say I particularly like literary speech style (used to be part of MY writing when I was younger, that's probably why), but if that's part of your settings there's no way I'd argue against it, so I thought I might just bring it up.

I did see your note about the pseudonym. Still can't quite get over the way you name some of your characters, but that's the minor point. That was an excellent read, and you're most certainly not disappointing me.
Soldier of the Future chapter 2 . 3/17/2013
Since you revealed quite a few details as to what you're going to put in this update prior to this chapter's release, it wasn't a surprise that I anticipated on said points that were going to show up inevitably. And damn, I was really anticipating on this update since you'd be exploring the details of even more characters, haha.

Well to start things off, I take it that Reaper was probably playing mind tricks on Kellyn when he saw Tezuka and whatnot after he was dragged through that portal? Since my understanding in the overall concept of Kellyn's former partner isn't too familiarly clear yet. But then I think it's easy to understand the concept of what was going on there to begin with-Kellyn was suffering either one hell of a twisted hallucination or Reaper decided to test his cards by torturing his latest 'guest'. Sneaky bastard...I suppose the Reverse Realm hides its own slew of secrets that weren't meant to be seen with mortal eyes. However, saying that Kellyn (or any Uprising character) is a mortal is an understatement as they've all gone to hell and back while staying together in one piece. XD

Reaper and Kellyn's introduction was written superbly as expected. The tension between the two was evident even though it was clearer than diamonds that Reaper had the upper hand. While our writing styles are radically different, I do think that you may have portrayed Reaper a BIT too dark, but that's no complaint so don't take it as so.

Hmm, so being the Prince of the Dragon Empire enables him to control the force of the winds? I thought he'd rely on Dragon Pulses or Draco Meteors to devastate his opponents but I suppose that can work too. In regards to his family, it might see expansion so I might give him a sibling or two just for the sake of character development (and additional support that the Allies will need in the eventual Uprising War). It's just a concept and still needs plenty of time and work to flesh out after all.

Ah, Reaper using the shadows and teleportation to his advantage. That's expected for him because he is supposed to be an assassin after all. In that case, it would be nightmarishly difficult to hit him, let alone defeat him, with conventional tactics to begin with. And I'm also surprised that Reaper didn't simply stop the bullet in the style of Neo, haha. And one should never, ever criticize Reaper's wardrobe for obvious reasons...

You nailed the ancient war perfectly with that short summary. Guess Reaper was unfortunate to have participated in it that made him the monster that he is today but if he decided to sit out of the war, it would mean that he'd be letting his entire race down. Then, his role is insignificant compared to what the older Arceans did before the conflict was brought to Earth. While some may lambast me for this, but I always thought the concept of a corrupted-type in Pokemon was interesting and the fact that Deoxys is a 'space virus' according to many sources only furthered my interest to draw up a fic on that. In addition, the ambiguous opening of Pokemon Heroes, at least the Japanese version, was just screaming cataclysmic invasion. Heh.

In regards to Reaper's condition, he can still be healed and he can undergo ascension but I suppose the mark of Phazon in his body transformed his identity forever. Then, I'm sure he wouldn't let it go since if the current state of his body was transformed, he would no longer have the traits that shaped him into the legendary that he is today.

And haha, my character finally enters the scene! To be frank, one would expect him to have moved on to better things such as taking a leave for their hard and great contributions, but alas, he's stuck in Almia. The fact he has a symptom to consume more food than any useless silent piece of fat alive means that he'll only have a harder time trying to perform his duties. Most certainly, it would have to come with one of Havoc's one-liners and sense of humor to (unintentionally) degrade him. Ah well, better than having the stereotypical drill sergeant yell at ya like you're deaf, right?

The fact that the people of Puel City have such ill manners towards the Rangers stationed in the city only furthers to complicate the situation even more. Sure, there was a large number of them that deserted and joined the invaders, but they shouldn't forget that a good number remained on the side they were assigned to and performed their duties to the best of their abilities. And potential ex-TR and UAAF mercenaries armed with plasma weapons? Man, those guys must really want to show just how threatening they are.

So the two brothers (at least theoretically speaking) meet at last. I'm surprised that Kellyn didn't shoot him at first sight for reasons that I have discussed with you already.

Heh, Kellyn struck a point there in regards to Leon's true intention of working with the Rangers. No one said being a Pokemon Ranger was all about donning a fancy uniform, working with exotic Pokemon, and wielding weapons that would make any gun nut jealous...because 90% of the time, the job does not involve any of the above, haha. Above all else, that coffee shop chat was rather interesting, and even more so after Bo discovered that Kellyn was feigning and suppressing his emotions all this time.

And now we know that Keith is infected...but it's clear that the secret won't last long.

Above all else, I've been anticipating this update for quite some time so it was nice to see you get it up at last. Hopefully you won't be as delayed for future updates, for one thing!

PS: You don't need to reply to this review because we would just be discussing things that we've talked about already. Save it for the next review that you'll provide for Uprising.

-Soldier of the Future
The Fan Fiction Writer chapter 1 . 1/3/2013
While I have little/no background knowledge on the premise of this new fic (I haven't played the Ranger games or read Soldier's fic), I really enjoyed this chapter. As usual the description and grammar was on par from what I would expect from a published novel never-mind a free-to-read fan fiction piece.

The scene depicting the Reverse World was nothing short of brilliant, I loved the description and despite the fact some of the stuff mentioned (tarot cards mainly) were out of my personal "comfort zone", I was none the less intrigued. I'm still unsure about the portrayal of Kellyn, but you are well known for your portrayal of darker characters so I'll keep an open mind.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter buddy!
severus6 chapter 1 . 11/4/2012
So you're jumping into the action right from the start! Looks good so far.
Omegaxis1 chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
Star of sentence "The Reverse Realm" Very nice. I like that. But man is this chapter long. Over 8700 words. Got a long way to read. Also, your comment section at the top talks about the story being in the middle of another story which I've never read. Meaning that I am so totally lost already, but I'll still give it my all, seeing as I am quite curious about your work.

Okay, I just LOVE how you just described the scene and even gave a history about it. Also, Girantina's a goddess? I thought it was a boy, or at the very least, gender less. Oh well, continuing on...You make the Reverse Realm sound like Hell, in Pokemon logic.

Okay, and I am utterly lost again from Reaper and Laia. But it seems like there's been quite a bit of problems going on. Unfortunately, I lack information. Hey, card games. Now all they need is a motorcycle, and they can play card games on motorcycles. LOL XD Okay, jokes aside, it seems that things could get boring in the Reverse world. I like Tarot cars, especially since I played Persona 3 Portable. Okay, off topic again, sorry. Okay, Reaper is talking crazy like all those other mad men that seek death to achieve evolution or change. Seriously.

And we get to Kellyn. He seems rather...moody...and his last name's Strife...sorry but I can't help but think of Cloud Strife right now. But anyways, why would Kel say that he won't go beyond acquaintances? Also, I can't understand his line of thinking, but he DOES seem loyal to Rythmic and Keith. He's friends with them, whether he wants it or not. Umm...what does he mean by execution? Is it like Mitsuru from Persona 3's execution? Again, sorry for getting off topic.

Oh my god...a Pokemon died...I never saw that happen like that before...That was so sad...Kel seems to feel really bad for it. It also seems that Kel just killed a guy. And mercilessly on that note. Well, he deserved it. Killing a Pokemon is the greatest crime in my Pokemon books. Another attacker? Well, that guys gonna get his ass handed to him. Kel is pissed off right now. And...he almost won until Kel blew his head off...literally...damn...and...he is merciless to even one that begs for life...damn...Kel's ruthless...

What the HELL? Keith is a Lucario? Or was it Lucario disguised as Keith? I don't get it, but that was a Chaos Pokemon, Lucario, huh...and Kel just threatened to kill it...not sure my opinion of Kel has improved, if anything, its downgraded...

And...he gets taken into a weird vortex of dark energy and he is now unconscious...well well...what's gonna happen next? This story is impressive, although a little graphic for my taste, but then again, it IS rated M. And even though its not to my taste, I can still read it. It's quite impressive. I didn't notice a single grammar problem at all. Well, I don't knwo if I'll read the next chapter when it comes, but I just might. Good luck.
HollowKU chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
Hooooo! Great first chapter, Tendou! AMAZING! Really mysterious, and really makes you wonder what's going to happen next! The best part of this chapter was the Reverse Realm, in my opinion. A good description of the scenario, the events that happened in it, the characters' description and the contrast between Reaper and Laia were a good comparison of the constant clash of Darkness and Light respectively. The second part was also interesting. It is nice to see a change in a character's personality once in a while, especially on a character like a Pokémon Ranger. Anyway, a perfect way to start a fic. Keep up the good work, Tendou!
Narcissus.Icy.Wings.of.Will chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Finally, a Ranger-involving story that looks worth reading. I'll look forward to your future chapters.

Hey, guess what, I DON'T find Kellyn in this story to be THAT OOC... A little, not too much. But maybe I've just been a Kellyn fan for too long and deconstructed his character too much myself.;;

Now that I've revealed that I'm the f-word - a fan - you may take or leave this, but the only part in Kell's character I did find odd was the apparent indiscrimination in his apathy. For that reason I liked his reaction to the Starly's death, because it showed that he had some kind of his own code. I hope that you may include more of those in your later chapters. I will withhold any judgment on this because I don't think we know all of his character yet, and I certainly hope that there are more to his character than what the first chapter showed.

Overall, good work. I did find a few verbiage along the way, but they stayed a few, and your writing is largely succinct, objective and dry the way I like. Again, I'll have to read your future chapters.

One thing, I was quite disappointed that you used a Lucario instead of some other less-obvious, less-used Pokemon, but then again I also know I shouldn't be speaking in that matter.
Twilight- The Moon Spirit chapter 1 . 9/21/2012
Hm it was nice to read though it seemed extremely OOC since rangers aren't suppose to be like that. I find just killing people because they are not on your side to be excessively stupid. That plus that whole 'only a few can call me that' thing is also quite annoying.

Also on the writing, it seemed like some parts were done to just literally show the author's point without actuallyputting it into the story.

Also with all of those people that feel all kinds of spots the fact that one isn't filled sounds like it should be done for the plot... yet it kind of annoys me since it makes it seem like the others are not important.

Also must everything be latin when I read your stories? xD (just a joke).

All in all I kind of like it, I want to know where this is going though and how it will be done.
CaptainPrice chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Wow, a lot of info for your first chapter man, but I like the premise of this story. I liked how described the Reverse Realm and how you brought up all sorts of details, my favorite would have to be describing the door where Reaper took the fortunate souls. So far after reading, I'd have to say Reaper and Kellyn are pretty interesting characters and I like how you made these Pokemon Rangers more badass. I have to give you props on your vocabulary usage. Also, nice job with the dialogue, I found it very fitting for the characters you had, especially the bit between Reaper and Giratina, that was well executed in my mind.

For the two things I'm most interested in right now, I'd have to say I'm eager to see who Reaper's puppet will be as well as Kellyn's location after being sucked into that vortex, so this leads me to believe that Kellyn and Reaper will have an encounter soon enough. So far I'm enjoying this story and I will like to see what you have planned next.

Constructive Criticism:

I can't really think of anything to say really. You had great punctuation and grammar, which is awesome since it's really hard to find on fanfiction. You also took the time to break free from massive wall texts, granted some at the beginning with the Reverse Realm were a little long, they ended at appropriate times so you could transition into the next bit of details to the surroundings and story. The only thing that caught my eye was a missing comma in one of the bits of dialogue between Kellyn and Rhythmi.

Soldier of the Future chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
Well first of all, thank you for dedicating this story to my birthday even though I'm probably the first reader and reviewer to come by and drop this review. Ugh, 21 years old already...time is flying by quickly. And secondly, I'm quite flattered that an OC (although technically another author gave me the idea to craft him out and fit him into Uprising) managed to become the star of the show in your story. Alright, since your chapter is not that too terribly long, don't expect this review to be much longer either...but I suspect that probably won't be the case. XD

For starters, how the Uprising War concludes is still a mystery to me as the author of it. But of course, let's just say most of the protagonists survive...and yeah, I definitely would've expected Giratina and Reaper having all that extra work on their claws for the casualties that occurred during the conflict. And I see our discussions about how the reverse world functioned managed to pay off here...yeah, now all we need now is Hitler, Stalin, Cyrus, and other megalomaniacal figures throughout history begging and yelling for salvation in the most heavily guarded prison complex there. XD

And Well of Souls? A Doom reference!? I wonder if the area is nothing more than a gigantic black sea of deceased souls.

In terms of Laia and Reaper's relation, it's still relatively undecided because while I've drawn out a rough sketch of Laia, Reaper still requires plenty of work (correction: a lot) to craft out. Just note that Reaper's a lot more younger compared to the latter-probably around the age of 20,000 I guess (Laia was among one of the first Eons to have existed).

Let me start off by saying that your portrayal of Reaper is drastically different from what I originally pictured him to be. He almost seems...cruel and sadistic in your incarnation. However, this is your representation of his character so I don't mind-that and this place after the Uprising War so things could have been changed.

Once again, Kellyn is definitely a lot darker than I initially imagined him to be. But then, his conversation with Rhythmi revealed quite a bit about his personality and ways of thinking-for one thing, he's probably much more cold and calculating than his regular counterpart.

I won't go into how the X-Gun works, but let's just say that the technology baffles me. But for a universe of big guns, advanced jets, autonomous tanks and mobile armor suits having been integrated into the Ranger Forces...I have no authority and right to criticize your world's technology now, do I? :P

Wow, whoever wanted to kill him must really want him dead if they were going straight for an assassination-style elimination. The death of the Starly scout also meant they meant business but then, knowing Team Rocket, they always have that one glaring fault that causes them to fail miserably. In this instance, it's brains.

That was a close call for Kellyn...and he coolly just shoots the guy's head off with his customized gun? Now that's what I call killing with style. And as if he was taking out the trash on a routine day, he just casually kills the rest with a mixture of James Bond and Commando-class take downs.

Hmm, the Pokemon Ranger Corps employs Pokemon operatives too, huh? Makes sense, even more so when a Chaos-tuned Lucario is under their employment as an agent in the field. Bonus points for being bulletproof for obvious reasons.

Now we can only see what awaits Kellyn with Reaper's intrusion...

Anyways, this was a fun read especially hearing no updates from anyone for quite a long time, even though the characters a little out of taste (but that's just my own personal view). Looking forward to the next chapter of this and Zenith League.

-Soldier of the Future
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