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Lunaliceazreal chapter 1 . 12/19/2015
Omg that was so scary
Felicia Martins chapter 1 . 11/18/2014
This is a msg from me, and I’d say from Homura Akemi too, and all this hateful review is addressed only to you, QB:
FIRST using the greatest good or whatever you’re calling that for the great benefit of all or some shit like that is just so PATHETIC that I must say it’s probably the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard in my entire life, and yeah mine may be short, but consider I’ve heard many shit in my life and none that could even go as far as yours actually so consider revising your argument son of a bitch ‘cause those political chiefs or religious leaders of our so dumb kind have used pretexts far more believable to manipulate the human race, actually, and that’s why now we can all the more recognize a puppeteer when we see one.

SECOND using the ‘oh too bad the universe is dying’ and that entire energy thing no one would ever be able to see BUT YOU OF COURSE so that we must trust you and you only ‘cause YOU know and more than that you OWN the truth, and stuff like the previous argument -if we can ever call that thing such a way- is something almost hilarious, yeah so funny that despite being so an ADVANCED specie as you claim to be you can’t invent or even imagine something -even a little- more original than that sounds for me almost as enjoyable as pitiful, actually… But wait! Oh of course as a STUPID thing that I am, I didn’t even see it… the fact is that you have no imagination. Imagining things being both a state of mind (pure intellect, ability of creating concepts/ideas) and heart (emotion and feelings, from there comes your own sensibility and so the originality thing, such basis being also located in our brain, but doesn’t seem to appear at all for you…), deprived of at least one of them, you can’t imagine anything new than the older things you see by observing others (species). So that’s that?! ‘Cause it seems after all you can’t draw anything new by yourself you’re left to use just the same mechanisms of mind control that any other, for example as a guru pretending that we can’t see ‘cause still we’re so dumbass and you all the saviors, such things we already know, from the "scriptures" (that I must recommend to read it may be of some help) and all those jesus worshippers to nowadays more ‘original’ beliefs like some sect ones, as wells as dear ecologist alarmist suckers that spend most of their saying nature will kill us all (oh, a hint there? I don’t think so…), that we all know being wrong.

THIRD you said you FEED on us?! Well you dared say such a thing? All right you feed on our trust?! On our wishes our feelings our thoughts our desires our believing our beloved our wishes and our needs?! ‘Cause you’ve nothing of that, in the end, right? You’re nothing but an empty shell, yet you’re trying to make yourself being something by eating others ‘energy’ but without quite succeeding, I am wrong? You may think that it gives you an actual ‘feel’ of something but still feeding from other souls isn’t bringing you any other satisfaction than the one actually to ‘possess’ them as energy, as a car engine would be actually fed up by gasoline, but won’t actually show any sign of any kind that it actually ‘likes’ the taste of it, ‘cause it has obviously no sense of taste at all, no sense of any sort, like any robot or all those construct made of unnatural or even biological materials, as it seems the case for you, so you see, possess things is never to mean you actually exist or something, like any other LIVING being that can breath and REALLY see death: you’re nothing but a mere parasite that mix up ‘having’ and ‘being’ and I gotta say that feed on the dead isn’t going to get you anywhere,
At that point I should actually feel sorry but –WHAT I think I’m kidding with?- I’m not. Being sorry before something that can’t even get the concept of such a word is pointless. So let me repeat it (and enjoy it) a last time: if you’re nothing in the beginning, if there’s nothing in the beginning, you can’t become something only by using others to fill up the hole you are, can’t you understand that? Hell talking to you if you’re nothing is nonsense you’d say? Well, must be the cursed of such dumbass humanity…!

FOR I’m not done there, I’ve more to say to you dirty little slot you are, for all the bad things you make occur, ‘cause we may be standing on the edge of a cliff, but still we won’t fall if there’s nothing to make us budge, actually. Laws? Physics? Cannot do nothing about it?! Well, unlike you, humans are beings that can move by themselves, by will. So does it mean they’d step off all by themselves too? No, the answer is obvious, ‘will’ NEVER being one of falling, or dying, but that of standing, resisting, and surviving. Suicidal people aren’t so ‘cause they want it but ‘cause circumstances in life, that you may assume being some forces (gravity is a ‘force’ actually) have made them that way, have broken their will to stand up, till they fall off.
So you’d be right, it would those things like laws of physics that bring us so near to the end and so tie the very humanity with its so tragic death, if we weren’t, as you imply, blind as moles. Wait, I do wonder, what make us so blind we cannot see on what path we walk on, and that such way’s connecting and leading us to a cliff? If you followed my advice, you should know by the time.
‘Cause what makes us blind isn’t something that come from ourselves, by that I mean it’s no will, as well as no unconscious process going on somewhere deep within to bury down the truth, ‘cause unconscious processes are most of the time to protect our conscious self, the one who holds will, from a danger, so most typically from falling. That way such unknowing, such blinding comes from something else, something as well aware of it, won’t let us know it, and so not from an external circumstance, as them forces, have no consciousness of what they’re doing at all. Gravity cannot warn you you’ll fall. Unlike you. Or unlike me, ‘cause I’m so kind that I gonna inform you that…you’re dead.

Who wasn’t preventing humans to know the truth in Paradise Lost? Something that got no heart, like a robot but made of energy, a pure entity of sort, having just enough of a mind to see what it was doing, but not so far it could feel things, something that was keeping humans blinded in order to them to enjoy an eternal fall, as immortal they were (not a hint), something that was keeping their will muzzled as their soul (still not a hint) before they finally free from its influence, ‘cause will, as I said, is a resistance, not something to be kept down for too long and certainly not forever. Some said you’re some kind of devil, that you’re the villain, I won’t state any of that. Madoka is no god, she’s only a particularly strong magician. But you… You can claim you’re all good or you can claim you’re nothing at all, ‘cause it’s all the same. That’s why you sucking at our soul and hearts the knowledge needed to grow, that is to say the very belief to lure us into YOUR influence, ‘cause philosophically speaking god is born from our believing only, that’s why, as one man once said, that you’re meant to be killed.
So ‘cause that’s all your doing in the end, your work anyway needs an end.

FIFTH SO using our own so-called ‘weakness’, foolishness, to prevent us off is not something ever to considerate: you may say that resistance is futile. As a result, we will be all the more fighting. So you can continue to judge us you can tell us we never learn you can say whatever shits going on in your fuckin rat head you can tell that you know you can say what you want to ‘cause THAT is useless.
We can be fool, but we never gonna be the ball of the game again, of your so silly little game, we never gonna be the poor crying victims anymore, SO, not having the means to fight won’t mean we wouldn’t try and fight ANYWAY. And fight even more eagerly. Can say it’s all our foolishness, can laugh at our face of how dumb we’ll always be, BUT HEAR ONE THING: IT WILL NEVER STOP US TO FIGHT YOU. NE-VER. EVEN IF WE DON’T HAVE THE MEANS TO. NE. VER. YEAH WE CAN BE DUMBASS, BUT DON’T YOU KNOW THAT, YOU THAT KNOW EVERYTHING OF THE UNIVERSE?! STUPIDITY IS THE GREATEST HUMANITY CARD. NOT OUR WEAKNESS. BUT OUR GREATEST ABILITY. AND OUR DETERMINATION OUR WILL AND FURY WILL PAY. WE. WILL. KILL. YOU. YOU. THE. ENNEMY. NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, AND HOW MUCH, AND HOW LONG, WE WILL BE THIS VERY DEATH OF YOU. FIGHT IS OUR REASON. KILL IS OUR HORIZON. YOU ARE RIGHT. WE CANT CHANGE. YOU CANT CHANGE HUMANKIND. YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, YOU CANT CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL. AND SO THAT’S WHY, POOR THING THAT YOU ARE, YOULL SOON BE DEAD, BY OUR HANDS. 'Cause you know, it’s in our nature, as you say, to make torture and violence… Oh I can’t wait for it I’m so excited already at the mere idea…!

Well, sorry for the (little x) arguing, but then learn that’s no hate to your fic but only to QB, to me the most hated thing of the whole universe (with Masa’ from C obviously) but your fic is so well written and it drew me so deep into the “thinking” if we can call it this way of QB that I couldn’t help but rage so hard about it. And as a result, feel free (even if as being merely the incarnation of an incubator you cannot KNOW nor never understand what ‘free’ means) to challenge my argument, if you’re not afraid of then. But wait, of course you dunno what ‘fear’ is so… We will see…

But I’d swear I’ve pretty scared the shit out of you already haven’t I?
Sa Rart chapter 1 . 8/28/2014
Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. It's rare to find such a beautifully written narrative. Whimsical. Interesting.
RandomNumbers523156 chapter 1 . 7/31/2014
This was a really interesting fanfic. Kyuubey is probably one of the most interesting character of the series, because he's an utilitarian took to the extreme: nothing ever matters only that the greatest amount of people are benefitted. One thing I Always thought was that they must have overestimated the rate of decayment of the universe, but even this you addressed.

I believe one thing that makes the incubators so much infuriating and yet the more you fight their argument, the stronger it gets is the fact that their reasoning is flawless. I mean, they are so right in their reasoning that you can't argue against, and the worst is that there's no argument against them, I mean, ignoring, blowing them up, they're like the perfect trolls and they aren't even aware of it - it's some twisted form of innocence.

At the other hand, it reveals the flaw of their reasoning: when everyone is important, no one is, not even them. They care for everyone and can't care for a single person. Once I reached a conclusion in which I conclude incubators are simply one of the most pathetic things in the universe and they can't even realize why but I forgot how I came to this conclusion. Anyway, as much as they like to feel superior, the movie showed they aren't imune to the Law of Bigger Stick. Good work!
Suibon chapter 1 . 2/9/2014
A brilliant and at times revealing exposition of the Incubator mentality - the logic is inescapable if unfailingly scathing on the failures of the Puella Magi and of humanity (at least till Rebellion showed up and left the question of entropy-busting up in the air).

So yeah - jerkass has a point. I still think that I have the right to call him a jerkass. Eh.
JenDav chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
It is chilling and fascinating how rational and devoid of humanity Kyubey is especially picturing him speaking all this with his fixed smile. I thoroughly enjoyed your depiction of not only Kyubey but also the thoughts relating to flawed decision making.

"If anything, your own hopes trick you, your wishful thinking. A sensible way to respond when discovering something new and important, like magic and wishes, is with intelligent curiosity."

That is a most useful lesson and It's delightful seeing you use writing to teach as well as entertain.
That-Punk-Rocker-Girl chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
wow, really got me thinking. Awesome!
Karrin Blue chapter 1 . 11/8/2012
THIS. ALL OF THIS. Do you know how hard it is to find fics that show the Incubator mindset as being something other than 'Screw over teenage girls'? This was very well-written, and I especially liked these:

"No, we do not trick you. We simply allow the consequences of your own actions to happen to you. Gravity does not hate you, nor does it love you, but if you step off a cliff you will fall."


"Without our plan, that future would not occur. Those countless sapients would die out or not exist, as by that time the Universe would stop being capable of supporting life, especially on the scale we have in mind. Are you fine with that? Do you not mind cutting off all those futures, denying all these people a chance to live, because you didn't want to increase your species' mortality rate by a very tiny fraction?"

Because Kyubey is not really immoral. He consistently follows the mindset of his society and species. So thank you, very much, and keep writing.
DappledKarma chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
Kyubey's awesome. I love his logic.
Wolf-of-Five-Elements chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Hmm, interesting story. I think you've got Kyubey's voice down quite well. Great job.
NinthFeather chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
This is creepy and great at the same time...Kyuubey's just such an interesting character, and you have him down perfectly. I really do like this one-sided conversation, and how well it reflects his portrayal in the series. Good job.
Webidolchiu94 chapter 1 . 9/19/2012
This just made my soul gem darker...a lot darker. Kuubey is so depressing in his logic, and you captured it well. Too well.

Say, you're not HIM, are you?
Miss Bright chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
I particularly like your usage of "ripening" to describe Madoka at the end, as though she were a piece of fruit Kyubey's waiting to pluck off some Tree of Life, because that's what she is.
Biigoh chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
Ahh... Kyubey... always so amusing
Art chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
Cool fanfic! Truly his logic makes sense, its cruel but makes sense
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