Reviews for Ronnie's other daughter
Guest chapter 112 . 5/24
Amazing please continue xxx
Stcie chapter 112 . 5/24
Please update soon
Please do more Ronnie and lexi bonding ;)
Stcie chapter 111 . 5/17
Absolutely love this Story
Please continue
Love your Ronnie/Lexi bonding
Guest chapter 109 . 5/11
Can you do a chapter when we see Lexi getting bullied from them girls so much she decides to run away thinking everyone's against her. Then Ronnie has to go find her
Stcie chapter 110 . 5/13
Please update
Hooked to this story
Please can you do more Ronnie and Lexi bonding
Maybe Lexi starts to get bullied by them girls at her school and makes her self conscious?
Amazing Author!
Stcie chapter 109 . 5/10
Please continue
Absolutely love this story!
Guest chapter 107 . 5/3
Love all your chapters
I cant wait for when Ronnie will find out about her cutting and hope to see Lexi and Ronnie bonding and Lexi starts asking Ronnie the questions that she wrote and after girls at school start saying stuff, she think that her Ronnie was better off without her bein born and talks to Ronnie about it
Stcie chapter 108 . 5/5
Love this
Your chapters get better and better
Hope you continue
I think Lexi should ask her mum all them questions she was writing down and ask Ronnie all her questions that she might have
lilangel1 chapter 108 . 5/5
Sorry not reviewed your work lately love your work as always brill story looking forward to reading more.
are you doing anymore casualty fanfics
Guest chapter 106 . 5/2
Hope to see more Ronnie and Lexi bonding
Maybe when Ronnie finds all the scars on Lexi's arm from cutting her self
Please continue
Stcie chapter 107 . 5/4
Love this. Cant stop reading this story!
Please continue
You could do when Alexis thinks her mum doesn't love her and thinks her mum should have an abortion(so she was never born) and tells Ronnie this.
Ronnie tries to get discharged and even tho she isn't 100% she goes looking for Lexi and when she finds her, they have a long chat about what happened and how Lexi felt when Ronnies in a coma.
Just a suggestion
eastendersfan99 chapter 106 . 4/29
such a lovely part! feel so sory for Ronnie :( best of luck you will do perfect!You're Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, Smarter Than You Think :)
waterlooroad-jessica-SVU chapter 106 . 4/28
I am reading every chapter but working full time so dont get chang
Guest chapter 104 . 4/20
I loved this chapter, it was so sweet. Gotta love the fluff!
CorrieCarlaConnor chapter 104 . 4/21
i love this story
i wasnt logged in when i read the last chapter but it was amazing and i loved this one even better
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