Reviews for Trapped
Akayasha chapter 17 . 3/30
Dammit! Please continue this story, I can see that you haven't updated in a while so please for your readers please! Update at least one chapter! It'd be also good if you'd update on why there's been no updates!
22sektor chapter 17 . 3/30
IzaNami forever! Please please continue! I really want a happy conclusion for Izaya! There's too many sad stories about Izaya with sad ends, please I beg of you to continue!
Hu chapter 9 . 3/30
Yes , yes , yes , YES! IzaNami! And screw Shizuo!
DGtnsl chapter 17 . 3/22
Hmm... I suppose Izaya's more open with Namie because she's female. She might just be enough like his sisters that that's the reason he would reveal more to her than Shinra and definitely more than Shizuo. I'm glad that Kyohei is in this now. I remember that he was part of their little group, but he's only just made his appearance now. Perhaps this is how he started being friends (?) with Izaya.
I wonder where Namie is taking Izaya.
DGtnsl chapter 15 . 3/22
And Namie takes action. It seems she's the only who will ever be able to stand up to him without getting violent like Shizuo. But I doubt Izaya is going to tell her everything about his relationship with his parents without some prying on her part (and Shinra and Shizuo's).
DGtnsl chapter 9 . 3/22
It's kinda cool that Namie was there, in the same High School as Izaya, Shizuo, and Shinra.
Yeah, Izaya likes digging stuff up on other people, not letting them dig stuff up on him. I wonder if Shizuo and Shinra will look into his life - after all his parents are away (if Shizuo remembers to tell Shinra that) and he's got two sisters who might tell them things. Well, if they ever see them without Izaya around.
This fic is pretty interesting.
romagen chapter 16 . 3/18
I wish you would update this story. It's really good and you should continue it. Please do that.
H chapter 1 . 3/14
Please update! I really like where this is going, especially with Namie and Izaya's relationship development
Guest chapter 17 . 3/13
D chapter 17 . 3/10
Please! please update!
romagen chapter 17 . 2/16
This is one of the saddest stories I've ever read. I think I started crying more than 5 times, and that's hard to do. You're an amazing author and I would really appreciate it if you continued this story. Please do.
Bunnybot chapter 17 . 12/7/2013
Hope you can finish this story :) its freaken fantastic!
Energetic red chapter 17 . 10/11/2013
Awesome! I love this. Loving the way you portray izaya's humanity.
ryukzaki chapter 17 . 8/25/2013
Je lis quasiment toutes les histoires concernant les jeux et les mangas que j'aime, mais je lis surtout les histoires avec Izaya. J'aime cette histoire et c'est dommage que tu ne l'ai plus avancée depuis 1 an.
Albinos chapter 17 . 7/24/2013
I like psychological approach to Izaya's character. It makes this story believable
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