Reviews for Beyond the Happy Ending
reen212000 chapter 29 . 6/23
Ooh! Very interesting! I've enjoyed reading Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha come closer together as brothers, along with the whole Inu family. Looking forward to more.
AmoraLynn chapter 29 . 6/14
I've really enjoyed this, and look forward to new chapters. I started crying in the last few chapters, it was so very sad and beautiful.
Pheonix09 chapter 29 . 5/25
Hey, how are you?

Very nice on this, excellent job, and I can't wait to read the next chapter
kokoronagomu chapter 29 . 5/25
i would imagine that in his childish curiosity that he'd frequently inquired of kagome what the pictures were and what things she was studying. i also imagine that long lived creatures have much better memories than we would so he would likely know a bit more than was in the geography book. as for the dolls, he'd have drawn and helped design them from memory... i wish i had a better memory or one that didn't leak so.
hope you and yours are well, sue. things here are fine, it's hot but i have a whole week off and i've already wasted three days. lol babies are growing too quickly, only one of them still naps now, i miss their naps. ;\
little25victor chapter 29 . 5/25
Oh, HO! Well, Well, WELL. Does this mean "we" might make it into the Future?

Missed you. Glad to see you're still keeping up with the story. I eagerly await your next chaper.
kokoronagomu chapter 28 . 3/23
new family to spoil and coddle him, wondering if that will irritate him although he seems to get on well with the females... his mum must have had a lot to do with that. glad he's being accepted and embraced by them.
it's finally started to get a little warmer, can't wait until i can start complaining about it being too hot. have a great spring sue!
Lisa chapter 28 . 3/18
Please keep on updating! I always look forward to the next chapter! Great story so far-it's made me cry so many times that I swear I'm almost out of tears. Thank you so much for your great work- keep writing!
Pheonix09 chapter 28 . 3/14
Awww poor Sesshy

How are you?

That was awesome and amusing, I loved it and nice job but I can't wait to read the next one so please update soon
rpglady76 chapter 28 . 3/14
If this is the first time Inuyasha'a really thought about or remembered the times when he was assaulted when he was younger, wouldn't he have nightmares? I mean, I assume he buries the memories deep and tries not to think about them (or maybe Kagome and his other friends helped him deal with them), but wouldn't bringing them out of storage (so to speak) give him some bad nights of sleep? I was just wondering if you were going to show any repercussions from what Sesshoumaru learned, to have him see how much damage he did to Inuyasha, I mean.
little25victor chapter 28 . 3/14
Well! THAT is a surprise... inu sobo-sama! Any inu cousins waiting in the wings? And are we getting closer to finding out who the traitor is? I have an InuYasha doll; one of those multi-jointed ones. Hahah!

Was wondering where you were. Thought maybe you had fallen down the Bone-Eater's Well, or sumthin. I longingly await your next chapter. ;D
almondbutter chapter 28 . 3/14
Yay an update :D inugrandma too! Short but sweet thank you for updating :DD
Althea M chapter 28 . 3/14
Long Time No See and Welcome back. I have faith; you said that you would finish this. I only have to wait.

A good interaction between Inuyasha and Shesshou (he-he-he) and now a new member of the family appears.

More, please

SayonaraKuroi chapter 28 . 3/14
Please Update!
almondbutter chapter 27 . 2/12
Yes yes yes this is exactly what I have been looking for can't wait for more love it :)
kokoronagomu chapter 27 . 2/12
you touched on something i found flawed in the 'sword of an honourable ruler' movie... about sesshoumaru wanting to defeat their father but desiring to use tessaiga (or any of his swords) would not be doing it on his own merit. so his wanting tessaiga would have been more for puerile sibling rivalry and other juvenile reasons than overcoming his father. i'll have to read this over again from the beginning after tomorrow when i don't have babies (they're coming soon) so i can remember some more of the details.

hope things are good with you and yours, take care sue.
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