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TeeKs0412 chapter 1 . 7/23
I know it's been years since you finished this story but i just needed to say how satisfying it is to read something that is so well written!
W3'r3-All-Mad-H3r3 chapter 48 . 7/22
I have to say, the end was my favorite part; though the way you described magic and all that jazz was pretty sweet too.
Great book!
Amazilia chapter 48 . 7/16
Excellent ending! Loved this story.
Amazilia chapter 37 . 7/15
Hey I'd love to read the deleted scene!
Guest chapter 48 . 7/8
I'm not sure if you will ever see this but that's really inconsequential. Honestly I just needed to get my overwhelming emotions out via words. I've never reviewed for any author's work before though many deserved one and it pleases me to tell you that I've never been so touched by a literary work before. Hard to believe consiconsidering the novels and poems I've read. Your style of writing and ability to weave little nuances into your story about life and love is unmatched by any other. Does it make me pathetic to admit I burst into tears twice while reading this? Thank you. Those words feel woefully inadequate to express my gratitude and how I'm feeling but unfortunately it's the best I can manage. It was truly astonishing. Beautiful
Fluffy The Terrible chapter 1 . 5/20
Mice? Is that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ref I see?
Loki would like to troll as many people as he could by swiping the stuff they need. Shield, Thor..
Anon chapter 48 . 4/22
I found myself very intrigued in the beginning and remained hooked all the way through. However, while the writing was good and the characterization developed well, I must confess I'm a bit disappointed. Especially after the fire demon bit ended, it felt a bit hollow. All of Jane and the angst of her situation led up to her setting off powerful and determined to find her love..., only to kind of casually run in to him at the end, say hi as if he wasn't the most important thing to her, and then end with some mildly detached epilogue about happily ever after. Also, Loki's side felt really missing towards the end. He sets off on a big epic mission against Thanos..., only to just let that situation take care of itself in a few sentences. Instead of a "big bad" climax, it felt like a diversion to just get him out of the picture. Which, I get, you can't have too much fluff before the end. But I felt like I just finished a story about Jane and Loki as two separate stories instead of one interconnected one. It's like their paths diverged and never truly met up again. This story had so much promise, the beginning was phenomenal and so very promising. But towards the end, I found myself rushing through chapters hoping to get to "their" story again, only to find myself suddenly at the very end and her just nonchalantly meeting up with him. Like I said, you're a great writer and you're good with characters. But, the last section just didn't feel as strong as the rest.
NinjaMeap chapter 36 . 4/13
You captured Fury's character so perfectly here! I could imagine him saying everything you wrote! Bravo!
NinjaMeap chapter 35 . 4/13
I absolutly admire how you write Banner's character, however the tiny bit OOC
NinjaMeap chapter 34 . 4/13
Lol Bruce you creeper why can't you enjoy this beautiful scene of Lokane that you have been blessed to see instead of questioning it? XD Chapter 34 is too perfect.
NinjaMeap chapter 31 . 4/13
*squeals from fangirl feels*
Deaths Gate chapter 48 . 4/13
great stuff,
now, a sequel must be written, lol.
great job with this
green-jedi chapter 48 . 4/6
Oh, I love your stories! Such beautiful expressions of lonely soulmates finding each other. I really love how you capture the isolation and then the unexpected harmony between the two. How you find the normality in themselves in each other. Thank you for writing your Loki and Jane stories. They make my heart sing. :)
Guest chapter 47 . 3/17
This was a great read; however, I can't help but feel that their reunion was a little lackluster. I was almost done with the chapter when I realized she was talking to him... I mean, she set off /to/ find him, and then she runs into him and she's all "hey, fancy seeing you here" and just completely casual. I suppose by her utter breakdown when she clutched his cloak, I expected something a little more heart-pounding. It seemed he had a larger reaction/response than she did; she was just kind of unmoved and a bit more than preoccupied with getting that door unlocked. I guess I expected her to more-or-less pounce on him with all the longing and heartache she was suffering. Also! I could easily see this being split into two, maybe even three stories. The first ending around him leaving/her being prisoner; the second part being her finding him/him dealing with Thanos, and the third detailing Ragnarok/taking down Odin and the beginning Thor's reign. It would be nice to see more of Loki whole; I felt like I kind of only saw glimpses in comparison, especially with how broken Jane was through most of it.
NinjaMeap chapter 22 . 2/23
Oh my dear, there've been so many amazingly goodness to Lokane detailed chapters like 15 and 13 and so forth that I simply couldn't review them all seperatly for my sake-trying to describe feels can overload a fangirls self you know-,so just to let you know again, this story is absolutly heartbreaking in the best sort of way.
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