Reviews for The Lady is Always Right
Belthasar chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
Very cute, thank you for writing this.
Moczo chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
... she does it on purpose. She just loves watching you squirm. :3

That said, nobody anywhere should object to the presence of Amoretta and Lillet being fluffy. It's so... so fluffah. So, so fluffah. Fluff.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
Aw, man, this was amazing-quality fluff! I admire your ability, flailing or otherwise, to come through with the properly fluffy story in the face of the challenge! Sure, there are some problems for the characters to overcome, but they're not tragic problems. I mean, classic deathcurse would be if Amoretta couldn't go to the ball at the last minute because her cat died or something. Or if Amoretta got the courage to ask Lillet to dance and Lillet shot her down in front of everyone and then Amoretta dropped dead on the spot because no one loved her any more.

On the contrary, this was a loveable and heartwarming story with some depth to it as well that just adds to everything. It's cute watching first Amoretta, then Lillet be jealous in turn over Hiram dancing with them. It's fun to see Bartido, too (I think this is his first "on-stage" appearance in one of your fics, though he was referenced in "King in the Mountain"?)-I like his sense of humor here, though I wonder if he seems a bit too mature? (This Bartido seems more like he's in his early 20s, but if Lillet's just learning how to dance it seems like it's pretty soon after she left the Tower...) His attitude's dead-on in character, though; he's always said and done what he pleased without regard for others' opinions! (I think it's cute, by the way, that Amoretta still keeps in contact with him-she was her creator's lab assistant, after all!) I love his absolutely blase attitude about the whole dancing issue, especially this line:

“If you act like it’s something weird, then it will be weird. If you act like it’s nothing special, then everyone will be forced to act that way too.”

(I also like how he alludes to a point I've mentioned a couple of places in my own stories: Lillet isn't just an ordinary girl, or even an ordinary magician; she's Lillet Blan, heroine of her own game. That doesn't cure the problems that she might have in her own mind, social nervousness and sensitivity towards the feelings of others, but it certainly provides armor against many of the potential consequences that others would face. I have a feeling that Bartido would not only be aware of that fact, but that if he were in Lillet's shoes he'd positively revel in it! ("Okay, it's time for the new party game: How many obnoxious idiots have to be turned into frogs before people stop commenting about my choice of dance partners?")

And the finish was great, too. It was so cute that Amoretta was the one who learned to lead! Actually, it makes complete sense that she would figure out both sets of steps while dancing, but it's hard to remember that it's the logical outcome when it's just so cute! (I like how you write Amoretta, too-she always seems to be both earnest and a little childlike in your stories, enough that there's always a reminder in her dialogue and actions that she's not human without narration having to define the point; I have a bad habit of "captioning" scenes like that while you let the character herself do the work of showing the reader.)

All in all, a marvelous story. Thanks for sharing it! (Not to mention yuiseppe's comic as well...TANGO! )
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 9/19/2012
Of course! I know you like your tragedy, and not only do I get to have fun imagining you squirming, but I have completely ruined your rep! *big smug grin* :D

It was a very cute, very fluffy story, deathy, and without so much as a hint of angst! Sure, Lillet was a bit insecure at first about dancing with Amoretta, but it wasn't full blown-out tragedy or drama, so all's well that ends well!

I was immediately attracted to the following line: It was beyond strange to Lillet to see gender roles enforced so strongly in the capital city—weren’t the nobles ruled by a Queen?

Be they ruled by a woman or not, traditional Western civilization has always been a male-dominated field, with women very rarely occupying positions of power, and even then this is often assumed to be transient, as they were usually in place as regents until the actual heir to the throne came of age. In the cases in which women have ruled as proper monarchs, they have usually had a hard time handling things. (Hatshepsut of Egypt, fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty, became a ruler because her son was too young to reign. She had to change her speech patterns to refer to herself as a male, her statues have traditional male beards, and as soon as so much as speculation that she was a woman was out, neighboring nations attempted to invade Egypt, thinking that the nation must be weak since there was no male ruler. Elizabeth I of England faced a lot of hardships and oppositions as well as ample criticism, though arguably this was as much from being 'illegitimate' and a Protestant as for being a woman. Catherine II of Russia is probably one of the very few female rulers to have had a smooth reign.)

*coughs and puts away the 'History fan' face* Sorry for going on a tangent. My point was that, ruled by a woman or not, the aristocracy will first and foremost have their positions to think of. Their power stems from tradition; this is why they are/were such sticklers for it, and why protocol is so important in social gatherings and the like. Of course, having originally been a farm girl, there's no way Lillet would know this, since her primary studies were in magic and not Court Etiquette/Traditions/History, etc., and it's fun to see it lampshaded in such a simple but accurate way.

I also liked seeing Lillet waging an internal war as to whether or not she should dance with Amoretta. It serves as a good reminder that Lillet is just a teenager still, and for all her added years of magical expertise, she has the maturity of a sixteen-year-old girl nonetheless. The cute part is that she overcomes her insecurities later and decides to put Amoretta first. I exploded into squee! _

I also agree with our good Governor about loving Bartido showing up! It's so nice of him to comfort and reassure Lillet while she's being full of self-doubt, like a good friend would do. And, admittedly, it was also funny to see him yank Lillet's chain a bit by playing up his old attraction to her! _- Very sneaky of him, just like a spy!

I also melted when I saw that Amoretta learned to lead and proceeded to sweep her off her feet like that. It was soooo cuuuuuute!

Awesome story, dc. Thank you for taking the time to write it! D