Reviews for A New Life
InkWizard chapter 22 . 2/7
I should really finish the story, I'd like to see where you take it
Guest chapter 22 . 7/17/2013
Please please please keep writing this! I want to find out what happens!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/2/2013
Please keep writing, this is great and I can't wait for more! Another update would be amazing!
Giraffe chapter 22 . 3/8/2013
Omg this story is soooo cute! I love Quasi's relationship with his mother...please update soon! :D
Carina L chapter 22 . 2/7/2013
Hey, the uproar with Elise and Quasimodo has causesd many consequences, mainly zu Quasimodo's distress as many of the camp inhabitants are now hostile to him as they think that he hurt Elise. Quasimodo could not correct this as he did not really know what has happened except that he knows that he did not hurt her, he awoke with a start at Elise's scream. However, he feels guilty for no reason at all except for frightening the girl but that was enough to lose his appetite and sleep. He also tries to avoid the glares of the others who even more think that he is guilty. Jocelyna is very much worried about her son and tries to talk to him. At least, she was succellful in comforting him so he can talk to Elise about that what had happened. I am asking what Elise thinks about all of that. She is the only one who can really tell what has happened and I hope she is doing it when everything is settled; hopefully the people won't glare at him as they are doing now. I can't wait reading the next chapter, please update soon. :)
Carina L chapter 21 . 1/11/2013
Oh, finally new chapters - I was thinking about asking you via PM about that. :) Marcuse has an expression similar to his brother " the dreg of humankind". Funny he chose such a place as he hates it there. Due to their odessey it is understandable that Marcuse is angry with Souver but it is Marcuse's own fault. I am only afraid that Marcuse will punish the boy if he finds the boy. Ah, they are in Reims, that's not far from Paris. And since he's got a map from the drunken man it might become easier getting to Paris. It is not nice that he threatens the guard that he will kill them if they don't find Quasimodo. I think the drunk talk is okay as the slurry speech of drunks is described well in my opinion.
Ah, good news in the next chapter, Elise is waking up! :) Of course she does not know where she is, why she is clean and everything else. She wonders about the bottle where the medicine was Quasimodo gave her. He has also given her the blankets on which she has been lying, hasn't he? And who has given her the clothes? Elise has still a very bad headache because of her injury and she cannot tell where she is. She guesses she might be in prison as she thinks that Quasimodo is a kind of guard who is lying next to he so she cannot escape. Elise is very curious as she wants to know who her guard is. She has got the right opinion about his body shape but that does not frighten her, she only wonders how he is shaped. However, due to the low light she cannot make out his full shape properly and thinks it is a trick of the light that his back has a weird growth. Elise thinks that her guard is an intriguing man - the shape, the red hair and his muscles, the gentle breathing of a young man and wants to see his face by flicking his hair out of his face - Quasimodo must have gotten long hair in the meantime when it can cover his face almost entirely. But now Elise is shocked as she did not expect to see such a deformed face and so she screams. As Quasimodo awakes upon hearing the scream, it doesn't take long for him to realize what had happened. It was not a good idea sleeping next to Elise, but he didn't expect her to wake up, but she wasn't fearful until she saw his face. It only gets worse when the other gypsies appear who want to know about the source of the scream; so now many of them think that Quasimodo had hurt her, ist it gets more worse when Daryn accused Quasimodo that he hurt Elise. It is a relief for Quasimodo that his mother came and embraced him. At least Daryn is happy to have his daughter back and Souver his sister. Jocelyna gives comfort to Quasimodo but it doen't help much. It's such a pity that Daryn hates Quasimodo so much and I don't know if he changes this attitude. Where is Elise now after Daryn has brought her out of the Court of Miracles? Please continue your FF soon! :) You're welcome about the commitment, I really enjoy reading it. :)
Carina L chapter 18 . 12/2/2012
Finally I have time to write a review to your newest chapters.
I loved the description of Souver loving the horse Shep so much, a friend giving real comfort to the boy. Souver really needs it with his sister so heavily injured - at least the other gypsies are helping him.
Playing with the other boys distracted him finally from his problems - but only for a short time as Souver thinks about the balls that might hit Elise and injure her further and he thinks about her cries when she was being so heavily injured. Souver was further affronted when Quasimodo came to Elise and wanted to do something to her, but then he was hit by a ball that made him dizzy. Souver is very sensitive to heartbeats that comfort him; first Shep, then the person who carries him that turns out to be Quasimodo. He seems to have carried Souver out of the camp into a kind of park. Souver doesn't like Quasimodo either at the beginning as he was listening to his father. As Quasimodo was in a similar situation some months ago with Frollo, he could talk to Souver and convince him that he didn't want to do any harm to Souver's family who finally admits that Quasimodo really wanted to help. For Quasimodo, it was a surprise that Souver doesn't have a problem with Quasimodo's appearance and Souver admits that he listened to his father and acted according to his wishes and the reasons why he was doing it. Quasimodo can forgive him as he knows Souver's situation. They seem to become friends as they start teasing as friends do, and then Souver also introduced himself and gives Quasimodo a compliment how nice he is. :)
In the next chapter, Quasimodo could help Elise finally with that medicine. It was a good idea doing that when everyone else was sleeping so he could to it without being disturbed. Quasimodo feels different about his home, is it because of Daryn? He cannot even tell his mother as she was out all day. He has to fight with himself giving Elise the medicine but then he decides giving it to her. Now the only thing he can do is pray for her health. As he has completed the task he can now sleep peacefully. I can't wait reading the next chapters. :)
Carina L chapter 15 . 11/6/2012
It was a nice day for a walk although it is cold and windy. The baker doesn't mind being outside and then Quasimodo approaches the Apothecary. Did you invent the names for all the medicine? The apothecary Everrol is clearly nice, giving Quasimodo the medicine for Elise without money exchange. Quasimodo seems to be a bit in love with the girl, isn't het? But in the moment, she is still heavily injured - will the medicine help her? Quasimodo can only give it to Elise when Daryn isn't around or he must ask someone else to give it to Elise.
For Quasimodo, it is still a change using his original name as he has lived a long time being named Quasimodo. However, Everrol now knows who he is and he is nice neverthelesss - he also calls him Rhayeder.
The chapter is really nice, I want to read more. :)
Carina L chapter 14 . 10/25/2012
Ah, new chapters, that's good. :)
I think the other gypsies are angry because Daryn has revealed that he hates Quasimodo very much, and in this chapter he shows his animosity directly to him. He hates Quasimodo so much so that he interpretes Quasimodo's behaviour of innocence as a fake that is not the case at all. However, Daryn gets what he wants - Quasimodo leaves Elise alone as Daryn has chased him off because of his hateful behaviour. Naturally Quasimodo is upset so he has not got the nerve to play with the children that he normally enjoys a lot and the children are disappointed, too. His mother Joselyna gives him comfort a bit, she also disapproves of Daryn's behaviour towards Quasimodo. At least, he fell asleep quickly. I think that Daryn is normally a nice person but I cannot understand why he hates Quasimodo so much. There might be a chance that he can change his attitude towards him.
Marcuse has finally found out that Souver had let him the wrong way, of course he is angry because of this. However, this is Marcuse's own fault; if he had asked politely or believed Souver that he did not know how to get to Paris, he wouldn't be in this situation. But now Marcuse seems to have found out how to get to Paris, so I think he must be arriving there soon and it will become dangerous to Quasimodo, Souver, Elise and Daryn.
Carina L chapter 12 . 10/18/2012
Ah, finally a new chapter. :) Now I know why Elise and Souver have no mum, that is sad. :( For Daryn it may be a bit of comfort that his daughter resembles his wife a lot. Jocelyna and Daryn are getting on really well, I even thought that they can become a couple until Daryn reveals that he sees Quasimodo as a fiend who shouldn't be near his family that made Jocelyna feel resentful because he disapproves of Quasimodo so much - he seems to hate him for no reason at all, Quasimodo has not done anything bad to him and his family, he even tried to help Elise.
But what should they do otherwise? Is there anybody in the camp who can help her as good as Quasimodo? And is there a chance that Daryn overcomes his animosity towards him?
The Imaginative Light chapter 3 . 9/24/2012
Quasimodo playing with the children warmed my heart! oh...
The Imaginative Light chapter 2 . 9/24/2012
This empty as a dead log. Oh dear...the makings of a fine adversary!
Carina L chapter 11 . 9/21/2012
I was delighted when I discovered the sequel. I like it very much how you continued the story. Quasimodo and his mother are enjoying their time together but it appears as if the good times will come - I hope only temporarily - to an end when Claude Frollo's brother Marcuse will arrive in Paris. The informative guard reporting to Marcuse is one of the guys in the movie, isn't it? Quasimodo doesn't know that Frollo had a brother who wants to kill him. Apparently Frollo didn't tell him that Quasimodo was his stepson, I think he was ashamed of him. His attitude is really as bad as his brother by hurting persons just because he feels provoked by them as he did with Souver and Elise who seems heavily injured. Souver did the best thing he could do - he just has to say something to answer Marcuse Frollo's question to get rid of him. He will be in great danger if he meets him again in Paris with Marcuse having realized that Souver had let the wrong way. Finding the Court of Miracles was the best thing he and his family can do because they are protected there. I hope Elise will make a full recovery
But in the moment, all was going well, Quasimodo is popular among the gypsies at the Court of Miracles and the townspeople. Do all the gypsies have wagons where they sleep in?
Now my question is answered that he still rings the bells even if he had moved to the Court of Miracles. I also think that it is dull walking to the tower and back just to ring the bells, the ascent will last some time. Quasimodo must be have lived in poverty when Frollo had cared of him if he had cared at all. Everyone has to sleep, it was very mean not to give him a bed, I think some beggars sleep more comfortable. Moreover, his clothing is not in the best condition so Clopin's suggestion about new clothing is not the worst except the kind of clothing which fits more for Clopin himself. Quasimodo is catching enough atttention, he does not need extravagant clothing.
It was a good idea repairing the pillars that Quasimodo destroyed in the movie to break free. Quasimodo is loving his job ringing the bells, you described that quite clearly.
It is surprising to him when Clopin suggested that he should find find love and settle down as he never thought about that.
The conversation between Jcelyna and Quasimodo was very interesting when she told him about her familie that she had lost- her son is the only family she has. Quasimodo's back must have really been the cause of trouble and it must have hurt due to growing - but when he stopped growing also the pain must have reduced, isn't it? The pain must have been terrible for him, preventing his sleep and the lack of softness of the floor worsened it. It must have been really a relief with the soft blankets made by Jocelyna.
The walk around the market was really nice, the fortune-teller reminded me a bit of Esmeralda in the movie, at least some of her predictions. ;-)
The seventh chapter about Quasimodo's morining routine was lovely to read about washing and shaving. It was a wise decision starting it early in the morning which is also the case for class trips when seven girls have to share one bathroom.
I was surprised that Quasimodo is so afraid about how he looks. He doesn't like it when the others are staring at him but even he himself cannot bear looking at his appearance.
Jocelyna is getting on really well with Elise's and Souver's father Daryn. What has happened to his wife that he lives alone with his children?
I can't wait reading the next chapters.:)
Anna chapter 11 . 9/20/2012
I Love It! Please Update Soon!