Reviews for The Torchwood Drabble Files
penguincrazy chapter 776 . 19h
great chapter. I agree with Hartman Ianto's really is wasted serving coffee.
penguincrazy chapter 777 . 19h
LOVED this chapter, Nosy is so cute. Jack is right Torchwood does get weirder everyday.
biancaruth chapter 777 . 7/6
I take it no-one told Nosy that Jack is faux American also!
Alice Carter chapter 777 . 7/6
Well, Jack claims to be American. Nosy just wants to help him celebrate. White stars for trying. :)
DarqueQueen7 chapter 777 . 7/6
Okay, that was beyond funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Passerby chapter 776 . 7/6
Didn't take long for her to discover how handy Ianto is, did she. Ianto probably ran the Archives at age 22. LOL
I love Janto chapter 777 . 7/6
I love Nosy.
Thank you for trying to do the flag.

Nosy is a good learner.
And love to show what It has learned.
biancaruth chapter 776 . 7/4
Coffee for the win!
Alice Carter chapter 776 . 7/3
No change there, then.
I love Janto chapter 776 . 7/3
Its more money, and got him Lisa.
Sorta good move.
penguincrazy chapter 775 . 6/30
Great chapter, i liked reading a chapter from someone else pov. I think this is the first time i have read something from Katie's pov and really found it interesting!
I love Janto chapter 775 . 6/30
Owen would have done anything to protect Katie.

That is all she needed to know.
Alice Carter chapter 775 . 6/30
Another story that needed more than a few minutes. It told us so much about Owen.
Earendil Eldar chapter 775 . 6/30
:( It's hard to imagine how scary a feeling something like that must be.
penguincrazy chapter 774 . 6/28
LOL, loved this chapter and of course Jack is going to cheat. Jack always cheats!
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