Reviews for The Torchwood Drabble Files
Earendil Eldar chapter 1267 . 9/24
Lol Can't say I blame Jack, but if I were Ianto I'd be steering Jack toward warmer treats :)
I love Janto chapter 1267 . 9/24
What Jack gets Ianto to do.
Not fun for him, not yet.
Earendil Eldar chapter 1266 . 9/23
Now if only Owen would acquaint himself with human manners as well!
I love Janto chapter 1266 . 9/23
Surprise, Owen.

One does not want to be rude to the nice ones.
One more hub-guest.
sandysan2013 chapter 1265 . 9/22
Well blow one back, silly! Gwen, you're such a tattletale.
sandysan2013 chapter 1264 . 9/22
I can't believe Jack fell for that:) Ianto has his number and just needs to accept it.
Earendil Eldar chapter 1265 . 9/21
Hehe He would, too! I can just see him helping Nosy practice the correct embouchure for raspberry blowing.
I love Janto chapter 1265 . 9/20
Yay Nosy.

Jack would do that.
Ianto teaches the good manners.
biancaruth chapter 1265 . 9/20
I can totally see that! Since Nosy has the intelligence and curiousity of a 4yr old and Jack has the attrition of one they must get along great!
biancaruth chapter 1264 . 9/19
Smart ianto, even when he's sick.
Earendil Eldar chapter 1264 . 9/19
Now that is quite naughty of Jack! Poor Ianto, I know just how he feels. A sore throat just makes everything a bit miserable.
I love Janto chapter 1264 . 9/19
Jack should know that Ianto will win.
Jack will learn.
Earendil Eldar chapter 1263 . 9/17
Hehe yeah, like an inchworm. I thought maybe it was trying to do planking exercises, that's what I always look like, holding the position for a few seconds before collapsing, lol.
Earendil Eldar chapter 1262 . 9/17
Yeah, not exactly a "retain council" situation there. Good job Jack took an interest.
I love Janto chapter 1263 . 9/17
Nosy does have the habit of trying things.
There is nothing wrong with trying to be a caterpillar,
if Nosy tried to be come a butterfly, then worry.
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