Reviews for The Torchwood Drabble Files
Earendil Eldar chapter 902 . 19m
Diligence pays off, but now he's got to play matchmaker (all over again).
I love Janto chapter 901 . 22h
Ianto will find it.
Trust him.
Alice Carter chapter 901 . 2/5
Ianto's stubborn that way. He wants to solve the mystery. I understand it completely!
Earendil Eldar chapter 901 . 2/5
With a dashing hero like Ianto Jones on the case, how can it fail? ;-)
Alice Carter chapter 900 . 2/4
Ianto's eliminated the logical. Now he has to look for the unexpected. Much harder.
Guest chapter 900 . 2/4
Ianto and I should really have a talk with the sock monster.
I love Janto chapter 900 . 2/4
Poor sock, all alone.
Ianto will find the missing sock. It will show up.
Don't toss it out.
Jamie chapter 899 . 2/3
I want to be Ianto's sock. :(
penguincrazy chapter 899 . 2/3
great chapter. I wonder the same thing as Ianto, how can one sock get on its own. If Ianto has my luck as soon as i find the loan socks mate and go to pair them up, the lone sock will come up missing.
Alice Carter chapter 899 . 2/3
I don't know. They turn up in the most unexpected places.
Earendil Eldar chapter 899 . 2/3
Oh, Ianto, Ianto, Ianto! Leaving it unattended on the bed, trusting it to stay put? Then again, maybe the other will come looking for it's mate that way. I'm sure Ianto does know what he's doing what it comes to a wandered-off mate!
I love Janto chapter 899 . 2/3
Talking to oneself is never good.
One never knows how much trouble one sock can get into.
Alice Carter chapter 898 . 2/2
There's always one straggler. I think they plan it.
I love Janto chapter 898 . 2/2
Ianto make s Jack's life easier and better.
Before Ianto how many times had Jack ended up with mismatched or dirty socks!

The sock will be found.
Madhatter1981 chapter 898 . 2/2
Personally, i ball my socks up in pairs so that i always know that i have a pair for that day.
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